Donald Glover On SNL: The Man Is A Savage Swiss Army Knife Of Skill *And I Know Where He Got His “80s Music Video” Sketch Blade.

When I say “Swiss army knife” I’m not talkin’ about the kind that makes your hand shake because you’re tryin’ to get your finger nails in that GD little groove in hopes of pulling out ONE blade…aka every Swiss Army Knife. Donald Glover is the kind that comes equipped with a blade for each ability and emotion that he can effortlessly evoke and he pulled them all out on last Saturday. As host and musical guest he made you laugh, dance and think.

THINK/DANCE: “This Is America” – flip over the light melody and you’ll see the real reflection of our culture. He performed it on SNL, but watch the official video for the full effect.

LAUGH/DANCE: “Friendos” – Migos goes to therapy and I can’t stop saying “skeet skeet.”

KANYE: This one will make you laugh and cry on the inside because it’s about all of us.

DANCE/LAUGH: “80s Music Video”

As someone who cannot remember jack sh*t…let’s take a moment to celebrate my brain for pulling this from my “80s music idiot savant brain file” without one google search.


The Young Phenom Rob $tone back with another album right now “Young Rob $tone” out now! My dood hit the Slacker Radio studio and chopped it up about the new album, rap beefs, being an independent artist & MORE…TAP IN!!!

You Thought Janelle Monae’s Dance Moves On The Voice Were Filthy? Wait Til You See This.

You thought you had to “rush children from the room” on Tuesday night?! When Janelle Monae was “thrusting sex in your face” on The Voice… and even though her dancers were wearing pink tights, they looked “BARE-REARED” to those who want to believe women have hot pink skin! *all real complaints.


Celine Dion was gracious enough to lend her angelic pipes to the new Deadpool 2 Soundtrack only to have her performance sullied by a familiar smart ass backup dancer.

Ps – I can’t wait to see this movie. In theaters May 18th.



Representin’ for Tech N9ne’s Strange Music Group…artist’s Stevie Stone & JL hit the Slacker Radio studio & chopped it up with me about their new collabo album “Kontra-Band,” working with Tech 9 & MORE.


Known for their out of this world visuals…The dynamic duo is back with another mind-f*** for ya?!  Still pushing their most recent project From The 3, they hit us with a double-up “Kilo Klass / In A Daze” featuring Say Yo Feek.  Buckle Up!!!


Rising star Kaitlyn Morell hit the Slacker studio…Listen up for her new single “It’s Whatevuh” and her debut EP coming soon!


The Latino R&B Legend, Frankie J. hit the Slacker Radio studio with me.  Frankie talks Suga, Suga…starting his own record label and new music “Dame De Lo Tuyo” featuring his first artist Raymor.  Catch a view below, leave a comment…Enjoy!

Only $20 To See A Concert And No Sneaky Fees? Happy National Concert Week.

Kinda tough to trust an offer like this but if we take too long thinking about it we might miss out. Live Nation is celebrating National Concert Week with $20 “all-in” tickets and check out the list of artists and click here for more info. Ps – let me know if you see anything about donating a pinky toe in the fine print.

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