A Good Scare In Less Than 3 Minutes.

I saw this today on Imgur and like any horror movie fan I was intrigued. Unfortunately very few of my friends like to be scared so I’ve been texting “Watch this. Great short movie. Hilarious” all day.

I’m pretty sure I will have less friends thanks to my diabolical prank.

Enjoy and sweet dreams!


Jesus May Have More In Common With Rappers Than Bill O’Reilly.

Source: RollingStone

Killer Mike of Run The Jewels, sat in with Bill Maher to talk about Bill O’Reilly’s latest claim, Christianity is running out of believers because of Hip Hop music.

Mike should take O’Reilly under his wing and give him a taste of the lifestyle. Get him some ice to wear, a custom grill, maybe take him on a motorcycle ride with a hot honey?? Seriously O’Reilly would love it. It’s the typical “fear what you don’t know” mentality ….He just needs to experience it.*

Next thing you know O’Reilly will be begging to star in a Run The Jewels’ music video!

*Pardon the stereotypical lifestyle suggestions…like anything else, I’m sure the reality is probably much more mundane, but I think you should play it up a little bit. 


Janet Jackson Just Announced A World Tour And You Know What That Means.

First thought when I heard Janet is going to embark on a World Tour?

We’ve got some dancin’ to do.


  • Decide which Janet is your fav (ie: Rhythm Nation, Love Will Never Do, Control, Escapade, etc.)
  • Clear the carpet
  • Cue up The Janet Jackson Top 33,
  • Stretch’ out
  • Get down

In that order.

Rihanna Stuns As The New Face Of Dior.

rih 2

Source: People Magazine

Only problem? As much as I want to celebrate this historic campaign, I can’t afford Dior.

Maybe we could all pitch in and buy a pair of $400 sunglasses and then take turns wearing them?

In the meantime, let’s watch this and pretend we actually can.


Out the West Coast…Keep your ears out on this artist!!!  He goes by the name of DOZAY and bringing you the latest visual to his hit single “Salsa.” As many of you party-goers will relate…”Hit that salsa when I’m faded though.”  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Salsa Away, ENJOY!!!


VIDEO: Elijah Blake ft. Dej Loaf “I Just Wanna…”


On the verge of dropping his debut album this summer, ELIJAH BLAKE, hits us with his latest visual ft. DEJ LOAF “I Just Wanna…”  You will find the song off the upcoming album “Shadows & Diamonds,” due to release June 23rd.  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…ENJOY!!!


Is this a cliche “bad dream” episode?? What did they do to a perfect cartoon?

Did you see any magic?? Did I blink and miss it? and don’t give me some bs line about how “magic is on the inside…” I MEAN REAL MAGIC. Synergy magic! Earring magic! MAGIC MAGIC.


The suspense of the Jem/Jerrica identitly switcharoo??


The Misfits and their rad van? Which was arguably better than Jem’s rockin’ roadster.

Misfits Van

I tried to have an open mind….but this is unacceptable.  Just go spend a day binge watching old episodes and you’ll see what I mean…and yes Rio always was a lost cause so lets pick our battles.

At a time when dead musicians are being brought back to life via holograms, THIS WOULD BE THE ONE TIME THAT HOLOGRAMS WOULD TOTALLY BE ACCEPTABLE…it could have been a worldwide tour??!


VIDEO: Rae Sremmurd “This Could Be Us”

RSMurd Post

Rae Sremmurd, said to be hip-hop’s new “boy band,” is back with their latest “This Could Be Us.” A Spin off the popular meme seen all over social media.  Check the visual below as these two youngsters appear to be enjoying life very much!  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

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