This Week’s Slacker EQ Charts Are Here!

EQ PlayThe Slacker’s EQ charts for the week of August 4th are out now! Take a look here. 

Millions of Slacker music fans determine how these charts are ordered. By measuring how listeners listen to, skip, Heart, and Ban songs on Slacker, we are able to present these charts, which are a true measure of how engaged music fans are, with the songs that they hear. Simply put: here are the songs that you love the most this week across all genres.

On the Overall chart, Robin Thicke narrowly maintains the #1 spot with “Blurred Lines.” He got an extra boost from last week’s feature as Slacker’s “Album Of The Week,” which allowed millions of Slacker listeners to listen to his entire album on-demand. Also on the Overall chart, Zedd’s “Clarity” continues to crossover from the EDM chart in a major way; it’s up 15 spots to break into the top 15.

We see three new songs that Slacker listeners are pushing up the Hip Hop/R&B chart. Wale’s “LoveHate Thing,” Big Sean’s “Beware,” and B.o.B.’s “Headband” all make their debut this week. Imagine Dragons continue to jam up the Alt/Indie chart; 3 of the top 5 songs belong to the band. Panic At The Disco’s “Miss Jackson” and Sick Puppies’ “There’s No Going Back” both make their debut on the chart this week.

Meanwhile, on the EDM chart, we see two massive debuts as Martin Garrix’s “Animals” debuts at #20, and Run DMT’s “Starlight” debuts at #27. At Rock, Three Days Grace’s new single “Misery Loves My Company” makes a huge debut–up 41 spots to land at #9. Papa Roach’s “Leader Of The Broken Hearts” is up 78 spots to break into the top 15.

Over on the Pop chart, One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” makes a huge debut—up 29 spots to land at #39. This huge jump is largely due it’s feature as a Slacker “Song Stuck In My Head” last week. The same goes for Avicii; his “Wake Me Up” debuts at #40. We had initially projected Bruno Mars to overtake Robin Thicke for the #1 spot this week, but Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” has jumped 2 spots to land at #2, very close to unseating “Blurred Lines.”

Finally, on the Country chart, Tim McGraw has the biggest debut of the week; his new single “Southern Girl” is a hit with Slacker music fans, as it jumps 46 spots to land at #27. Lee Brice’s “Parking Lot Party” and Keith Urban’s “Little Bit Of Everything” both jump 8 spots to break into the top 15. A favorite of your Slacker curators, Kacey Musgraves makes her Country chart debut, with “Blowin’ Smoke” landing at #39.

Check back next week to see which songs music fans all over the US and Canada are most engaged with; the Slacker EQ charts are updated every Wednesday evening. And you can hear all of these songs on the Slacker Top 40, hosted by Slacker DJ Parker—listen here! 

Want to learn more about what the EQ score is? Read more here or check out our nifty infographic here.

New Releases Shake Up This Week’s EQ Charts

play-1Welcome to Slacker’s EQ charts for the week of July 28th! Take a look here. 

On this week’s EQ Charts, major new releases from Jay Z, Kings Of Leon, and Justin Timberlake have shaken things up. Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” continues to dominate the Pop, Hip Hop/R&B, and Overall Top 40 charts, but Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” is within striking distance of that #1 spot, possibly by next week.

On the Overall chart, Jay-Z makes a big debut at #32 with “Holy Grail”, up 30 spots. And, after weeks of rising on Slacker’s EDM chart, Zedd’s “Clarity” crosses over to the Overall chart to debut at number 28, with an incredible 97.1 EQ score. Basically, this means that almost everyone that hears this song on Slacker likes it a whole lot.

Last week, a song from the UK that our Slacker curators discovered and featured on several stations started to resonate with Slacker listeners, debuting on the Alt/Indie chart at #40. This week, Passenger’s “Let Her Go” jumps a remarkable 26 spots to land at #13 on that chart. Not bad for a song that had barely been played in the US before Slacker jumped in. Also on the Alt/Indie chart, Kings Of Leon’s new track “Supersoaker” makes it’s debut at #31 in only it’s second week of release. This huge jump is due in part to it’s feature as a Slacker “Song Stuck In My Head” this week, allowing millions of listeners to hear the new song on demand.

Over on the country chart, Billy Currington’s “Hey Girl” moves up 4 spots to take over at number 1. In response to Slacker listeners’ overwhelming positive response to this country star, we have invited him to host and curate an “I Am The DJ” special, which will launch in September.

Elsewhere, Pearl Jam’s “Mind Your Manners” makes it’s debut on the Rock chart, largely driven by it’s feature as a Slacker “Song Stuck In My Head” this week. Justin Timberlake’s “Take Back The Night” is already #13 on the Hip Hop/R&B chart in it’s first week of release, and it also debuts on the Pop chart at #28.

All of this data is great, but it would be meaningless without the millions of Slacker listeners that power it. Check back next week to see which songs music fans all over the US and Canada are engaged with the most! Make sure to also check out our Slacker EQ Top 40 station, updated every week based on our EQ scores. Want to learn more about what the EQ score is? Read more here or check out our nifty infographic here.