The Twenty: Stranger Things (Spoiler Alert)

Hey, it’s Parker and if you’ve checked out my latest station, The Twenty: Stranger Things, then you’re probably as hooked on the Netflix Original Series as I am. So here’s a bunch of stuff I told you about on that station, in no specific order.


“A Sensitive Rap Tribute” To New ‘Responsible Ginger’ Character Crush, Barb Holland.

Source: Rollingstone

SPOILER ALERT. Don’t go any further. Consider this the sign/barbed wire outside of a government facility.

I’m only 4 episodes into Stranger Things and I feel like I’m dodging spoilers like bagged poop on the sidewalk.

What I will tell you is the show has all the elements of 80s movie magic. 4 best friends riding bikes (seriously kids used to ride bikes everywhere in the 80s…no I mean it), walkie-talkies, sneaking out/hiding someone in your room for weeks and your mom doesn’t notice, etc.

It is Netflix GOLD and it is no wonder a character like Barb Holland has become rap tribute-worthy.

Thanks to Dr. Chorizo Productions, responsible mom-jean-rocking gingers are finally getting the respect they deserve!

Btw, if you’re feelin’ the 80s-vibe, check out my 80s hits station. It’s perfect for pool parties whether you invite the popular easy gals, jerk jocks, hot nerds or faceless guys!


Only 137 Shopping Days Til Christmas!

Time to get one of these for everyone on your list. BOOM. You’re done.


Click here to check out DJ Khaled‘s new song with Drake on Today’s Hits now!

Slacker Radio Upgrades: How They Work & What You Get

unnamedOf course your Slacker Radio Basic account is awesome! You have access to a ginormous music library and tons of news, talk, and comedy content, and you get to customize your listening experience. So why upgrade to Slacker Radio Plus or Slacker Premium?

Allow us to break it down for you:

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• Offline Listening
Download stations so you can keep listening when your signal is weak, preserve your battery life, and save data, which can save you big bucks. Depending on your data plan & usage, upgrading to Radio Plus or Premium can pay for itself…and then some!

• Skips
Running out of skips can be pretty frustrating, but that will NEVER happen when you upgrade to Radio Plus or Premium. You’ll have UNLIMITED skips, so you can skip, skip, skip away until you find the song you want to hear.

• On-Demand
One of Slacker Premium’s cool features is the ability to play songs and albums on demand. You want to hear a particular song or album, you hit play, you hear that particular song or album whenever you want. Told you it was cool.

• Playlists
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Slacker Radio Plus is just $3.99 per month, Premium is $9.99 per month, and you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan anytime you want.
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We know you’ll love what you hear!




Kaleo Wins After Gambling On The One Commercial Without Talking Animals/Babies.

Kaleo‘s “Way Down We Go” is featured in this UK skin care commercial along with world class ballerina, Alessandra Ferri, dancing with a hologram of herself at 19…Between the song and her dancing, I was covered in goosebumps 10 seconds in.

Thanks to the spot “Way Down We Go” is the #1 most shazaamed song in the Uk. It is also edging it’s way up the Weekly Alternative Countdown.

Definitely an ad win. Sorry puppy/monkey/baby.


Katy Perry’s “Rise” Video Is Right On Time Because The Rio Olympic Struggle Is Reportedly Too Real.

Source: AV Club

Olympic determination has taken on a whole new meaning given the problems that have plagued Rio 2016 so far. From robberies to murdering the Olympic mascot, to the death of two people when the Olympic bike path fell into the ocean, to swimming in dead bodies and human feces. Yep you read that right. Oh and let’s not forget the Zika virus.

So thank you Katy for giving Olympians “Rise”. A song that might give them the extra oomph they need right now to finish a race….if that doesn’t do it, maybe these photos of her paddle-boarding with a nude Orlando Bloom will do the trick.

Insert obligatory “Rise” joke here.


Britney Spears’ Male Dancers Perform “True Test Of Trust” On Jimmy Kimmel’s Bed.

Source: Rollingstone

Remember when Rihanna woke up Jimmy Kimmel in the middle of the night? Now it’s Brit-Brit’s turn. Jimmy got a surprise bedroom performance of her latest single “Make Me”! As exciting as it would be to have her bump and grind on your bed, I’m pretty sure her dancers were the real prize.


I could watch this move over and over again for two reasons. 1. Think about yourself doing that move with your friends, would you be that confident? Secondly, for the mesmerizing grace. I hope you too will make it your latest moment of zen.

Are You Excited For The Olympics?

Because I’m pretty excited for the Olympics. Parker here & I can’t help it, any event where nations are competing brings out my inner patriot. But overall, it’s just amazing what these athletes are able to do after years and years of practice and sacrifice and dedication.

A few Slacker artists are helping with the festivities this year – you probably already know about Katy Perry‘s contribution.


Fifth Harmony are ready to cheer on the US Women’s Gymnastics team, too, retweeting a preview of the team’s theme.


I’ll be watching the Opening Ceremonies and tweeting Friday night – watch with me and talk back by following @parkeronslacker!

Get psyched up between now and then by listening to Party Hits on Slacker!

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