I Am The DJ Featuring Sara Bareilles

BAREILLES-472x472Slacker sat down with singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles and worked with her to create a radio station of her favorite music.

On her featured I Am The DJ station, you’ll hear the stories about artists and songs that inspired her to become the star she is today, from Tom Waits and Animal Collective to Fiona Apple and Justin Timberlake.

Check out this exclusive look into the musical soul of Sara Bareilles—it’s I Am The DJ on Slacker.

Song Stuck in Our Heads – “Brave” by Sara Bareilles

Song Stuck in My Head Brave California singer-songwriter Sara Bareillis is hard at work on her fourth album, The Blessed Unrest (due out in July). The first single, “Brave” was co-written by Jack Antonoff of Fun., something you can hear in the song’s breezy, singalong vibe.

Listen to“Brave” by Sara Bareilles as many times as you want this week because it’s the Song Stuck in My Head on Slacker.

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Update: The week to listen to “Brave” on demand has passed- but you can still hear the tune (plus all of Sara’s music) on Slacker here.