Coachella 2017: Yes, You Should Try To Buy A Ticket In The .03 Second Window Before Ticket Bots Jack Them All.

Source: Variety

Normally the Coachella lineup is released and you daydream about going….then Bryce  a few friends will pick it apart saying why the lineup sucks…and as negative as that sounds, it’s actually a coping skill.  Hating on Coachella snaps you out of actually wanting to go because realistically you know it will sell out before you ever had a shot. Why? BECAUSE BOTS. No really. Click here for a sobering read about ticket brokers/bots and how they happily devour your ticket dreams.

This year is slightly more depressing because the lineup is so damn good…and you know Beyonce wants you to be there!

So give it a shot, why not??

Someone has to get those tickets in the .03 window right??

Good luck…and if you see someone on the side of the road hitchin’ to the desert Shirley Temple-style, it’s me. So pull over.


I Have The Perfect Halloween Costume For Action Bronson Thanks To His Latest “Ancient Aliens” Episode.

Source: Uproxx

In the latest episode of Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson and Friends, it is obvious that Action and Schoolboy Q might be the best kind of house guests.

All they need:

1. A Couch
2. History Channel
3. Chicken
*Pillows/blankets optional

My last house guests stayed for three weeks. On the last day they were in town, they caused a plumbing nightmare aka “poopapocalypse” the likes of which have never been seen :/

Needless to say, I would be happy to host SBQ And AB…so long as AB might entertain one small request…

Since he loves dinosaurs so much, do you think we could get him to dress up like Baby Sinclair for Halloween?