Is Bieber The Next Liberace?

Justin Bieber tried to subtly show off his skill on the keys with a couple of Instagram posts this week. Do you recognize the song?

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Right, Hotline Bling, pretty easy. But can you identify this one?

A video posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

A liiiiiiiittle bit harder. It’s Rihanna, Work! And whether he posted these clips to show off or not, you’ve got to admit, The Biebs has talent on the keys.

But just in case schadenfreude is more your speed, you can also watch this clip of JB slipping and falling onstage last week.

here is a closer look ❤️

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Not sure what he expected, performing on that wet stage, but they’d better get some yellow cones up around that mess STAT. (BTW, you can watch this fall over and over, from 4 different angles, here.)

Check out all the Justin we can give you, by law – plus more of your favourites – now on Today’s Hits!

Drake Knows When That Hora Bling, Crashes Bat Mitzvah Like A Mensch.

Source: Stereogum

For those of you with an upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah, deep breath…Don’t feel like you have to one up this for your friends to have a good time. My best friend’s Bat Mitzvah was great because we made up a dance to Grandmaster Flash White Lines, a song about cocaine, in front of her entire family and I made out with one of her cousins. You don’t need Drake. Promise. xo


If you’ve never seen Drake on SNL reminiscing about his own Bar Mitzvah, click here. Hilarious.

The Drake Coloring Book Needs Your Touch.

drake coloring

Source: Mashable

A team of illustrators got together to bring you Under Star Projectors: The Unofficial Drake Coloring Book!

When you consider the health benefits of coloring (that may or not be legit depending on who you talk to), what better way to start than by tuning into some Champagne Papi and letting those creative juices flow?

I realize my drawing* above might be somewhat intimidating but I believe in you!

So grab a box of Crayola and click here to see the other pictures that need your touch.

*price of my showcased piece is negotiable 

Get Ugly With Drake ‘Hotline Bling’ Christmas Sweatshirts.

ugly drake


I’m not sure the one I bought was “official” but whatever…$50 sounds a little steep and if ugly is the goal, wouldn’t a knock off be next level?? Click here and we can be TWINSIES.

If only we could buy Jesus one for his birthday and then we could all be like


The One Thing Missing From Gwen Stefani’s Hotline Bling.

Source: Vulture

There is no question Gwen crushed karaoke buuut how much would you have loved if Gwen pulled out this one




or even


Lesson learned? No Hotline Bling karaoke is complete without attempting Drake’s signature awkward dance moves.

Set your ego aside and go for it and no you are not allowed to try to make them look good.

Next time Gwen.

How Easy Are Drake’s Dance Moves In Hotline Bling? Why Even White People Can Do Them!

Woke up to this tweet from comedian Davon Magwood and winced while trying to find Hotline Bling as fast as I could…

“How bad could it be??”


Now I could mock Drake for stealing moves from Jazzercise but why? Maybe bad dancing the latest ironic trend! Like man buns or pumpkin spice suppositories?

and if so, count me IN.

You watch something like Uptown Funk and you know it’s gonna take us awhile learn…years.

But the moves in Hotline Bling? With a little practice, white people could easily get down by Thanksgiving…2016.

On behalf of rhythmically-challenged caucasians, Thanks Drake!


You Used To Play Me On Nintendo

If you were a kid of the 90’s, you probably played Nintendo 64 until your eyes bled… or at the very least, until all those theme songs were drilled into your brain. So what happens if you can’t get them out, but you’re also really into Drake‘s new track, Hotline Bling?

This happens –

2 Questions:

1 – This dude couldn’t be bothered to make his bed? Or maybe just move the junk off of it? Just saying.

2 – In 2035, do you think our kids will be mashing up hit songs with the themes from Halo, Call of Duty, or Grand Theft Auto?

Actually, now that I think about it… seems pretty likely.


mariokart meme 2


If gaming scores are your thing, Slacker’s got you covered – check out the Video Game Music station!