The Game ft. Dej Loaf “Ryda”

From Detroit to the California…Check the latest visual from THE GAME & DEJ LOAF taking a page from the late great Tupac Shakur wit a mix of Bonnie & Clyde, “RYDA.”  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY!  #SUPPORT Those That #SUPPORT You…ENJOY!!!


Reppin’ for Latina’s Worldwide, there’s a new emerging artist coming out the west coast!  She goes by the name of CECY B.  Fresh for you as of Cinco De Mayo, she just released her latest project entitled “THE CONNECT.”  Check the latest visual from the project “Bout That” featuring B-REAL of the legendary CYPRESS HILL.  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…#SUPPORT Those That #SUPPORT You…ENJOY!!!


Zac Brown Band rocked so hard, Zac lost his voice

zacAnd yeah, it took me this long to recover. It was a really great show, although at times, it was a little over my head, conceptually. I can’t promise the same guest appearances when Zac Brown Band comes to your town, but for the tour launch in Nashville, Kid Rock, Jewel, Drake White and Bela Fleck all showed up. And there was a gospel choir. And the encore? I’m not exactly sure what was going on. First, there was choreography, which was cool and unusual for the guys, and I thought that will be cool to blog about. But then, Bela Fleck was up on the top level (of 3) of the stage, and he was — I don’t know. Yelling? Beating? A shadow girl on a chair. And then Zac was up there saving her. And then there was a dragon. Seriously. I don’t understand it but the effects were cool.

See? A dragon.

See? A dragon.

Apparently, Zac lost his voice and had to cancel the Saturday night show in Evansville. Definitely go see this show. And then tell me what the hell was going on!

To Do List: Work On Beyonce Covers. Get Record Contract With Beyonce.

All this time we’ve been singing Beyonce songs at Karaoke Caturday Matinee when we should have been perfecting our Beyonce covers on Youtube. Click here and get to know the girls who might bey next in line to the throne.


The National Anthem, Jamie Foxx Style.

For those of us who love Jamie Foxx and can’t sing “The Star-Spangled Banner”, we were pretty pleased with his rendition at The MayPac Fight…however for those of us who weren’t, here are some things to consider:

Maybe it sounded better if you were actually there?

Maybe it sounded better watching it live on PPV and not in a crappy video on Monday morning?

Or maybe it would have sounded better if he were singing it as “Wanda”?? Arguably the second-best character in his entire career.  Click here if you never knew or perhaps forgot the awesomeness that is Wanda.


Zac Brown Band is all up in this joint

Zac Brown Band in Nashville tonight!

Zac Brown Band in Nashville tonight!

Oh, yes. It’s happening TONIGHT. Zac Brown Band’s new album Jekyll + Hyde just came out this week (did you get yours? It’s here.) and tonight they’re kicking off their North American tour of the same name right. here. In Nashville.

Yep, I’m going, and I’ll tweet stuff from the show if and when I can, and try to remember to come back here and update you on all the fun-ness (it’s a word. I made it up, but it’s a word.) you will have when they get to your town. That might have to wait until I’ve recovered, though. Maybe Sunday.

Evansville, IN, they’re coming your way tomorrow (May 2). I wanna hear what you think of the show, too!

bloggity blog blog

Hey guys! I have a blog now! This is it, what do you think?

My plan is to share music news, celebrity gossip & only the best in Taylor Swift memes. I’ll also answer your questions! If you have one, leave it in the comments below!



James Davis…Keepin’ It In The Family

It’s strictly a family thing with Motown’s latest R&B’s sensation JAMES DAVIS.  The trio consists of siblings Jess, Rey (who are twins by the way) & brother Austin Reynolds.  With the advances in marijuana & legalization in various states, their latest single, Co-Pilot, lets you know no weed is needed to get high.  Check the visual below for a better understanding.  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & mandatory.  #SUPPORT Those That #SUPPORT You…#SALUTE

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