Liam Gallagher Endures An Elite Group Of Interview Assassins Disguised as “Cute Kids”

Source: Consequence of Sound

The Oasis singer hunkered down on a bean bag to engage a pint-sized press corps’ with a no holds barred, barrage of questions. “Rosy cheeks in the back”? She asks Liam about his anger management issues in the first five seconds and the interrogation spirals from there.

Watch and learn as these self-proclaimed “evil kids” finally take this ego to task with topics like post-show candy, his adversarial brother, Noel and favorite farts.


Remember This In Case Liam Gallagher Ever Asks You “Who’s The Greatest Living Rockstar?”

Source: Gigwise

After watching Sacha Baron Cohen reminisce on Conan, it appears a conversation with Liam Gallagher (Oasis frontman and one of Slacker’s most beloved Jerks In Music History), is quite like an alley fight of words…with a chance of violence or at the very least, the threat of it.

So if/when, make sure you are sitting next to Bono and if Sacha starts wearing an eye patch in the near future, you’ll know why.

Ps – I don’t want Liam to ever change and I’m looking forward to his golden years when he stars in GIFs like this.