The Beatles are Coming


Just In Case You Ever Wondered, “Who Was That Crazy Cop In Robin Schultz’ Sugar Video?”

His name is Nathan Barnatt, although you may know him as “Keith Apicary” because of this painfully awkward Kimberly Cole audition that made the rounds a few years ago.

The guy is hilarious. Prepare to cringe.

I hope his videos put a big borderline-weird smile on your face like the one on mine right now.

I’ll leave you with his victory dance. Enjoy!

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VIDEO: Abrina “Last Christmas”


Tis’ the season, just in time for the holidays…rising Latina star, ABRINA, brings us some Christmas cheer with her own rendition of “Last Christmas.”  Look for big things for this R&B songstress come 2016 and find the song on her latest EP “CUPCAKING.”  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Happy Holidays!!!


Makes You Wonder If Taylor Swift Will Trademark “New Lady” too.

Source: Uproxx

This is an interesting turn of events…remember how Calvin Harris was seen leaving a massage parlor not too long ago? Well now it appears Taylor is moonlighting as a masseuse in Dubai.

or at least that’s what this promo card would have you believe.

Although it’s not cool to use a celebrity image especially for a handsy service, I actually feel kinda sorry for Magic Touch…anyone oblivious enough to use a celebrity image for a business probably doesn’t realize the legal wrath of Taylor’s legal squad.

Something tells me this won’t have a happy ending.

HeyO. Get it? Massage parlor? Happy “ending”??….forget it :/



Source: Mashable

No really, these socks actually pause the show you are watching when you fall asleep so there’s really no need to ever leave the couch again.

Click here to see how the sorcery works and btw if you don’t drink wine while you Netflix & chill, just pretend that “Pinot Noir” is code for the poison of your choice.


VIDEO: Frankie J. “Breakin”


Havin’ some fun in the San Diego sun…Latino R&B Singer FRANKIE J brings us his latest Independent single “Breakin.”  Taking it back to the old school, this one pays homage to the classic freestyle sound of the 80’s.  Break out your parachute pants, get some cardboard and pop-lock away!!!  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!


Will Taylor Swift Trademark Her Trademark Facial Expression?

Today I begin my 26th year of freaking out over stuff.

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With Taylor expanding her ever-growing list of trademarked words/phrases ie:

* This Sick Beat
* Swiftmas
* 1989
* Blank Space

One has to wonder if she will start owning facial expressions too?

She could own this one for sure, as anyone can see she has been doing it longer and way more often than you.


WATCH: J Cole “Road To Homecoming”


Just released, J COLE, is bringing you a 5 part mini-doc HBO series culminating with his homecoming concert in North Carolina airing January 9th, 2016.  As you can see with the image above, every Wednesday will bring you different behind the scenes footage over the past year dating back to the release of his platinum selling album “2014 Forrest Hills Drive.”  Check the first episode below and I will keep you updated with the following episodes to come.  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

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