If You Got Paid To Do This, Would You?


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Lifetime announced they are giving you what you’ve always wanted! A Britney Spears biopic…the chick who plays Britney looks more like Natasha Lyonne if you ask me. I’m more impressed with the guys who are playing the onscreen NSync….sure it might be cringeworthy but not many can say they starred in a Lifetime movie. I have nothing but respect and envy for someone willing to star on the Nickelback of tv networks.



Britney Spears’ Male Dancers Perform “True Test Of Trust” On Jimmy Kimmel’s Bed.

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Remember when Rihanna woke up Jimmy Kimmel in the middle of the night? Now it’s Brit-Brit’s turn. Jimmy got a surprise bedroom performance of her latest single “Make Me”! As exciting as it would be to have her bump and grind on your bed, I’m pretty sure her dancers were the real prize.


I could watch this move over and over again for two reasons. 1. Think about yourself doing that move with your friends, would you be that confident? Secondly, for the mesmerizing grace. I hope you too will make it your latest moment of zen.


Watch out, the most empowering mashup ever of Meghan Trainor and Britney Spears has arrived, courtesy of mashup master Raheem D.

Really makes you want to put on your pleather pants and lace-up boots and rush to the nearest club so that you can turn down any guy who talks to you. Or reject your mom. It’s perfect for so many situations!

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Joe Jonas Has Turned To A Life Of Crime

It’s true. He’s gone from purity rings to petty theft. And what is he stealing? Giant cardboard cutouts of other celebrities. It all started with this life sized Lady Gaga.


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See, Joe and the rest of his band, DNCE, have been traveling around the country on a promo tour. And at each stop, or whenever they can get their hands on them, they’ve been picking up the cutouts and using them in shows. They’re even asking fans to bring them as their concert dates.

So who have they collected so far? Let’s check it out. There’s Adam Levine.

Hey @q100atlanta we took @adamlevine ✔️

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This three-fer, with Sam Smith, Luke Bryan and Justin Timberlake.

A Modern Family… family.

but why and how ? #greatesttourevertour @dnce

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And this giant image of Britney Spears. Tbh, I don’t really want to count this one since it isn’t a life-sized cutout, but DNCE beggars can’t be choosers, I guess.

Takin @britneyspears for a trip out on the town #itsbritneybitch

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They even scored this awkward lineup.

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I can’t wait to see their collection grow. But it’s slow going, with Joe explaining:

“We probably have collected about 10 and six have survived. There’s been a couple casualties. They like to crowd surf. The fans at shows like to take them home… The arms, heads, whatever they can get. Kids are actually bringing them to the shows now so we encourage it. We got Edward Cullen last night.

And if, for whatever reason, you happen to have one of these giant cutouts of Shaquille O’Neal? DNCE will take him off your hands, no questions asked. They’ve been looking for him everywhere.

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Tori Kelly, Once Again, Fails To Be More Cynical

So Tori Kelly is having a little bit of a freak out.

tori excited

But first, we have to back up a bit. See, this all has to do with a video that Britney Spears tweeted out this week, of her teaching a group of young girls to dance like they’re in her Piece Of Me cabaret show.

Seriously, there is a dance studio somewhere that just lets Brit walk in and instruct impressionable young girls to pop their booties whenever she feels like it? But whatever, I’m getting sidetracked. Most important is the song they’re dancing to – did you catch it? It’s Tori’s first big hit, Nobody Love. Tori tried to play it cool.

Buuuuuuut, I think it’s clear from the siren and SOS emoji’s that inside, tori’s all:


As she should be. If you just can’t get enough Tori, you can always hear her biggest songs on Today’s Hits!