Has T-Pain Been Hiding A Secret This Whole Time?

Has T-Pain been hiding a secret the entire time we’ve known him? The secret… that he can totally sing without autotune? The answer is apparently YES. He came out as an actual singer at Monday night’s LA Dodgers game where he sang the National Anthem.


Imagine being in your seat, ready to watch the game, and being informed that The Star Spangled Banner would be sung by T-Pain. Wouldn’t you have been like “oh no!” just a little?

And then you get hit with this.

OK, so this isn’t actually the first time we’ve heard T-Pain show off his natural voice. He also did an impressive tiny desk concert for NPR last fall. But this is certainly the first time he’s really grabbed our attention. Looks like all that autotune was just a stylistic choice?

While we’re on the subject of the Star Spangled Banner, just think about this:

T-Pain is hard at work on a new album, Stoicville, which should drop soon. Until then, hear all of Today’s Hits on Slacker!

Why I’m voting for Benton Blount — and you should, too.

Benton Blount is named a semi-finalist on America's Got Talent

Benton Blount is named a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent

Yeah, ok, Benton Blount is a friend of mine, so I might seemed biased. But hear me out.

When I first met Benton, he’d been signed to a Nashville record label and was just putting out his first song, “Carolina” (which Parmalee later made a hit). I was working at a radio station in Frederick, MD and he was going around the country visiting stations. He came into our conference room and played a few songs for me and some of my coworkers, and from the second he started to sing, I thought, MAN, this guy is talented!

It wasn’t just his talent, though. I happened to have my dog Zeppelin (RIP) with me at the radio station that day, and he kept running up and sniffing at Benton while he performed. Benton smiled and petted Zeppelin and kept on playing. We got to talking after his performance and we hit it off, becoming instant friends. It’s no surprise to me that our birthdays are a day apart, because I think we’re a lot alike.

Just a couple months later, the record label Benton was on closed its doors. That was five years ago.

Make no mistake, it’s Benton’s talent that is pushing me to ask you to vote for him on America’s Got Talent tonight (Sept. 1). Because he’s got it by the YARD. He’s in the semi-finals, and if you haven’t heard him sing yet, you need to tune in. And if you want more proof, check him out here for some of the stuff he’s recorded in his “Living Room Concert Series” over the years. He’s worked for this. He’s earned it. And it’s about damn time!

You don’t have to take my word for it. Listen to him sing and then get your vote on! I want to be able to bring more of his music to you on New Country First on Slacker. For now, though, check out what we do have (you’ll like it!) here. And join #TeamBenton to show your support here.

The 2015 VMAs: Last But Not Least, The Best Acceptance Speech.

Naturally the leading stories from The VMAs are Kanye 2020 and Nicki vs. Miley…the vapid gossip.

But all pasties aside, it was Big Sean who delivered the best moment.

While accepting the award for Best Video With A Social Message, Big Sean dedicated his award to his grandmother, who sounds like one heck of a woman.

I just kept thinking, “Awww I want to go to his Grandma’s house for dinner…”

Congrats Big Sean. Thanks for such an eloquent and thoughtful speech.

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The 2015 VMAs List Of WIN.

Disclaimer: I took the award show at face value. If you are looking to argue about police, marijuana, cultural appropriation, nipples, Hitler, Hitler nipples, etc. might I introduce you to the life-suck known as the comment section of any proper news outlet.

I don’t know about you but I really wanted to watch Fear The Walking Dead last night so given my attitude going in, it was gonna take a lot to win me over and I thought The 2015 VMAs was a solid show.



Instagram Think Tank with Andy Samberg and the dude from Mad TV

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Stoner Sleepover With Tyga

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Snoop’s Magic Brownies

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VIDEO: Tyga “Stimulated”


Now that TYGA & Kylie Jenner can legally show off their relationship, Kylie makes her video debut in the visual”Stimulated” off his latest project “Fuk What They Talkin’ Bout.”  Tyga making sure to let everyone know that she is now a “Big Girl” somewhat follows suit of Kanye West flaunting his Kardashian-Jenner girlfriend.  Take a peek below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY. Enjoy…Legally?!

Taylor’s Wildest Dreams

Taylor Swift was like the calm in the eye of the storm that was last night’s MTV VMAs. Sure, she wore an outfit that, had the top been slightly longer, my jewish grandma would go nuts over…


But she also won Video of The Year for Blank Space, she presented Kanye with his Video Vanguard Award with poise and a little bit of self effacing humor, AND she premiered a brand new video.

Like what you hear? Check out more brand new music as soon as it drops on Slacker’s New Pop First!

Well, We Have This To Look Forward To

Kanye West made a big announcement last night. Some news outlets say he was “joking” about running for president, but knowing Kanye, I feel like he was 100% serious. So I’m going to start printing up the shirts today.

west swift 2020

OR maybe ‘Ye was just trying to see if he could cause Taylor to make her “surprised face” one more time.

You know, this time I believe that face was genuine.

I watched the VMAs so you didn’t have to! Listen to my recap on Today’s Hits.

4 Out Of 5 Dentists Recommend The Weeknd.

Source: Mashable

Thanks to the dental spin YouTube user Andrew Huang put on his “Can’t Feel My Face” cover, The Weeknd’s hit song might have a shot at becoming an anthem for dentists… get it, “shot”??


Forget it :/

More importantly, listen to Beauty Behind The Madness by The Weeknd as much as you want. It’s our Album Of The Week.

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