Drake, Kanye and Will Smith Collab On A Diss Laugh.

Is Drake assembling his “Diss Army” for a proper battle with Meek Mills? As you can see, they were yukkin’ it up over Meek Memes backstage at Ovofest.

Now Drizzy might have Kanye and Will but Meek has Nicki Minaj as his Minister of Defense and that might be more than enough. As the saying goes, “men are maybe natural warriors but a woman in battle is truly bloodthirsty.”

Your move Meek…if he can lock in on Carlton, this is anyone’s game.

WATCH: Lauryn Hill LIVE On The Tonight Show “Feeling Good”


The Legendary LAURYN HILL stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recently and put on a chill-worthy performance with her rendition of the song “Feeling Good” from Nina Simone.  Along with other great artists, she is a part of a new tribute album, “Nina Revisited” which is out now.  I challenge you not to get goosebumps when you check this one out.  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!

Maybe Brittany Howard Should Retire Now Before Things Start To Suck.

Source: Rollingstone

If you had to pick ONE person to sing into the same microphone as Paul McCartney, besides yourself, I feel pretty good about Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard. What a voice! The first time I saw her live I just kept saying, “THIS IS CHURCH!” over and over. Even though the people around me were annoyed, I think they felt the same way.

Paul brought her out as a surprise during his Lolla headlining set and I’d be willing to bet, she has been doing this victory dance since Friday night.

You have to wonder if it’s even worth her going on after this?? What else is there to do??

Sing while riding a Great White Shark? or maybe put on a show at Atlantis?? (btw the REAL fictional island Atlantis, not the resort…)

Other than that, I got nuthin’.

Smoother Than A Fresh Jar of Skippy

You have to be a REALLY big fan of either Uptown Funk or potential internet fame (or both) to commit three months of your life to creating a version of the video made entirely with clips from movies.

We’re familiar with the phenomenon – you’ve seen President Barack Obama sing more pop songs than you can count – but his speeches are transcribed and searchable.

Imagine how long it took to think up & find all of these different clips!

VIDEO: Gunplay “White B****”


Fresh off the release of his NEW album “Living Legend,” artist GUNPLAY brings us the visual to his single “White B****” off the project.  Somewhat “Scarface” influenced, according to the emerging rapper, “if it ain’t white…it ain’t right.”  Check things out below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!

VIDEO: The Game ft. Drake “100”


On the verge of dropping his NEW album “The Documentary 2,” THE GAME hits us with the latest visual to his collaboration with DRAKE “100.”  Take a peek below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY..Enjoy!

An Indian Rapper Covers Nicki Minaj To Uncover Unilever’s Toxic Mess.

Source: Huffington Post

Indian rapper Sofia Ashraf put a new twist on “Anaconda” to draw your attention to a mercury spill at a Unilever thermometer factory in Kodaikanal, India.

Sofia says that is the reason so many people in Kodaikanal are sick and the company refuses to take accountability. You can read about it here.

Whether or not you agree with the accusations I think we can agree that Sofia’s rap skillz are pretty impressive and if western rappers were smart, they would hire her backup dancers. ADORABLE.

Hello Without Music Sounds More Like “Restraining Order.”

Source: Mashable

The crappy thing is, if Lionel Richie were stalking you, following you, singing “Hello” everywhere you went, calling you in a sleeveless button down, no one would believe you.


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