Questlove Has PTSD Thanks To Prince And A Pixar Flick.

Source: Vulture

If you’re going to DJ for Prince, forget lugging all the records and just bring Finding Nemo.

VIDEO: BJ The Chicago Kid “D’Angelo Tribute”


Eye Candy galore!!!  Over the recent months, BJ THE CHICAGO KID, has been paying homage to many an artist before him, and this time around brings us his tribute to D’Angelo.  Directed by Shawny Ocho featuring model Medusa (@Msssugey), if you’ve been sleeping on BJ’s vocal skills…take a peek below as you will be pleasantly surprised.  Check D’Angelo’s visual as well to “Untitled.”  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

It’s Gonna Be Hard To Top The Present That These Ethiopian Kids Got Dave Grohl For His Birthday.

Source: Billboard

In celebration of Dave’s 47th birthday, a perfectly awesome Peace Corps teacher made a video of his students singing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and the result is beyond precious. Because as we all know, Grohl is the great equalizer.

So how can you celebrate Dave’s birthday? Well, you could listen to The Dave Grohl Top 33 and daydream that he is you best friend (with benefits)? That’s what I plan to do anyways 🙂


Slacker Goes to Eleven

anthrax kallao

Here at Slacker Radio, we’ve had the honor of building radio stations with some of our favorite artists. Along the way, we’ve noticed something…a lot of these people are insanely passionate about music. We’re talking inhuman levels of passion that can melt your face off. They tell amazing stories and jaw-dropping anecdotes about their favorite songs and the magical moments that have happened to them on stage and off. In doing so, on a scale of one to ten, their passion meter goes to eleven.

Eleven…as Spinal Tap pointed out, is as high as you can get.

Since we at Slacker are pretty passionate ourselves, we’ve realized that when this happens, we should not contain these artists at all. Thus, we’ve decided that when someone “goes to eleven,” we need to bypass the traditional limits of radio and create a new type of listening experience that is built on the pure power of storytelling.

And that’s why we’re launching a new show called “Goes to 11″.

“Goes to 11” will be driven by stories unfolding in the form of a real conversation. Artists on this show will go far beyond introducing their favorite songs, as they actually listen to these songs in real time and provide a narrative as to why they are important—much like the audio commentary layered over the director’s cut of a film. Then, when the song is played, listeners have the option to listen to it in its entirety or to skip ahead for the next part of the conversation.

The result is unlike any other radio show. “Goes to 11” will not be crammed into a thirty or sixty minute block of time, it’s run-time will be dictated by the length of the stories. If a listener gets bored (which we think is unlikely), they can simply jump ahead to the next topic. Also, guests on “Goes to 11” will not be the usual suspects. We’re not looking to automatically pull in the latest pop star, we’re going to invite artists with a definitive point of view.

The first guest on “Goes to 11” will be Scott Ian of Anthrax (pictured), a consummate musician’s musician with an impressive metal pedigree, who speaks with reverence and conviction about the music that he loves. Seriously, Scott does not mess around. Your host for this new series will be Slacker’s own Stephen Kallao (also pictured—he’s the guy without the awesome beard), who has so much passion for music that we sometimes need to tie him down to his studio chair.

“Goes to 11” joins the likes of “DNA“, “I Am The DJ”, and the weekly Slacker Top 40, Hip Hop and Country Countdowns in our suite of exclusive, hand-curated, episodic shows.

Check out the first episode here.

The Drake Coloring Book Needs Your Touch.

drake coloring

Source: Mashable

A team of illustrators got together to bring you Under Star Projectors: The Unofficial Drake Coloring Book!

When you consider the health benefits of coloring (that may or not be legit depending on who you talk to), what better way to start than by tuning into some Champagne Papi and letting those creative juices flow?

I realize my drawing* above might be somewhat intimidating but I believe in you!

So grab a box of Crayola and click here to see the other pictures that need your touch.

*price of my showcased piece is negotiable 

“If You Haven’t Heard About David Bowie, Look Him Up MotherF*ckers.” – Madonna.

Source: Rollingstone

Well-said Madge. Well-said.

