Pretty Much Everyone Thinks Radiohead’s James Bond Theme Song Is Better Than Sam Smith’s And Now It’s Awkward.

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So now we find out Radiohead composed a theme song for Spectre and director Sam Mendes decided to pass.

I don’t know how you turn down Radiohead but okay…no offense to Sam Smith obviously… it’s just, ya know, Radiohead. Sam has to be thinking the same thing. Especially now that a fan put the music to the opening sequence.

Let’s go back and listen to 007 Radio *shameless plug* and daydream about what could have been.

Slacker Radio Presents The Beatles

Beatles1If you want to see what pure joy looks like, ask a music fan about the first time they heard The Beatles. It’s not easy to capture “The Beatles Look” in words, but you know it when you see it. A dreamy flush passes over their faces yet they look more awake, more alive than before. Hearing The Beatles for the first time changed their world—life was never quite the same. The Beatles made everything better.

“For me, The Beatles are proof of the existence of God.” – Rick Rubin, music producer, Beatles fan.

If you are madly in love, and find life wonderful, The Beatles amplify your happiness. Listen to John’s raw exuberant vocal on “Twist and Shout”. If you are down and desolate, The Beatles are a shoulder to cry on. Listen to Paul and John’s melancholy harmonies on top of the strings that drive “Eleanor Rigby”. For many of us, listening to The Beatles, is like listening to our hearts.

Slacker loves The Beatles. We are thrilled to have 17 albums from The Beatles join our library of millions of songs and albums. And to celebrate the arrival of The Beatles in our on-demand library, Slacker is doing what we do best — creating a suite of lovingly hosted and curated radio stations that all celebrate the greatest band in music history.

Starting today, you will find 5 brand new hand-crafted Slacker radio stations for your Beatles listening pleasure. Each station is filled with the kind of  context and cultural understanding that only a human-powered service can provide. Redbeard hosts The Beatles A-Z, alphabetically walking you through the bands journey, moving from Liverpool to Hamburg to America as The Beatles conquered the world. The Beatles DNA shines a light on the bands biggest influences, collaborators, and the cream of the artists who The Beatles have influenced over the last 50 years. Slacker’s listeners have ranked The Beatles Top 133 songs, and we play them back here in order. The Beatles Covered offers a selection of the best Beatles cover versions ever, and last but not least, we round out our tribute to The Beatles by featuring Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, arguably Rock’s greatest album ever, as Slacker’s Album Of The Week, available for you to listen to as many times as you like.

One sweet dream came true today. 17 of the greatest albums ever made have finally come to streaming. And 5 brand new, lovingly hosted and curated staions have been born on Slacker. We are thrilled to share this music, and this magic, with you.

Happy Crimble indeed, with love from Slacker and The Beatles, to you.

WATCH: J. Cole “Road To Homecoming”


Leading up to the culmination of his homecoming concert January 9th on HBO…J COLE brings us episode 2 in his “Road To Homecoming” 5-part mini-documentary series.  In this episode, Cole gives us some insight into his creative process and a little taste of life on the road.  Check things out below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!

The Beatles are Coming


Just In Case You Ever Wondered, “Who Was That Crazy Cop In Robin Schultz’ Sugar Video?”

His name is Nathan Barnatt, although you may know him as “Keith Apicary” because of this painfully awkward Kimberly Cole audition that made the rounds a few years ago.

The guy is hilarious. Prepare to cringe.

I hope his videos put a big borderline-weird smile on your face like the one on mine right now.

I’ll leave you with his victory dance. Enjoy!

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VIDEO: Abrina “Last Christmas”


Tis’ the season, just in time for the holidays…rising Latina star, ABRINA, brings us some Christmas cheer with her own rendition of “Last Christmas.”  Look for big things for this R&B songstress come 2016 and find the song on her latest EP “CUPCAKING.”  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Happy Holidays!!!


Makes You Wonder If Taylor Swift Will Trademark “New Lady” too.

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This is an interesting turn of events…remember how Calvin Harris was seen leaving a massage parlor not too long ago? Well now it appears Taylor is moonlighting as a masseuse in Dubai.

or at least that’s what this promo card would have you believe.

Although it’s not cool to use a celebrity image especially for a handsy service, I actually feel kinda sorry for Magic Touch…anyone oblivious enough to use a celebrity image for a business probably doesn’t realize the legal wrath of Taylor’s legal squad.

Something tells me this won’t have a happy ending.

HeyO. Get it? Massage parlor? Happy “ending”??….forget it :/



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No really, these socks actually pause the show you are watching when you fall asleep so there’s really no need to ever leave the couch again.

Click here to see how the sorcery works and btw if you don’t drink wine while you Netflix & chill, just pretend that “Pinot Noir” is code for the poison of your choice.


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