Ellie Goulding Risks Losing Sports Bra/Spandex Demo In The Name Of Comedy.

Source: Billboard

Aussie comedy troupe, Skitbox recruited Nike Brand Ambassador, Ellie “F*cking” Goulding for their latest viral video which targets those who have a habit of wearing workout clothes…even when they’re not working out….

Seriously why do they do it? Is it fashionably lazy? or an excuse for wearing revealing clothes in the name of a healthy lifestyle??

I don’t know but if I spent $100 on a pair of spandex pants, you bet your sweet ass I ‘d wear them everywhere too :/


You Used To Play Me On Nintendo

If you were a kid of the 90’s, you probably played Nintendo 64 until your eyes bled… or at the very least, until all those theme songs were drilled into your brain. So what happens if you can’t get them out, but you’re also really into Drake‘s new track, Hotline Bling?

This happens –


2 Questions:

1 – This dude couldn’t be bothered to make his bed? Or maybe just move the junk off of it? Just saying.

2 – In 2035, do you think our kids will be mashing up hit songs with the themes from Halo, Call of Duty, or Grand Theft Auto?

Actually, now that I think about it… seems pretty likely.


mariokart meme 2


If gaming scores are your thing, Slacker’s got you covered – check out the Video Game Music station!

Grammys-Shmammys. There Is No Bigger Honor Than A Kid Who Names His Prosthetic Legs After You.


Source: Time Magazine

Teejay is proof that music gets you thru the tough times…Eminem did end up seeing the picture thanks to all of Teejay’s fans :) and sent him an autographed cd of Recovery with a note that said, “To: Tee Jay – Saw ur pic [and] read ur message! Thanks 4 the support!” You can read the full story here.

Although I wish Em had written just a liiiiiittle bit more for Teejay’s sake, a response is better than no response. I’m still hopeful that Em will keep in touch with Teejay and perhaps hook his biggest fan up with tix to a show and backstage passes.


In the meantime, if you or someone you know is also going thru a tough time, why not check out Recovery and get inspired by both Em and Teejay.


So not to be weird or anything, but it sort of seems like Taylor Swift wants to take over my job.

I say this because she posted a handwritten list of new songs she’s recommending to all her fans – including artists like Alessia Cara, M.I.A., and her BFF… or one of them anyway, Hailee Steinfeld.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Because we love the Slacker Nation – and we think Taylor has good taste – we’ve compiled a bunch of Tay’s picks onto one station. Check out Taylor Swift: Squad Songs to listen to these recommendations and other titles she’s a fan of! Go listen – it’ll be just like you’re in her #Squad and hanging out with her cats, Meredith and Olivia.

meredith olivia

Diamond Dave Dishes On The Moves That Made Bono And Bon Jovi.

Source: UltimateClassicRock.com

Not only do you get a Diamond Dave dance lesson in this video but he fills you in on “The Half-Jesus” and “The Double-Jesus.”

Two signature moves that made two legends.

Please learn/practice them, and pay them forward the next time you hear any of these bands. Maybe at a party, DEFINITELY at work.

You’re welcome.

Tori Kelly, Once Again, Fails To Be More Cynical

So Tori Kelly is having a little bit of a freak out.

tori excited

But first, we have to back up a bit. See, this all has to do with a video that Britney Spears tweeted out this week, of her teaching a group of young girls to dance like they’re in her Piece Of Me cabaret show.

Seriously, there is a dance studio somewhere that just lets Brit walk in and instruct impressionable young girls to pop their booties whenever she feels like it? But whatever, I’m getting sidetracked. Most important is the song they’re dancing to – did you catch it? It’s Tori’s first big hit, Nobody Love. Tori tried to play it cool.

Buuuuuuut, I think it’s clear from the siren and SOS emoji’s that inside, tori’s all:


As she should be. If you just can’t get enough Tori, you can always hear her biggest songs on Today’s Hits!

Girls Rock Summer Camp? Yes Please.

summer camp u2

Source: Pitchfork

So you may have heard me on 80s Hits, talking about this Girls Rock Camp Foundation. The campers got to recreate album covers and now they are selling them to raise $ for their grant drive. Check these out! <3 them! and btw, not only do they have camps across the country, THEY HAVE CAMPS FOR ADULTS.

So maybe you AND the little girl in your life can go? If nothing else, let’s just daydream about summer camp…

I went to Cali-Camp every year. Big summer camp nerd. Best summers ever.

I AM A C, I AM A C-A, I AM A C-A-L-I-C-A-M-P-E-R. 

(I forget the rest)



Taylor Swift’s Cat Does Not Want To Be Part Of Her #Squad

Oh, you thought that SNL Sketch about the entire world joining the #SwiftieSquad was a joke? NOPE. Saturday Night Live just predicted the future.

Luckily, there’s at least one holdout. One rebel on the inside. And it’s… Taylor Swift‘s cat.

Meredith is allergic to joy.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Look, clearly the cat would rather be anywhere else. This proves that holding out is possible – that you don’t HAVE to give into Taylor’s charm. Even if you live in her house. EVEN if you have to depend on her for your daily servings of cat chow. You can resist the pull of indoctrination. You don’t have to have #SquadGoals!


But if you have them, go for it. I gave in AGES ago. Check out Tay’s latest tracks on Today’s Hits!

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