Slacker Goes to Eleven

anthrax kallao

Here at Slacker Radio, we’ve had the honor of building radio stations with some of our favorite artists. Along the way, we’ve noticed something…a lot of these people are insanely passionate about music. We’re talking inhuman levels of passion that can melt your face off. They tell amazing stories and jaw-dropping anecdotes about their favorite songs and the magical moments that have happened to them on stage and off. In doing so, on a scale of one to ten, their passion meter goes to eleven.

Eleven…as Spinal Tap pointed out, is as high as you can get.

Since we at Slacker are pretty passionate ourselves, we’ve realized that when this happens, we should not contain these artists at all. Thus, we’ve decided that when someone “goes to eleven,” we need to bypass the traditional limits of radio and create a new type of listening experience that is built on the pure power of storytelling.

And that’s why we’re launching a new show called “Goes to 11″.

“Goes to 11” will be driven by stories unfolding in the form of a real conversation. Artists on this show will go far beyond introducing their favorite songs, as they actually listen to these songs in real time and provide a narrative as to why they are important—much like the audio commentary layered over the director’s cut of a film. Then, when the song is played, listeners have the option to listen to it in its entirety or to skip ahead for the next part of the conversation.

The result is unlike any other radio show. “Goes to 11” will not be crammed into a thirty or sixty minute block of time, it’s run-time will be dictated by the length of the stories. If a listener gets bored (which we think is unlikely), they can simply jump ahead to the next topic. Also, guests on “Goes to 11” will not be the usual suspects. We’re not looking to automatically pull in the latest pop star, we’re going to invite artists with a definitive point of view.

The first guest on “Goes to 11” will be Scott Ian of Anthrax (pictured), a consummate musician’s musician with an impressive metal pedigree, who speaks with reverence and conviction about the music that he loves. Seriously, Scott does not mess around. Your host for this new series will be Slacker’s own Stephen Kallao (also pictured—he’s the guy without the awesome beard), who has so much passion for music that we sometimes need to tie him down to his studio chair.

“Goes to 11” joins the likes of “DNA“, “I Am The DJ”, and the weekly Slacker Top 40, Hip Hop and Country Countdowns in our suite of exclusive, hand-curated, episodic shows.

Check out the first episode here.