Samsung Milk Music to Slacker Radio


Get one of these messages?

Samsung Milk music Service Announcement

“Thank you for using Samsung Milk Music. We are ending support for Samsung Milk Music as of September 22, 2016.

You can continue your music experience by signing up for Slacker Radio, the service that powered Samsung Milk Music. Sign up now to enjoy a 14-day free trial of Slacker Radio Plus with no ads, unlimited skips, and offline mode!

By selecting ‘Try Now’ you will leave Samsung Milk Music and can transfer your stations and song history to Slacker Radio.”



Here’s what’s going on with Samsung Milk Music:


What happened to Samsung Milk Music?

Samsung decided to end support for Milk music, so you’ll no longer be able to use it after 9/22/16.

Slacker powered Samsung Milk Music? What does that mean?

We provided ALL of Samsung’s Milk’s Music and programming, so all of the songs and stations you listened to (plus SO many more) still live on Slacker Radio. You’ve pretty much been listening to us all along.

What’s Slacker Radio all about?

We’ve got your favorite music. Tons of it. Plus comedy, news, sports, personalized recommendations and exclusive shows.

Can I use Slacker for free?

Yep! Just like Milk, you can listen to Slacker for free whenever you want.

What if I was paying for Samsung Milk Music Premium?

Your Samsung Milk Music account has been cancelled and you will no longer be charged. You can get the same benefits for the same price ($3.99 per month) with Slacker Plus: no ads, unlimited skips, and offline mode. We also offer Slacker Premium ($9.99 per month), which lets you play songs & albums on demand, create custom playlists, and more.

What about all of my favorites and preferences?

When you transfer your account from Samsung Milk Music to Slacker, all of your favorites & preferences will transfer too!

OK, so what do I do next?

Get the Slacker Radio app, transfer your Samsung Milk Music account, log in, and keep on listening to all of your faves. Simply open your Milk app and click on the “Try Now” button.

I need help!

If you are having problems that you are unable to resolve on your own through the FAQ’s here, then please feel free to contact Slacker Radio Customer Support directly.  We are available via email at or via Livechat at