Quick! Let’s Get Married So 2 Chainz Will Play Our Wedding!

Warning: Watching this video could result in marriage, getting Swedish House Mafia stuck in your head and/or purchasing a dream catcher.


Ps – Don’t you worrrryy Don’t you worrrryy chiiiiiiiiiild

VIDEO: Sevyn Streeter Ft. B.O.B “Shoulda Been There”


By far…the best lyric video I have ever seen!  R&B singer SEVYN STREETER getting ready to drop her NEW album “Shoulda Been There” brings us the visual to her title track ft. B.O.B. (who is rumored to be her new beaux).  I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of “lyric” videos before but none like this…gotta love our phones?!  Take a peek below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY! Enjoy!!!

VIDEO: Amber Melody “Smile Hoe”


FIRST OFF: If you have a phobia of spiders…TURN AWAY NOW!

Born in London, L.A. based artist AMBER MELODY hits us with her debut single “Smile Hoe” from her new EP “Sicc Little Girls.”  Check the visual below as unflinchingly she hits us with lyrics that she explains are about “knowing when you’re no good for someone.  The spider used in the video is said to resemble that fear in the relationship by covering words and concealing the truth that should be said by crawling over my lips.”  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

VIDEO: Jidenna ft. Kendrick Lamar “Classic Man RMX”


Already hot for the summer and now adding fuel to the fire…KENDRICK LAMAR joins JIDENNA on the remix to his smash hit “Classic Man.”  Check the visual below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

It’s #CoverWednesday!

Every week I like to bring you some amazing covers of or by your favourite Slacker artists! There are SO MANY great covers this week, so let’s get started.

First, Kelly Clarkson (who always finds a way to work cool covers into her live shows) took on Tori Kelly’s “Nobody Love” in Hershey, PA this week.

Taylor Swift flew her bestie (or one of them, anyway) all the way out from New Zealand so that they could sing “Royals” together – find out more about that here.

And finally, nu metal act Korn remixed Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” – and it’s surprisingly relaxing to listen to.

Have you heard any good covers lately? Tweet them to me by following @ParkeronSlacker!

VIDEO: Ill Nicky “Perpetrator”



Catching the ears of music fans around the nation…keep an eye out for this up & coming artist, ILL NICKY.  Calling out the ladies, he brings us the visual to his latest single “Perpetrator.”  With a catchy hook and smooth delivery, you’re sure to stay singing along.  Take a peek below and make sure to keep up with the “Ill Movement!”  Your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

Foo Fighters Protest: Photos or ‘FOO-TOONS’??

foo toon 1

Source: Fact Magazine Illustration: Francis Desharnais

First of all I never thought I’d see the day when the Foo Fighters had to deal with bad press, yet here we are.

Quebec newspaper, Le Soleil decided not to send a photographer to cover the recent Foo Fighters show at The Bell Centre because the Foo photog policy is crap…or as they put it, “exploitative.” Taylor Swift was recently accused of the same thing.

Basically (if I’m understanding it right and bear with me because I’m really bad at contract-ese) the band will give you credit for the photos once. Only once that is IF they approve them. Then the band owns them and if you see one of your photos used later down the line you’ll have to convince your friends you actually took that shot and they’ll just look at you like, “riiiiiiiiight.”

So Le Soleil  said F that noise and sent a cartoonist instead! Avoiding the photo terms/conditions all together.

GENIUS.  I actually love the Foo Toons… not at the expense of photographer’s rights. I’m just saying I love the drawings…EDIT: is that better Matt/Adam?? Is it more clear that just because I think the cartoon idea was super clever and fun to see doesn’t mean I condone The Foo Photo Policy?? 

Now some would say if you don’t like the terms don’t do the show (EDIT: purely playing devil’s advocate Matt/Adam) and I get it but these days everyone is a “pro photog” thanks to Instagram. That’s a hard pill to swallow for the true professionals who actually know what the heck they are doing with a camera….I wonder if that plays into these lame terms or perhaps the Foo Fighters and other artists are really just hypocritical BASTARD PEOPLE in disguise!


To be continued…


VIDEO: MURS “The Worst”


Out of Los Angeles…From his latest album “Have A Nice Life,” MURS brings us the visual to his single “The Worst.”  Taking a page from Hip Hop veteran Biz Markie’s “Just A Friend,” he shows us that having a lil somethin’, somethin’ on the side might not be the best idea?!  Take a peek below, your comments ALWAYS welcome & MANDATORY…Enjoy!!!

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