VIDEO: Deezo “Know About It”


Comin’ out the West Coast, bouncing between San Diego & L.A., check out the visual from rising star DEEZO.  This the first single off his upcoming project “Necessary,” which is scheduled to drop before the end of the year.  The self-proclaimed Black Billy Joel, Deezo hits us with a unique style and dope lyrical play with bars for days.  Take a peek below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!


VIDEO: Glasses Malone Ft. Tyga “Get Busy”


West Coast veteran GLASSES MALONE brings you his latest visual ft. Tyga to their collabo “Get Busy” from his new album (OUT NOW) “Glass House 2: Life Ain’t Nothin But…”  Full of cameos from athletes to celebrities, take a peek below.  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!


Let’s Help Justin Timberlake Write A New Song Inspired By This Awkward Photo.


Source: Billboard


“Catching Up With Friends Is Tough When They Are Making Out”?

“Maybe I Should Leave”?

“Get A Room”?

Looks like Justin Timberlake overstayed his welcome while trying to talk to Rihanna and her new man Travi$ Scott.

Not sure why he was stickin around…then again we’re looking at pictures of him looking at them sooo maybe he’s a voyeur like the rest of us :)

Cheers to RiRi’s NYFW Fling!



If/When Please Let Damon Albarn Play Blondie In The Lifetime Biopic.

damon blondie

Source: NME

That shot was taken in ’91 but something tells me Damon could still pull it off.  Check out this collection of artists dressing up like other artists, ie: Adele, Pearl Jam, Metallica…it’s pretty great and maybe it’ll spawn a sweet costume with Halloween around the corner…or maybe even a great outfit for work next week. Why Not?

Ps – Katy Perry is a long shot for the role of Mr. Fahrenheit :/

katy perry mercury

Two Great Awesomes That Are Awesome Together

Ellen Degeneres is really on a roll lately.

ellen pose

Her talk show is headed into it’s 13th season, and she’s making some changes. When she decided that her theme song needed a reboot, she didn’t have to look far – she’s buddies with P!nk.

ellen pink 1

They unveiled the new track today on the show, and it’s pretty perfect.

That’s the super quick tv version, but you can also check out the song in full (because of COURSE it’s an entire actual song) here:

New music from Pink? Now THIS is the way to kick off the weekend. Listen to more hits from Pink on Slacker’s Hits of the 00’s station!

Also, this.


And this.

ellen channing

RIP “The Whip”

Remember the moment before you watched this vine. It was the last moment that this dance was cool.

We’ve been on Death Watch 2015 since this happened last week:

JK JK JK you guys! It’s still cool – this just means you might be able to convince your Mom to do it with you! Silento breaks into the top 5 on this week’s Slacker Top 40! Check it out to hear him AND a brand new #1 this week.

Come on. How can you resist this smile?

Come on. How can you resist this smile?

The Parent Who Complained About A Kanye-Decorated Classroom Reminds Us Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.


Source: MTV

Regardless if you like/dislike Kanye West, how much would you pay to have had a teacher who decorated a classroom with something/anything other than one of these?

kitten poster

*No offense kitten poster fans 

Mr. Perez, a 4th grade teacher at McCabe Elementary School in Mendota, California went the extra mile with his Kanye-class but instead of celebrating his effort, a parent complained and administration took it down. Who does that? Probably the same parent who won’t let their kid go on field trips.

You can read the full story here.


If you’d like to send a tweet of support to Mr. Perez, click here.


VIDEO: Paloma Ford “Jada”


Hailing out the West Coast, she goes by the name of PALOMA FORD.  Having a wide array of influences from Prince to Beyonce, Nirvana to Incubus…she brings you the latest visual to her song “Jada.”   Readying a new project which is set to drop this October, make sure to keep your eyes & ears on this sultry R&B singer who comes with a twist of Hip Hop.  As the song states “One day they gonna love me,” that day is today!  Take a peek below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

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