What To Do If You Liked Miley Cyrus On SNL?? Don’t Panic, Deep Breath And ‘BE GARY.’

You might be questioning yourself after watching Miley on SNL…You thought The Millennials bit was funny and you were pleasantly surprised by The Flaming Lips collab!

But  you know people like “Charles” and “Clone Charlie”…well you don’t know them know them but they follow you…what are you gonna say if they confront you via post/tweet??

miley snl

Source: Huffington Post

The struggle is real.

First of all, it’s okay to say you liked something! Even when everyone else doesn’t. No really! Charles and Charlie are just projecting their own unhappiness in their own lives.  Who wants to go through the process of commenting in a comment section anyways?? and to think of how long Charles and Charlie probably took writing their comments? That’s depressing in itself…not to mention Charlie doesn’t even know how to spell awful :/

but then you notice Gary’s comment and you’re like, “HELL YEAH GARY! YOU ARE THE MAN.”

The Twinkle Song WAS pretty…and Sure Miley could have brought out her model Bffs but NO she brought out photos of her dearly departed pets…

So when in doubt, BE GARY.

Sam Smith Smoulders In Front Of Weird Shaped Rocks, Stairs, Coffins

Sam Smith doubles down on his falsetto skills in the new video for Writing’s On The Wall, and it’s impressive.

The song is dramatic in the way only a Bond theme can be. But some critics are calling it boring – what do you think?


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VIDEO: Timbaland & V. Bozeman “Smile”


If you are a fan of the breakout hit show of 2015, “EMPIRE” (On FOX TV), for sure you are familiar with sultry, R&B singer V. BOZEMAN?!  Since appearing on it’s debut episode earlier this year V has been busy in the studio working on her new album “Opera Noir” with super-producer Timbaland.  Together they bring you the feel-good visual to her single “Smile.”  Take a peek below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

p.s. (Always Remember To SMILE…It Looks Good On Ya!!!)



VIDEO: Kehlani ft. Coucheron “Alive”


Fresh off her album and tour “You Should Be Here,” out the bay area, the talented KEHLANI brings us the latest visual to her song “Alive” featuring Coucheron.  Somewhat always a tomboy, she brings us a lighter, cute, sexy side of her on this one.  Take a peek below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

This Katy Perry Fan Will Never Wash Face, Arms, Hands, Self, Again.

Source: MTV

Katy clearly made this Katycat’s night! And I love how she was so cool about it.

Although “Rayane” may seem super handsy to America’s standards, aren’t Portuguese people more affectionate as a culture?? Maybe this is their version of a handshake?

Remember that…Especially if you ever run into Cristiano Ronaldo and then you can use this as an excuse. You’re welcome :)


This 72yo Granny Is All Of Us At A Taylor Swift Concert

Listen, I know it’s only Tuesday, but this might be the cutest thing you see all week. Over the weekend, 3 generations of ladies went to see Taylor Swift at the Nashville stop of her 1989 World Tour.

The tickets were purchased a year in advance, not even knowing about special guests. My mom has had a lifelong dream of going to a Stones concert, but due to a serious health issue this past year she missed their tour. It was upsetting to her and a big disappointment.

She flew to Nashville 2 days in advance to rest up for the big night, we had floor tickets and so she was on her feet much of the time.

Needless to say, when Mick came out it was like he walked on stage just for her.

So we know Grandma is into both Taylor and The Stones. But does her Granddaughter even know who Mick Jagger is?

She did not and was confused why grandma was going crazy. But we’ve been sharing the Stones with her and she “likes how they dance”.

Granny did get control of herself in time to enjoy the performance in this second video where she’s clapping and singing along.

Taylor saw the videos too, and got to give herself a nice pat on the back

So now we know why Taylor has been bringing all of these older guests up on stage with her – she’s trying to lock down that key Grandma demographic. Gotta love Tay, always thinking about how to make the brand bigger.


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VIDEO: Dej Loaf “Like A H*@”


Detroit sensation DEJ LOAF is back with another visual to her song “Like A H*@” off her latest project “#ANDSEETHATSTHETHING”  It’s been a busy year for artist so far and is nominated for 3 awards for the upcoming 10th Annual BET Hip Hop Awards scheduled to air Oct. 13th.  Check the video below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

VIDEO: Fetty Wap ft. Monty “My Way”


With the drop of his highly anticipated debut album upon us…FETTY WAP brings us the visual to his hit “My Way” ft. Remy Boy Monty.  Been a whirlwind year for the artist out of New Jersey and he celebrates the fruits of his labor in the video below.  Not sure if I’m alone on this but anytime I am out and hear  “1738” from a cashier I wanna break out in dance?!  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

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