Idris Elba Accepts Dance Challenges Thanks To His Macklemore “Dance Off” Collab. Consequently Elba Fans Wish For “Clothes Off” Track.

You’ll hear actor Idris Elba on the Macklemore/Ryan Lewis track “Dance Off”. He explained to Jimmy Fallon that because of that, he gets challenged quite a bit. Even in the bathroom.

Source: Uproxx

Then he played Box Of Microphones with Jimmy. Not only looking delicious singing Desiigner but Lionel Richie too.

Firstly, those of us who have lusted after Idris Elba since he played Stringer Bell on The Wire, get first dibs on our imaginary boyfriend.

Secondly, if you have lusted after Idris Elba since he played Stringer Bell on The Wire, his appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon may result in you superimposing his photo with yours in a barrage of couples photos.

And C…if you could write a song called “Clothes Off” maybe Idris would entertain that random challenge too? Now. Do it now. Please/thanks!


AMA Highlights: The Good, The Awkward And The Naughty.

The Good:

Celine Dion’s emotional tribute to Paris…I always wonder how singers manage to get thru a performance like this without crying….I didn’t even make it to :30sec mark.

Runner Up? Leon Bridges performing with Macklemore. If you don’t know Leon check him out. I could not love him more. Def a stand out of 2015.

The Awkward:

Coldplay’s performance…I don’t know what is worse, choosing to have people dress up like gorillas and dance around or having to dress up like a gorilla and dance around :/

Runner Up? Gwen Stefani might need to calm down with the selfie expression wallpaper


The Naughty:

Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth gettin’ it on after their duet of Marvin Gaye!! Wow-wee-wow-wow. Can you imagine that? What a rush. Some news outlets have labeled this a “worst moment”?? Geez. Sounds like whoever dubbed this a worst might be bitter they aren’t getting kissed.

Click here for a full list of winners.

Just When You Thought Macklemore’s “Downtown” Video Couldn’t Get Any Better…

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You may have already noticed Ken Griffey Jr’s cameo in Macklemore’s video for “Downtown” because you’re so much cooler than me, but I didn’t until I read about it on MTV. Then again Kenny Powers is my go-to player in any baseball conversation so :/ a pretty cool discovery in what was already just a ridiculously fun throwback video.

Moving fwd, let’s all walk down the street like these guys.

Ps – Ken Griffey Jr. looks younger now then he did on his rookie card. More proof life isn’t fair.