“WHO IS CHOPPING ONIONS?!” These Photos Of Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom At Children’s Hospital Are What It’s All About.

Source: E Online

While some celebs were taking selfies, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom visited kids who will spend their holiday at Children’s Hospital LA.

The pop queen and her sweetheart dressed up as Santa/Mrs. Claus, visiting and singing with patients…some who were too sick to leave their room.

By the looks it, the kids gave K&O something you can’t get from money or fame.

Click here for the photos and don’t be surprised if your heart explodes.


2 Chainz “Most Expensivest Ugly Christmas Sweater” Isn’t Ugly Enough.

Source: EW

“The World’s Most Expensive Ugly Christmas Sweater was designed by 2 Chainz and hand crafted by Avianne, 2 Chainz personal jeweler. It includes 50 carats of diamonds and 250 grams of gold on size Large sweater. This is extremely rare and only 1 sweater was made. Proceeds will go to the T.R.U. Foundation, which assists vets and disabled children and supports arts education in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas.”

At least the money is going to a wonderfulest cause…and now that I think about it, he did say it was the “most expensivest” not necessarily the ugliest.

Just hard when this sweater set the bar so high…

See A Sneak Peak Of Rap Royalty ‘Simpsonized’ And Notice How Much Snoop Already Looked Like A Simpson.

Source: NME

“The Great Phatsby”, a hip hop homage to The Great Gatsby stars RZA, Snoop, Common and more.

Producers say it will be like a “two part rap album” and it will air next month.

I can’t seem to find an exact date so I will just keep reminding you until I find out because I’m a little too excited.




Source: Vanity Fair

No chocolate but this montage of stars singing ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is pretty sweet and you can open all of them at once because some of us aren’t great with restraint.

I’d tell you who they are but the surprise is too much fun.

…just know you are not the only one impressed/terrified by Mariah Carey’s cleavage.

One more thing, check out Slacker’s Christmas stations because we have a ton of them.

Pharrell Made This Middle School’s Day…The Video Will Make Yours.

Source: NY Daily News

Middle School is full of surprises and none (that I remember anyway) are nearly as fun as this footage. Pharrell crashed a performance by The Equity Project Charter School’s modern band program while they were singing his songs from the new movie, Hidden Figures.

….and as you can see by this photo, these precious kids LOST THEIR MINDS.

Source: Anthony Delmundo/New York Daily News

Read more about this unforgettable day by clicking here and check out these talented kids owning, “I See A Victory”.

Click here to check out the gorgeous soundtrack and The movie looks phenomenal…Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe?? No brainer.

Nicki Minaj Finds Innovative Way To Reuse, Wear Christmas Ribbon!

A photo posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

Source: Uproxx

This is how Nicki Minaj spent her 34th birthday…on the beach, in Turks And Caicos (which I cannot even pronounce), wearing in an expensive bathing suit that looks like reused Christmas ribbon, looking out over a turquoise ocean with not a care in the world…

Let’s pinky promise each other that from here on out, we will spend every birthday, remaking this picture. Ocean optional, ribbon mandatory.



Maybe What Everyone Needs is A Free Impromptu Dance Workshop With FKA Twigs.

I really don’t know how to describe FKA Twigs other than a British “Soul Bjork”? Her music is simply different. Her dance moves? different …and I mean that as a compliment because when you watch her perform you don’t even want to blink.

Twigs wanted to show Baltimore in a different light than what you see/hear in the news. I can attest to that after living in the city for a decade. Baltimore is so much more than The Wire… It is a city full of beauty, grit and art.

So what started as a series of tweets, evolved into a opportunity to bring people together. Not an audition. Not a competition. A free dance workshop and the result is a stunning documentary. Baltimore Dance Project  Hit the link to watch and the next time Twigs does a dance workshop, GO.




Source: wetransfer.com

If You Got Paid To Do This, Would You?


Source: Vulture

Lifetime announced they are giving you what you’ve always wanted! A Britney Spears biopic…the chick who plays Britney looks more like Natasha Lyonne if you ask me. I’m more impressed with the guys who are playing the onscreen NSync….sure it might be cringeworthy but not many can say they starred in a Lifetime movie. I have nothing but respect and envy for someone willing to star on the Nickelback of tv networks.



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