Boxer Rebellion’s “Promises” is Slacker’s Album of the Week

This week, London-based quartet, The Boxer Rebellion, release their highly-anticipated fourth studio album, Promises.

Since their 2009 breakthrough album, Union, you’ve probably heard their music in movies, TV shows and commercials. Their brand of atmospheric alternative rock is pushed to greater heights on the new album.

The Album of the Week is now available on demand. You can listen to “Promises” this entire week here on Slacker.

New Song Stuck In My Head – Marc Anthony’s “Vivir Mi Vida”

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 1.56.15 PMAfter months out of the spotlight, Marc Anthony is back with a new single, “Vivir Mi Vida.”


This title track from his forthcoming album, due out in July, embraces the New York singer’s salsa origins and moves away from the pop sound of his previous albums.


“Vivir Mi Vida” is the new Song Stuck In My Head on Slacker so remember, you can listen to the tune on demand all week!

Update: The week to listen to “Vivir Mi Vida” on demand has passed- but you can still hear the tune (plus all of Marc Anthony) on Slacker here.