Has T-Pain Been Hiding A Secret This Whole Time?

Has T-Pain been hiding a secret the entire time we’ve known him? The secret… that he can totally sing without autotune? The answer is apparently YES. He came out as an actual singer at Monday night’s LA Dodgers game where he sang the National Anthem.


Imagine being in your seat, ready to watch the game, and being informed that The Star Spangled Banner would be sung by T-Pain. Wouldn’t you have been like “oh no!” just a little?

And then you get hit with this.

OK, so this isn’t actually the first time we’ve heard T-Pain show off his natural voice. He also did an impressive tiny desk concert for NPR last fall. But this is certainly the first time he’s really grabbed our attention. Looks like all that autotune was just a stylistic choice?

While we’re on the subject of the Star Spangled Banner, just think about this:

T-Pain is hard at work on a new album, Stoicville, which should drop soon. Until then, hear all of Today’s Hits on Slacker!