Slacker Radio Announces Integration with Twitter Micro-Blogging Service

Slacker Radio Enables Listeners to Tweet Stations and Preferences Encouraging Music Discovery

SAN DIEGO, CA – October 8, 2009 – Slacker, Inc. today announced the Personal Radio service has Twitter integration to provide listeners with a new way to share their favorite stations. Slacker listeners with Twitter accounts can set preferences to automatically tweet their favorite music from their PCs, Macs, smartphones and everywhere else they listen to Slacker Radio in real time.

“Slacker has always offered music fans a great experience for listening to millions of songs through their custom stations or expert-programmed genre stations,” said Jonathan Sasse, senior vice president of marketing at Slacker. “With the new Twitter integration, we are helping listeners share their music with friends and the Twitter community for the ultimate in music discovery.”

The tweeting option works with the free Slacker Basic Radio service and Slacker Radio subscription services. Music lovers can choose to automatically or manually tweet the following items to alert their friends and followers about their music discovery experience:

  • Station changes/plays
  • Favorite Song
  • Banned Song
  • Banned Artist
  • Pick from any or all of the above

Listeners can add their Twitter login to either their Slacker Basic or Slacker subscription account by visiting and selecting which actions they would like to automatically tweet while listening. Manual tweets can be made by selecting “share station” from the main Now Playing view from the Slacker Web Player. All automatic tweets will work from any Slacker enabled experience once configured online.

Slacker Personal Radio, available online at, enables listeners to create their own Personal Radio stations or listen to and personalize over 100 expert- programmed genre stations ranging from 1940’s classics to today’s hottest hits. Personalization options include rating songs or artists, playing more popular vs. more eclectic music and listening to newer vs. classic songs.

Pricing and Availability
Slacker is an award-winning personal radio service with both free and paid subscription options. Details on everywhere Slacker Radio are available on the web at The Slacker experience is available on BlackBerry smartphones, iPhone, iPod touch, Sony’s X-series Walkman, Logitech Squeezebox and Transporter network music player, RCA Infinite Radio, Sony BRAVIA TV and Slacker Personal Radio Players.

About Slacker, Inc.
Slacker is the world’s first Personal Radio company offering “Your Radio Everywhere.” Slacker allows music lovers to play highly personalized music online at the Slacker web site or on the go with Slacker Personal Radio players and mobile phones. Visit for more information.

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