Artist of the Week Demi Lovato Grows Up

LOVATODemi Lovato is one of those artists that is frequently referred to as an “old soul”. From her beginnings as a Disney princess, her public battles with an eating disorder, her recovery–and now with the release of her new album “Demi”—her redemption.

At only 20 years old, she has made a remarkably candid, emotional, and mature album—led by the single Heart Attack. It’s also been announced that she will stay on as a judge for the next season of “X-Factor”

On this station you’ll hear tracks from the new album as well as the songs and artists that influenced and inspired her. Demi Lovato is Slacker’s Artist Of The Week.

Michael Jackson is Slacker’s Artist of the Week

MJIt was 30 years ago that a 26-year old Michael Jackson surprised and delighted the world when he first publicly performed his” Moonwalk” dance move on the Motown 25 anniversary television special.

At the time, “Thriller” was his latest record, and it was on the way to becoming the all-time classic that we know it to be even today- going Platinum 29 times over and earing him 8 Grammys.

Watch his legendary performance and think what it must have been like to see for the first time – wow!

A few months after his televised moonwalk, he released a 14 minute video for the track “Thriller”, which went on to become the most influential pop video of all time.

On the 30th anniversary of what was arguably Michael Jackson’s most impactful year as an artist, Slacker has created a station that pays tribute to his legacy—including his best work as a solo artist, with the Jackson 5, and in his numerous collaborations. You’ll also hear the artists that inspired him along with the numerous artists that he directly inspired. Michael Jackson is Slacker’s Artist Of The Week.

Vampire Weekend is Slacker’s Artist of the Week.

VAMPIRE WEEKENDVampire Weekend have been the subject of so much hype and critical attention- both positive and negative- that it’s hard to believe that their new album “Modern Vampires of the City” is only their 3rd effort.

While they will always be the poster boys for a culture of Wes Anderson films and prep-school kids discovering afro-pop for the first time, they have managed to do it consistently, and authentically.

On this week’s Artist of the Week station, you’ll hear standout tracks from the new album like “Ya Hey”, “Hudson”, and the lead single “Diane Young”, along with the band’s influences, contemporaries, and side projects. Check our Vampire Weekend as Slacker’s Artist of the Week here. 

New Artist of the Week: Snoop Lion is “Reincarnated”

Snoop Lion is Slacker’s new Artist of the Week.

SNOOP LIONLast summer, Snoop Dogg took a trip to Jamaica with Diplo, where he says he was given the name Snoop Lion by a Rastafarian priest. He released a documentary this year about his experience, spiritual awakening, and name change. And this week, he released his new album “Reincarnated”, produced by Major Lazer and featuring guest appearances by Drake, Chris Brown, and even Miley Cyrus.

It’s a reggae album in theory, but it features plenty of Snoop’s signature flow. Not everyone is pleased with Snoop’s new identity—The Rastafari Millennium Council has warned him that “smoking weed and loving Bob Marley and reggae music is not what defines the Rastafari Indigenous Culture!“, and Bunny Wailer—who plays a major role in the documentary—says that Snoop has engaged in “outright fraudulent use of Rastafari Community’s personalities and symbolism”.

However you feel about the new Snoop Lion, his musical legacy is undeniable, and on this week’s Artist of the Week station we feature music from all eras of Snoop’s career, along with his many collaborations, his west coast hip hop family, and his influences–both reggae and classic hip hop. Snoop Lion is Slacker’s Artist of the Week.

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