If/When You Survive A Nuclear Holocaust, First Thing You Want To Do Is Find Jack Black And Kyle Gass.

Source: Rollingstone

Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the Tenacious D duo that happens to excel at rocking and hilarity, released the first episode of their new youtube series, ‘Post-Apocalypto’, and just like any fan would expect, a little nuclear holocaust isn’t gonna kill their vibe. Besides, it did get them out of paying rent. Jack and Kyle do all the voices and contrary to popular belief, Pixar didn’t do the animation. Nope, it is hand-drawn by Jack himself.

You’ll get an episode each week for 6 weeks and the last episode will coincide with the release of their 4th album on November 2nd.



The Gorillaz Tap Jack Black To Play A Good Times Beach Busker In #Humility Video…Will Jack Return The Favor with A Gorillaz Cameo In “Pick Of Destiny 2”??

Source: The AV Club

Don’t you remember in The Pick Of Destiny when Jables leaves the oppressive clutches of a religious home (Meatloaf is his movie dad FTW), heads to Venice Beach and serendipitously meets beach busker, Kyle Gass?

Now Jack gets to play the Venice Beach music maestro, albeit slightly more agile/chill than the scene where he first meets KG.

Meanwhile beloved Gorillaz virtual band members, 2-D, Murdoch and Russell soak up VB vibes….complete with rollerskates, muscles and hijinks <3 Sooo with The Gorillaz new album The Now Now on June 29th and The Pick Of Destiny sequel release later this year, wouldn’t a Gorillaz cameo make purrrfect sense? *If it does happen, let’s remember this moment 🙂