Alessia Cara Visits Slacker Radio


Def Jam recording artist, Alessia Cara, stopped by Slacker Radio to play her first single, “Here.”

Alessia confesses, “It’s a party song, but really it’s the complete opposite of a party song. It’s absolutely me; it shouts out the person in the corner of the party, looking around uncomfortably. I feel like this song narrates what the wallflower is thinking.”

Find out for yourself with her debut music video for “Here.”

More Impressive: Mike D’s House or His Clean Kids?

mike d kids room

Image: Corcoran Source: Variety

Wow. This is a child’s bedroom?! I’m staring at it like a work of art.

I thought all kid rooms automatically came with drawings, stickers, food, fingerprints on the wall??

No stains on the bedspread?? No lollipop sticks stuck to the curtains?

Maybe they just airbrushed it all out?? Either that or they just shoved everything in the closet ala Monica on Friends.

monica closet

Soooo, if the asking price is $5.7 million dollars, I guess all we need to do now is find 50 roommates and the place is OURS!

Oh, the drama.

Something weird is  happening with Katie Armiger and so far nobody can figure out what it is.

Earlier this week, her record label, Cold River Records, released the following statement:

After nine years of competing at the highest level in country music, Katie Armiger has decided to take a breather and decide her next career aspirations.  She has opened for the biggest names in the country music business and headlined two national tours.   It has been the thrill of a lifetime to work with her and watch her blossom into one of the best singer-songwriters of her generation.  Katie is a special talent and an even better person.  Watching her grow and reach for her goals has been so much fun. The night she debuted on the Grand Ole Opry was something that I will never forget!  As a label, we love her and support her decision and we will always be her biggest fans.  We care deeply for Katie as a person and artist. 

So that’s disappointing, right? Katie is a real talent and has invested a lot of time (and money) to get where she is now, and a lot of us were really surprised by this announcement. But then, things went wonky. Katie posted this on Instagram (this was apparently the second time she posted it):


Curiouser and curiouser. From what I can tell, this was posted and deleted multiple times, and it’s not there as of the time of this post. It remains to be seen what will come out of this. As someone said to me, somewhere between their side and her side is the truth. I’ll keep my eyes open and let you know what, if anything, happens from here.

What The Heck Is Happening in This Video? Madonna Edition.

Today we are going to analyze the video for the highly anticipated video, Bitch, I’m Madonna.

What is it about? Clearly it’s like one of those speakeasy parties… “Bitch, I’m Madonna” is the password to get in.  Madonna gets lost looking for Beyonce, Katy Perry and Kanye but she finds something even better, SOCK PUPPETS!!! Then she ends up dancing in a closet alone like she always does and then she goes to sleep.

Ps – If you’re having a speakeasy party anytime soon please make “Sock Puppets” the password.

Say it with me ssssssock puppppppets.

VIDEO: Chris Brown, Tyga ft. Schoolboy Q “B*tches N Marijuana”


From their most recent collabo album, “Fan of a Fan,” CHRIS BROWN & TYGA bring us their latest visual to “B*tches N Marijuana” ft. SCHOOLBOY Q.  As you can tell from the title of the song…full of plenty of beautiful women and plenty of smoke in the air.  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY, Enjoy!

WATCH: Snoop Dogg Recalls Meeting 2Pac For The 1st Time.


Long Before SNOOP DOGG & TUPAC were “2 of Amerika’s Most Wanted,” as anybody would be, the two rap stars were strangers to one another.  In honor of Tupac and what would have been his 44th Birthday as of this past June 16th, check the video below of Snoop Dogg & Micheal Rapaport recalling first meeting with Pac and how Pac was the first to show Snoop how to roll a blunt.  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY.  Roll Up…

Dude, Glastonbury! What Are You Doing?!

As far as I know, the trouble with Glastonbury 2015 all started when they put Kanye West on the lineup and people were pissed…so pissed they signed a petition and at last count that petition was 130,000 pissed-people strong.

kanye petition

Kanye-haters even called in death threats to festival organizers…Yep over music.

Btw do you practice in the mirror before you call in a death threat? Probably right? Loses the effect if you stutter, hang up and have to call back. 

Enter Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters Frontman, residing Mayor of Rock and Roll and fellow Glastonbury headliner…

foo fighter super

Dave sticks up for Kanye, says it’s gonna be “punk rock” for him to step out on the stage because “100,000 could bottle him”  and he has faith Kanye will pull it off, momentarily quelling the crowd.


Wrong…Dave breaks his leg on stage and has to cancel Glastonbury gig per doctor’s orders.

oh damn

Sh*t just got real.

So who did they pick as a replacement for a high energy good time beloved rock band?

A lady who sings lullabies.  Pretty lullabies but lullabies none the less.

Will Kanye rage intensify? or will Florence and her soothing sounds machine calm the crowd??

glastonbury is coming

Good luck Glastonbury, I will pray for you. 


Ps – Dave Grohl wanted me to give you this letter. Click here to read.

VIDEO: Kat DeLuna ft. Trey Songz “Bum Bum”


After dropping this single a few months back, KAT DELUNA brings us the visual to her latest single “Bum Bum” ft. TREY SONGZ.  Sampling the classic reggae song “Bam, Bam” from Sister Nancy, we got us another anthem celebrating that “Junk In The Trunk.”  ***A Few Scenes May Be NSFW***  Take a peek below…Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY.  Enjoy!!!

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