Slacker Radio Showcases Mobile Breakthroughs and New Mobile Music Apps

Slacker Reveals Station Caching for iPhone and iPod touch, Android and BlackBerry Smartphones and Demos Slacker on Palm Pre and Palm Pixi

LAS VEGAS – January 8, 2010 – During CES 2010, Slacker, Inc. demonstrated new mobile capabilities including station caching for a range of popular devices that will enable listeners to enjoy the Slacker experience without a network connection. Slacker also showed a new Slacker app for the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi in addition to announcing plans to integrate ABC News into the Slacker Personal Radio offering. The new wireless station caching capability will enable iPhone, iPod touch, Android and BlackBerry smartphone users to save their favorite Slacker stations, storing the music directly on the device or SD memory Card, to listen anywhere – whether they are connected to a wireless network or not.

  • Slacker Radio 2.0 for iPhone and iPod touch – Greater performance with wireless station caching for listening to music without a network connection
  • Slacker Radio 2.0 for Android – Enhanced functionality, including wireless station caching
  • Slacker Radio 3.0 for BlackBerry smartphones – Streamlined interface and improved performance with integrated wireless station caching
  • Slacker Radio for Palm webOS – New free Slacker Radio mobile app for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi smartphones
  • ABC Headline News – Addition of ABC News to Slacker Radio providing up-to-the minute breaking stories and reports

“Station caching has been a very popular feature with our listeners using BlackBerry smartphones and we are pleased to not only offer wireless caching for those users, but to present this capability for the first time to the iPhone, iPod touch and Android in the coming weeks,” said Jonathan Sasse, senior vice president of marketing at Slacker. “With the upcoming addition of ABC News and a Slacker mobile app for the Palm webOS, we’re excited to provide listeners with an engaging and seamless listening experience wherever they go.”

With access to a song library that is nearly four times the size of the leading competitor, Slacker Personal Radio, available online at, enables listeners to create their own Personal Radio stations based on any artist or mix of artists, or listen to and personalize over 120 expert-programmed genre stations ranging from Alternative Rock to Comedy and everything in between.

Personalization options include rating songs or artists, playing more popular vs. more eclectic music and listening to newer vs. classic songs. Whether listening on the web, BlackBerry smartphones, iPhone and iPod touch, Android-powered smartphones or a Slacker-enabled TV or Blu-ray player, Slacker listeners have instant access to their favorite music along with artist profiles, album reviews and album cover art.

About Slacker, Inc.
Slacker is the world’s first Personal Radio company offering “Your Radio Everywhere.” Slacker allows music lovers to play highly personalized music online at the Slacker web site or on the go with Slacker Personal Radio players and mobile phones. Visit for more information.


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