Ariana Stands Up For Herself – And All Women!

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Guys, Ariana Grande is my new hero today by saying what many women have been thinking all along – it’s idiotic to define them by the men they’re dating. I don’t think anyone can deny that Ariana is a force in her own right, with her own career and aspirations and voice. So who CARES who she’s dating… or has dated… or is about to date? That should be a non-story. Ariana then went on to address a few more problems in her extended tweet:


Ariana notes that she comes from a “long line of female activists” – and it looks like she’s continuing in that tradition. How do you feel about Ari speaking her mind?

Brantley Gilbert shows again that he’s a class act.

Jess Wright
Posted by Jess Wright

As if it’s not enough that he’s openly a mama’s boy, says romantic things about his fianceé and is a huge supporter of our military, Brantley Gilbert has taken things one step further to show he’s just a good guy.

It started when Wounded Warrior Staff Sgt. Justin Patterson gave Brantley his first purple heart as a thank you for his support of veterans, and for joining the Wounded Warriors motorcycle ride, Project Odyssey.

So, awesome dude that he is, Brantley then went on Fox & Friends and said, while he knows he can never repay a gift like that, he’s giving Staff Sgt. Patterson his two tickets to the CMT Music Awards in Nashville this week.

Watch it here, and then go ahead and swoon.

Celebrating Those With Something to Say

Kevin Stapleford
Posted by Kevin Stapleford

Instagram Post Here at Slacker Radio, we love what we do–and we also like listening to what our competitors are up to. Recently, we’ve heard Spotify and Pandora talk about music curation and adding a “human touch.” Now we’re hearing the same thing from Apple. This is exciting stuff for us and, we think, for you too.

We’ve been human from day one. In fact, the Slacker team is dominated by folks who cut their teeth in the world of terrestrial radio. Quick backstory…in recent years, we feel that radio lost its way, essentially consolidating into a few mega-giant companies, dumbing down its approach and tightening its playlists. This left a lot of talented curators and DJs looking for a home that wasn’t a mega-giant company. And many of them found one at Slacker.

Just like you (group hug).

Our hosts understand that, while music is your number one passion point, it’s the stuff between the songs that often makes the magic happen…and this “stuff” is generated by thoughtful, creative and sometimes profoundly disturbed human beings who love music, love radio, and love connecting with you. As some of the big guns in our space seek to do the same thing, we’re really interested to see what they come up with–Apple in particular. After all, those guys have some amazing assets at their fingertips. Now we’ll see what they choose to do with them.

For our part, you have taught us that the element of surprise is really important. When we have the pleasure of working with artists that we’re fans of, we don’t just ask them to build playlists. Instead, we create three-dimensional listening experiences by getting them to talk about the artists that they are fans of, with stories that they’ve never told before. We know these artists have lots to say.

For example, on a station that we recently built around Josh Groban, he revealed that he once sang a private duet with Neil Young in a backstage dressing room—and you could literally hear the awe in his voice. Luke Bryan laughingly told us how his son prefers Kenny Chesney to his dad, and Nick Jonas shared his love for Led Zeppelin, while John Legend did the same for the Beatles, and Patrick Carney of The Black Keys admitted that his first crush was Jo from The Facts of Life.

We give our hosts on Team Slacker freedom, because they know how to work with artists in order to deliver this kind of “stuff” to you guys. We also encourage them to come up with their own amazing stations that literally can’t be found anywhere else. Counting down the 66 Songs That Changed Everything?

We’ve done that. An analysis of Classic Hip Hop in alphabetical order? Yes. A review of the Biggest Jerks in Music History? We’ve done that too. We celebrate what we love, and don’t pull punches on things we think are weak, or just plain silly.

We may be a bit different, but that’s because we understand that serious music listeners like you are often regarded as a bit different too. You love music and you want to know that the people picking the music share your love. This is why we’re also very serious about giving you a huge voice in the programming of your favorite stations (or handing you the keys to build your own from scratch). In addition, we’ve got a team of brilliant, self-proclaimed nerds who work tirelessly to offer new technological innovations, launching new apps, features and capabilities that allow you more control.

With all this in mind, we’re really excited to see what happens next. For our part? Slacker likes people who are passionate and authentic…and our aim is to reinvent radio with our listeners, marrying technology and curation to celebrate those with something to say. Voices with a point of view. Radio that stirs emotion and inspires dialogue and debate. That’s what we’re talking about.

Kevin Stapleford
Senior Director, Programming

VIDEO: Wale ft. Usher “The Matrimony”

Raymond T
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WALE, from his latest album “The Album About Nothing,” brings us his most recent visual to the single “The Matrimony” ft. USHER.  It includes a cameo introduction from his good friend & comedian JERRY SEINFELD.  With summer approaching and wedding season kicking off, perhaps Wale looking to settle down?!  You be the judge, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY! Enjoy…

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VIDEO: Alessia Cara “Here”

Raymond T
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Keep an ear out for this young, up & coming artist out of Canada!  She goes by the name of ALESSIA CARA, at just the age of 18 is making quite a name for herself on the music scene.  Coming soon, her debut album via Def Jam and she brings us the visual to her first single “Here,” re-creating the party that inspired her to write this song.   Make sure to check her out in this week’s Hip Hop / R&B Top 40 Countdown as well.  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

“Damn Daddy” Indeed.

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Source: MTV

Clearly “Champagne Papi” has been workin’ on his fitness! Drake Instagrammed this hot shot and no you weren’t the only one fanning your undercarriage.

Justin Bieber was so impressed he felt compelled to comment but the only words he could muster?

“Damn Daddy.”

Well said Biebs…

Ps – how do you get those muscle lines under your belly button without drawing them in?

WATCH: Tinashe “All Hands On Deck”

Raymond T
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TINASHE…She is being called our next global icon & gearing up to hit the road come July with Nicki Minaj and other special guests for the US leg of Nicki’s “Pink Print Tour.”  Really…just because I wish I was there, check the performance of her latest single “All Hands On Deck” in case you missed it on ABC’s Good Morning America.  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

VIDEO: Lil Durk “What Your Life Like”

Raymond T
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Comin outta Chi-town…Fresh off the release of his highly anticipated debut album “Remember My Name,”  LIL DURK hits us with the latest visual to his single “What your life like” from the project.  Many a great have come out the Chi…we will soon find out if he is a force to be reckoned with as well.  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY!!!  Enjoy…

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