That Happened: Will Smith Was Locked In A Utility Closet With Michael Jackson And This Story Is Everything You Want It To Be.

Source: Uproxx

I can honestly say if you were ever shoved in a closet because a murderous record exec was on a rampage, you’d want Michael Jackson there. The King of Pop was a natural when it came to crisis management.

So settle in bc this story is nuts.


AMA Nominations are out! Is Drake The New King of Pop?

Drake‘s got to be feeling pretty good about himself today – he just broke a record held by Michael Jackson since 1984. That’s back when Thriller changed the music business and MJ was nominated for 11 AMAs in a single year. But Drizzy just blew that record out of the water – this year he’s scored 13 (THIRTEEN!) nominations! Everything from Artist of the Year to Favorite Male Artist plus Favorite Album, Favorite Rap Artist, Favorite Rap Song… you get the idea.

Who, ME???

Check out all of the Nominees below, and let us know how many of those awards Drake will actually end up taking home in the comments!

2016 American Music Award Nominations!

If We Could Get More Prince-tastic Stories Like This For The Rest Of Time That’d Be Great. Plz/Thx.

Source: Uproxx not only shares a hilarious story about the career-long rivalry between Prince and Michael Jackson, he actually does fantastic impressions. Although if you ask Prince there was never a competition but I guess you can’t ask him now 🙁 So go back and watch this interview from 1997 when he explains why he wouldn’t duet with MJ on “Bad”.

Tracy Morgan also has a story that Prince-tastic…and a lesson Prince taught Tracy that will change the way you look at tater tots.

and if you missed, D’Angelo performed “Sometimes It Snows In April” with Prince cover band, Princess. It might be a little out of tune but there is no question the love is all there.

Seriously story time hasn’t been this good since Bastian got stuck in the attic…


Politicians and Halloween – A Truly Terrifying Mix

Just in time for Halloween, the latest Obama dub is here, and it’s perfect.

If you’re looking for a politically inspired halloween costume, the Internet is full of ideas for you. How about Paul Ryan – our new Speaker of The House and all around swole dude?

paul ryan

Or the ridiculous “Sexy Donald Trump” – extra points to guys who rock this costume.

sexy donald trump

I asked the Internet for good Bernie Sanders costume ideas, but all it came back with is this. Bonus! You’ve already got this wig on hand from that time you played Benjamin Franklin in a school play.


Now that I think about it, maybe just go as one of the Kardashians.

Slacker’s got your Halloween parties covered with a whole collection of Halloween stations!

Ease On Down, Ease On Down The Road… Again

WHAAAAAT? This is exciting!


After a couple of questionable attempts to bring live musicals back to television (The Sound Of Music in 2013, Peter Pan in 2014) NBC might have finally struck on a winning formula. And that formula involves Ne-Yo, Mary J. Blige, Common & Queen Latifah, along with other huge stars!

And while YES, I’m very excited about this… I have to wonder – where’s Wiz Khalifa? How you gonna put on a live version of The Wiz and not include the biggest artist of the moment ACTUALLY NAMED WIZ? You can’t tell me he wouldn’t have made an excellent Scarecrow.

wiz wiz

If you want to get ready with the soundtrack from the 1978 film featuring Michael Jackson and Diana Rosscheck it out on Slacker!

Don’t Call It A Comeback…

What would you pay to see your favorite artist in concert… if you had thought you were never going to get a chance again? OK, what if it’s actually a hologram of that artist? What if that artist is Whitney Houston?


It’s happening, according to a company company called Hologram USA, who are spending millions to develop a 3D moving image of the late superstar that will launch a world tour in 2016. And surprisingly, they have the support of her family and estate, with her sister Pat Houston saying:

“It’s a great opportunity for her fans to see a reinvention of one the most celebrated female artists in history and to continue a legacy of performances that will not be forgotten in years to come. I look forward to the partnership.”

I know, I know, this seems like kind of a bad idea on the surface. But let’s check out a couple of super cool holographic performances from years past that might change your mind. The first one everyone tends to think of is the epic Tupac resurrection at Coachella in 2012.

And what about bringing back the late, great Michael Jackson for last year’s Billboard Music Awards. You’ve got to admit, he looked good.

Is it worth it to have one last epic Whitney experience? Or do you think these artists are better left alone? Let me know where you stand on Twitter by talking to @ParkeronSlacker – and check out some of the biggest hits of the past 3 decades on Slacker’s 80’s, 90’s & Today station!