Fetty Wap Proves Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder.

Fetty Eye

Source: MTV

Don’t you kind of hope you hear someone say “ew whats wrong with his eyyyye??” preferably in a valley girl accent just so you can shut them down?? Seriously, let me at ’em.

Fetty got into an accident when he was little and almost lost his eyesight because of congenital glaucoma. Fortunately he had a good doc who was able to save his sight in one eye.

I’m sure the questions get old but when you embrace your flaws instead of hide from them it gives you power. That’s why Beyonce is meh in my mind. Perfection is boring.

Click here for a taste of Fetty’s music and Check out his self-titled debut album. It’ll hit September 25th.

Why Students Who Receive Scholarships Inspired By Their Favorite Artists Are Guaranteed To Succeed.

Congratulations to Hamza Qureshi! The very first to receive The Be Alright Scholarship.

Source: MTV

It’s not directly affiliated with Kendrick Lamar but it was inspired by him after his recent trip to a Tech High School in Jersey.

I have maintained for years that if you embed a musician in a classroom or in this case, give a scholarship inspired by an artist, students are guaranteed to succeed! Why? When you believe in music the way some of us do, you would never be able to live with yourself hearing a song by that artist and knowing you screwed up the chance of a lifetime! Every time you were in a store or in a club or how about if your friend was like, “I just found this artist I love!” your heart would sting. A constant reminder of how you let that artist down and yourself and that would be the worst. So you wouldn’t, you WOULD succeed… because guilt. :)


VIDEO: Jake & Papa “Leave Me”


Fresh off the release of their latest project “Sexual Warfare,” JAKE & PAPA bring us the first visual off their new album.  Creating quite a buzz coming out of Los Angeles, this R&B duo is rapidly making a name for themselves inside the music game.  As featured previously inside our Weekly Hip Hop / R&B Countdown, check out the Pajama Jammy-Jam in the video below to “Leave Me” featuring DUBB & Karina Pasian.  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!

VIDEO: Rayven Justice ft. D-Lo “Goonin”


Out the Bay Area…Puttin on for the Young California Movement, RAYVEN JUSTICE returns with yet again another visual off his latest mixtape “The Cassette Playlist.”  Teaming up with D-Lo, check their latest “Goonin.”  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!


VIDEO: Omarion ft. Kid Ink & French Montana “I’m Up”


Since making his return in a major way with his hit single “Post To Be,” OMARION returns with yet again another!  This time around he teams up with Kid Ink & French Montana on their latest collabo “I’m Up.”  Long since the days of B2K “Bump, Bump, Bump,” Omarion getting ready to release his new album “Reasons” very soon!  Take a peek below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY… Enjoy!

Taylor Swift Recruits Beck To Create A Hot Awkward Duo Dance Move.

Source: AV Club

Taylor is a consumate professional. A calclated business woman who recently owned/branded one of her gauche dance moves, “The Mom-Croon”…so one can only assume that the asynchronous swivel motion at the :22 mark was probably planned and there wasn’t a lot of eye contact between Beck and Taylor so you know it was well-rehearsed. So what to name it?

The Swivel Pointer?
The Suave Swivel?
The Round and Round Get Down?

Btw, I can’t fault Swifties for fangirling because I’m definitely a “Vinnie”. The way Annie/St. Vincent shreds and struts?!?!


VIDEO: Method Man “Straight Gutta”


Been holdin’ it down since the 90’s, METHOD MAN is BACK!!!  Fresh off the drop of his latest album “The Meth Lab,” he teams up with Redman, Hanz On & Streetlife on his latest visual to the track “Straight Gutta.”  Bringing you that East Coast flava to the fullest…check things out below.  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

VIDEO: Lil Dicky ft Snoop Dogg “Professional Rapper”


Animated to say the least, he goes by the name of LIL DICKY and he is rapidly making a name for himself in the hip hop game.  Bringing to life comedic stories through his raps, he teams up with SNOOP DOGG on the visual to his song “Professional Rapper” off his latest album titled the same.  Take a peek below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!

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