What If A Good Year Is All Determined By A Mariah Carey NYE Performance?

Move over Punxsutawney Phil… Mariah Carey might be the next superstitious tradition!

Think about it…2017 wasn’t that great of a year and we all remember Mariah’s 2017 performance :/

Fast Forward to 2018 and she slayed…WITHOUT HOT TEA.

Source: Uproxx

Only 364 days before we can officially put MIMI DAY in motion.



Source: Vanity Fair

No chocolate but this montage of stars singing ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is pretty sweet and you can open all of them at once because some of us aren’t great with restraint.

I’d tell you who they are but the surprise is too much fun.

…just know you are not the only one impressed/terrified by Mariah Carey’s cleavage.

One more thing, check out Slacker’s Christmas stations because we have a ton of them.

Mariah Carey’s Empire Cameo Proves Why You Can’t Handle The Music Business.

Because no one would choose to wear a leotard with pantyhose to work. Case Closed. Your argument is invalid.

Source: Complex

Hopefully we can add Kitty and Jamal’s duet to the Empire Soundtrack and yes you might see more Kitty on Empire! Click here to read more.

Ps – Please tell me I’m not the only nerd who loves the song and please tell me I’m not the only nerd who waves my hands like Mariah while singing it.