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A couple of drunk guys ruined a Death Cab show in South Carolina. According to the youtube comments, it sounds like they were trying to fight everyone around them. They also tried to start a mosh pit which didn’t go over so well. Maybe it would have worked better during something other than “Soul Meets Body”.

As you can see in the video Ben isn’t having it. He threw his guitar down and walked off. That’s when security grabbed the guys and showed them out.

Sidenote: Do you listen to The Weekly Alternative Countdown?? Remember when I talked about Ben’s inner bad ass? This might further prove my theory and as much as I hate to see a nice guy get upset, I’m diggin’ the angst.

Do you think it’s bad if you start a mosh pit at a show just because a band member’s temper turns you on? …Asking for a friend :/


WATCH: 2Pac “All Eyes On Me” (Biopic Trailer)


As we remember the legacy of TUPAC SHAKUR…the official movie trailer has been released looking ahead to the drop of the Biopic film “All Eyes On Me.”  Highly anticipated, we are all looking forward to re-living the life of the late, great West Coast hip-hop legend.  If you’ve missed out we have celebrated the life and music of Tupac with an all new “2Pac Count-Up” channel, bringing you some of his hottest songs according to you from #1 on up!  Gone but never forgotten, check the trailer below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…#RIP Tupac!!!

Nick Jonas Teaches Us A New Word

We’re always learning new things here at Slacker! So when we heard Nick Jonas use a term we’ve never heard before, we just had to dive deeper.

The whole thing went down on The Tonight Show this week, when Nick talked to Jimmy about the aftermath of a bad edible. (Note: he takes a minute to get to the details – skip ahead to about 1:25 for the vocab lesson. Also, this is probably NSFW, so use your headphones.)

But if this pose indicates “NARB”…

What does that mean for THIS red carpet look?

Also, is that what this giant camo coat is all about?

Maybe Nick just gets turned on by red carpet events? Hear how far He jumped on this week’s Slacker Top 40 – it’s made it into the top 15!

Red Hot Chili Peppers Are No Match For James Corden’s Magical Moobies In The Latest Episode Of Carpool Karaoke.

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Anthony, Flea, Chad and Josh celebrate the release of their new album, The Getaway this Thursday (June 17th) by jumping in for another fun ride with James. They sing some songs, tell some stories, they even stop for an impromptu wrestling match! At least I think they do, I can’t seem to remember anything before Corden took his shirt off :/

…and before you start feeling dirty for staring, please know JC lovvves showing off those tender tatas.

VIDEO: Lil Niqo “The Truth”


Coming out of San Diego, CA at just 16 years old, LIL NIQO is taking the world by storm!  You may recognize him from Lifetime’s hit series “The Rap Game” starring Jermaine Dupree.  I recently got to catch up with him at this year’s Urban Network Music & Entertainment Conference (pictured above) in which we talked about his future projects and this young star is definitely wise beyond his years!  Check the latest visual to his single “The Truth” directed by the infamous YELLOW ONE & listen up for the song inside ESPN’s “First Take.”  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!


VIDEO: Tasman Holloway ft. Tory Lanez “On The Way”


As previously featured inside our Weekly Hip Hop / RnB Countdown…Comin’ out of Seattle, WA  TASMAN HOLLOWAY brings us the visual to his single “On The Way” ft. Tory Lanez.  Just one of the many dope artists I got to chop it up with at this year’s SXSW Music Festival (pictured above), definitely keep an ear out & look for him hittin’ a city near you as “The Before The Deal Tour” kicks off come June 17th.  Take a peek below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

Snoop Dogg Reveals The Tragic Toll That Marijuana Has Taken On His Pitching Arm.

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This begs for a drug PSA…how about something like this:

“Sure Snoop Dogg can score song hits and bong hits but pretty soon Snoop is gonna strike out!”


Oh, CMT Awards. You’re killing me.

Cam with Fifth Harmony at the CMT Awards

Cam with Fifth Harmony at the CMT Awards (Source: Facebook)

A lot of people are all upset that there were so many pop collaborations at last night’s CMT Music Awards. I don’t happen to be one of them, but I do take issue with how they collaborated.

Here’s the thing. Although I am fully immersed in and in love with country music, I also like pop music a lot. (And rock, hip-hop, rap… I just love music!). So when Pitbull or Fifth Harmony or Pharrell or Leona Lewis want to be part of a country awards show, I say let ’em all in! It’s about time everybody from every genre of music recognizes how great country music and its artists are, and it’s about time fans of those artists see it, too.

Where I have a problem is when country artists are turned into backup singers for pop artists at a country awards show. Come on, CMT. Listen, I know you need ratings, and I know you think you’re going to bring in a bigger audience by adding stars from other genres, but do you remember what the “C” stands for in CMT?  I wouldn’t expect to see George Strait show up at the AMAs to collaborate with DNCE and expect the band to do “All My Exes Live In Texas.” When people turn on the CMT Awards – or any country awards show, for that matter – there’s a good chance they’re expecting country music.

Here’s a crazy idea: How about next time you decide to flood your “country” awards show with pop stars, you keep the focus on the country part of the collaborations and let the pop artists backup the country singers? So weird, right? Just try it. I think you might like it.

P.S. Congratulations to the winners!

Female Video: “Smoke Break,” Carrie Underwood

Breakthrough Video: “Fire Away,” Chris Stapleton

Group/Duo Video: “Girl Crush,” Little Big Town

Male Video: “Die a Happy Man,” Thomas Rhett

CMT Performance of the Year: “Smoke Break” (from CMT Instant Jam), Carrie Underwood

CMT Social Superstar: Blake Shelton

Video of the Year: “Humble and Kind,” Tim McGraw

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