No shame in not knowing about him but it’s better to be willing to learn about a musical genius than be the ignorant jerk with a “so what he was old” attitude…sadly I did see that comment on an article and that person is to be pitied.

The good news is, it is never too late to learn and you just might find a new hero!

So if you want to get schooled, might I recommend checking out:

The David Bowie Top 33
David Bowie DNA

Slacker Remembers David Bowie

david-bowie-c2a9-1984-greg-gorman2-940x1175Turn and face the strange       

– David Bowie, CHANGES

And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today

– David Bowie, SPACE ODDITY

We could steal time, just for one day
We can be heroes, forever and ever

-David Bowie, HEROES

David Bowie was an adventurer, and an iconoclast, and a leader. Bowie was never predictable, never boring, and always challenged expectations and conventional thinking. He was a star, a big star, but he wasn’t for everyone. Bowie continually embraced the weird, the strange, the kooks. We understand that energy, that sensibility to do things differently. For many of us at Slacker, Bowie was one of our biggest heroes.

So today, and for the month of January, while the news of his untimely passing is still a fresh wound for us, we honor his memory the best way we know how — by putting David Bowie’s music and his story front and center:

  • David Bowie DNA  traces the tip of the complex iceberg that is the David Bowie story.  Hosted by Jennifer White, we tell the story of Ziggy Stardust, The Thin White Duke, Major Tom, Thomas Jerome Newton et all.  You will hear Bowie’s influences, contemporaries and followers like Little Richard, The Beatles, Al Green, The Velvet Underground, Kurt Cobain, and LCD Soundsystem. If you listen closely, we think you might just hear your personal story here too.
  • David Bowie Top 33 counts up Bowie’s greatest songs. These are the Bowie songs that you have listened to, shared, and “hearted” the most. From classics like Changes, Fame and Let’s Dance to some surprises from his many collaborations and era’s, these songs paint a picture of an eclectic and inspired career.
  • Finally, our Album Of The Week is Blackstar, which was just released on Friday January 8th, David Bowie’s 69th birthday. Bowie’s final album can be heard on many levels. Musically, it explores his love for texture, emotional singing, and the kind of inspired instrumentation that blends pop, jazz and funk into a otherworldly mix. Lyrically, it hauntingly speaks for itself, from the opening lines of Lazarus — “Look up here, I’m in heaven” to the final moments of I Cant Give Everything Away — “Seeing more and feeling less, saying no but meaning yes, that’s the message that I sent, I can’t give everything away.

For now, we have to deal with Bowie’s passing. We turn and face the strange. Bowie was our star, and our stars do indeed look very different today. But if you listen to the music, you’ll see why David Bowie is still our hero.

9 Steps To Help You Cope With the Death Of David Bowie.

bowie mugshot
Source: Mashable

1. “Dammit Why didn’t I see him live?”
3. “I gotta go to Brixton.”
4. “That baby in Labyrinth never knew how lucky he was just hanging out on Bowie’s lap.”
5. “Who looks that hot in a mugshot?? No one…the answer is no one.”

Struggling with the death of this artistic juggernaut the likes of which have never been seen?? I get it.

Here are some articles that may improve/enrich your cycle of grief**:

Step 1. Turn on The David Bowie Top 33, Bowie’s last album Blackstar, which happens to be our Album Of The Week and/or David Bowie DNA.

Step 2. Read the “lusty scrap” story behind his dialated eye.

Step 3. Read what it was like to interview him and add a “Bowie-Joke” to your arsenal.

Step 4. Watch this hilarious scene from Extras…again because it is that good.

Step 5. If you like Ricky Gervais, read how Bowie influenced him.

Step 6. Watch 1000s of people dancing in the streets of his hometown to celebrate his life. Think about that. Most of us would be thrilled to know our existence compelled one person to dance after we die…Bowie?? THOUSANDS.

Step 7. Remember this brilliant quote which may not be original but does put things in perspective because at the end of the day, we are pretty f*cking lucky.

Step 8: Check out that style!

Step 9: Watch Labyrinth…again.


**Disclaimer: There are a million fantastic articles/stories/experiences out there about him and I am well aware I didn’t even scratch the surface…these are simply some of the ones that made me smile and I’m hoping they do the same for you.

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