I Have The Perfect Halloween Costume For Action Bronson Thanks To His Latest “Ancient Aliens” Episode.

Source: Uproxx

In the latest episode of Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson and Friends, it is obvious that Action and Schoolboy Q might be the best kind of house guests.

All they need:

1. A Couch
2. History Channel
3. Chicken
*Pillows/blankets optional

My last house guests stayed for three weeks. On the last day they were in town, they caused a plumbing nightmare aka “poopapocalypse” the likes of which have never been seen :/

Needless to say, I would be happy to host SBQ And AB…so long as AB might entertain one small request…

Since he loves dinosaurs so much, do you think we could get him to dress up like Baby Sinclair for Halloween?


Quick Question

Q: Is this Carly Rae Jepsen or Kris Jenner? Because I really had to look at the pic for a while to figure it out.

carly rae jepsen

A: It’s Carly. But while we’re on the subject, has anyone ever seen them in the same room? Could they be the same person?

Carly Rae Jepsen showed up as a surprise guest at the Pitchfork Music Fest over the weekend & debuted some new material.

And in case you’re still curious – I did some legwork, and it doesn’t appear there are ANY pictures anywhere on the internet of Carly & Kris together. Just saying.

Check out Slacker’s New Pop Now station to hear ‘Supernatural’ & find your next favourite song!

Don’t Dream The Reboot… BE The Reboot

The latest footage from the Fox reboot of The Rocky Horror Picture Show debuted at San Diego Comic Con this week, getting us even more excited for the return of The Sweet Transvestite from Transylvania.

And look, I know – I’m a huge fan of the original too. But I think we’ve got to put aside our love for Tim Curry and accept this new version for what it is. And let’s face it, if anyone besides Tim can pull off this role, it’s Laverne Cox!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show debuts on Halloween – in the meantime, listen to the original soundtrack here, & celebrate SDCC with Slacker’s Comic Con station!

FLOTUS Gets Her “Freak On” In A Coveted Shotgun Seat With James Corden And Missy Elliot.

Source: Jezebel

You don’t realize how lucky you are to rock out in the front seat of a car until you become The First Lady. In this latest episode of Carpool Karaoke, Michelle Obama shares her Secret Service code name, her impressive Beyhive “honey” dance moves and her Missy Elliott lyrical prowess while Missy BEAMS in the backseat <3 I just hope if Melania Trump ever does Carpool Karaoke, someone double checks to make sure she doesn't use any of Michelle's songs. Ugh she'll never hear the end of it.


Idris Elba Accepts Dance Challenges Thanks To His Macklemore “Dance Off” Collab. Consequently Elba Fans Wish For “Clothes Off” Track.

You’ll hear actor Idris Elba on the Macklemore/Ryan Lewis track “Dance Off”. He explained to Jimmy Fallon that because of that, he gets challenged quite a bit. Even in the bathroom.

Source: Uproxx

Then he played Box Of Microphones with Jimmy. Not only looking delicious singing Desiigner but Lionel Richie too.

Firstly, those of us who have lusted after Idris Elba since he played Stringer Bell on The Wire, get first dibs on our imaginary boyfriend.

Secondly, if you have lusted after Idris Elba since he played Stringer Bell on The Wire, his appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon may result in you superimposing his photo with yours in a barrage of couples photos.

And C…if you could write a song called “Clothes Off” maybe Idris would entertain that random challenge too? Now. Do it now. Please/thanks!


Coldplay Welcomes Marty Mcfly To The Stage! Leaving 80s Movie Nerds To Ponder/Obsess On Cameo Possibilities.

Source Entertainment Weekly

Coldplay kicked off their US tour in New Jersey making dreams come true! His son, Moses requested that they sing something from his favorite movie, Back To The Future. But they had something better up their sleeve…Michael J. Fox joined them to perform both “Earth Angel” and “Johnny B. Good”!! Which means George was somewhere in the parking lot cleaning Biff’s clock.

SO….what if this is the theme of the whole tour?? What if every show includes an 80s movie star cameo? Now this is purely imagination/speculation so don’t get too excited but WHAT IF.


Check out 80s Hits and debate the possibilities.

Clever Puns Wanted For Twenty One Pilots Inspired Cookbook. Culinary Skills Not Required.

What started as a joke for members of the Twenty One Pilots subreddit has become a legit Kickstarter campaign.

21 cookbook

Source: Reddit

“We thought it would be a fun project to create a TOP-inspired cookbook, which we could then give to TOP (somehow…we can figure that out later). Two recipe ideas we thought of were Drum(sticks) For Hands and Heavydirtysoup. We thought whoever wanted to join in could pick a song and create a recipe based on that song. We could then compile the recipes and make it into a cool book. If we get enough people on board, I think it could be a fun summer project for the clique!”

Click here to get the fully story.

Naturally I’ve been obsessing on potential dishes…or maybe just the puns since I can’t cook but still.

Twenty One Pie-lots? CurryFace? How about Tyler Pizza “Dough”-seph? Get it?? Joseph, Dough-seph? Forget it :/

At least I’m thinking geez.


Jack Antonoff Is In A Great Indie Flick You May Have Ignored Because Your Mom Said She Wanted To See It.

Source: New York Times

Maybe you can’t relate to an older lady who falls in love with a younger dude at work scenario but I’m pretty sure we can all relate to the painful awkwardness of falling in love with someone who is seemingly out of your league for one superficial reason or another…so if you can relate with that, you’ll love Hello My Name Is Doris. Some of us relate with it a little too well :/

You get Sally Field (Americana movie perfection for basically the last 50 years), Max Greenfield (New Girl charmer extraordinaire) and surprise! Jack Antonoff, who you might know as the former Fun guitarist? Bleachers frontman? Perhaps Taylor Swift’s 1989 writing ace? Or Lena Dunham’s boyfriend? That’s okay too. He has a bit part as a the frontman of a band called Goya Baby and the Nuclear Winter. You’ll recognize some other actors too but I don’t feel like looking up all their names.

Your mom is right! This movie is hopelessly precious and I’m embarrassingly behind.

Consequence Of Sound has a far more eloquent synopsis and here is the proper trailer. Let me know what you think.

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