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“I’m making jokes about this whole situation but really if The 1975 don’t come back I’ve lost absolutely everything” – @trumanchlo 

By the looks of twitter, 1975 fans are taking the news of their “makeover” pretty hard :/

Look they’re not “going away”! It appears they want to do something different.

Don’t assume it’s a bad thing…we don’t know the whole story, maybe their label wants them to be the next Jonas Brothers?? Or maybe they’re tired of having the same fanbase as The Jonas Brothers because I saw FAR too many tweets like this:


if that’s the reason, I’m behind the band 100%.

Hey and please know I am a fan too. I’ve daydreamed about watching 80s movies with Matt Healy (self-proclaimed huge 80s movie lover) a lot and the thought of not reenacting the last scene of Sixteen Candles with him pains me…

I get it! So let’s process this with a proper tantrum

and then, let’s try to have an open mind because we might love their next album as much as the first.

VIDEO: Jamie Foxx ft. Chris Brown “You Changed Me”


JAMIE FOXX is back!!!  Fresh off the drop of his latest album “Hollywood,” he brings us the visual to his collabo “You Changed Me,” ft. Chris Brown.  Ironically, while he sings of finding the “one,” you’re invited to a house party with him and Chris Brown full of beautiful women everywhere?! Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

VIDEO: NEW Ty Dolla Sign “Only Right”


As featuerd in this week’s Slacker Hip Hop R&B Countdown hosted by yours truly.  TY DOLLA $IGN brings you the visual to his latest single “Only Right,” featuring YG, JOE MOSES & TEECEE4800.  Take a peek below…Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY! SALUTE!!!

This Is A Dream Job.

Source: Huffington Post

A couple years ago I saw Neil Diamond live (he’s awesome and your argument is invalid) and I noticed this deaf interpreter having the best time…It was a job I hadn’t considered before…what a sweet gig!

You get to help people ENJOY music! Not to mention, singing and dancing is part of your job?! So much WIN.

Alas, the more I stared, the more I thought about it and the more I realized I’m not cut out for it…because A.D.D. :(

Think about it, you can’t have a deaf interpreter who is signing a song and gets distracted…I have a feeling by the end of the night I’d have a very confused group of deaf concert-goers.

So Shelby Mitchusson, just know you’re awesome and your skills are truly a gift.

May We All Find A Love Like The One Between Chrissy Teigen And Her Dogs.

chrissy legend


Source: Buzzfeed

We all strive to find a love in life…a partner who will adore you unconditionally… and sure we’ve all heard about Chrissy Teigen’s husband and his semi-successful ode to her, “All Of Me”…but not until today did I really envy Chrissy…BECAUSE, THIS.

Puddy, Pippa and Penny don’t love her for the Sports Illustrated spreads or the double date Waffle House dinners…they love her for HER… and maybe a dog treat.

I know this is a couple months old but I can’t stop watching it.

“Wiggle” and Workout With Jason Derulo.

Source: Billboard

Bottle of water? Check. Phone to distract you? Check. Ready to activate your obliques? I know I am.

Let’s get FIT.

Ps – How he didn’t fart doing those one-legged lunges I’ll never know…maybe they edited them out :/

INTERVIEW: Latina Artist “Cecy B”


As featured previously inside my Weekly Hip Hop / R&B Countdown, up & coming Latina artist CECY B just dropped her latest album “The Connect.”  She has features stemming from the legendary B-Real of Cypress Hill & Chicano Rap Star Lil Rob just to name a few.  She stopped by the offices of BPM SUPREME and chopped it up about her inspiration behind the album and gave some insight as to what makes her the great artist that she is.  Check the interview below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

VIDEO: DJ Khaled “How Many Times”


According to DJ KHALED, this one is our official summertime anthem!  He reunites with Chris Brown & this time around including Lil Wayne & Big Sean on his latest track “How Many Times.”  Check the visual below.  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY! Enjoy…

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