The Grohl Throne: Create Like A God, Rock Like A King.

Thanks DC!!

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If there was a moment when you thought about giving away your tickets to The Foo Fighters 4th of July show at RFK, I get it. Your friends probably told you security was going to make the trip hell and the weather was pretty crappy…but you decided to persevere…for Dave…FOR THE FOO!

If he could show up with a broken leg, the least you could do was show up to rock with him…and weren’t you glad you did?

break a leg


It was a seamless day of incredible acts. Joan Jett, Trombone Shorty, Gary Clark Jr, Heart, LL Cool J, (Yes he did I Need Love), Buddy Guy and Trouble Funk! We even got a crash course on The Foo Docu-Series Sonic Highways

Then the curtain fell and out comes D on a THRONE-MOBILE.

Which was completely appropriate. He has most certainly earned it.

Source: Pitchfork

Ps – I don’t like crowd participation, obligatory clapping, etc. Makes me anxious. Yet Saturday night, I participated like an overzealous TGIF Teamleader. I clapped too long, smiled TOO big and I’m so glad I did.

Colbert And Eminem’s Public Access Surprise.

Meet Waldo. The Front-Parrot For Death Metal Band, Hatebeak.

Source: Vice

Baltimore band Hatebeak has had more longevity than 90% of mainstream bands, putting out 4 albums in the last 12 years.

What’s their secret? “Banana crackers” and Waldo of course. Waldo is a 21yr old African grey parrot with a penchant for banana chips, metal and punking the dog.

Is he difficult? of course…but no more difficult than Mariah Carey and he’s gotta be more punctual than Lil Wayne.

Click here to read the full interviewHatebeak just might change the game.

Ps – This begs for an American ANIMAL Idol.



katy battles the nuns
Custom image thanks to Invasion Of The B Movie App

Katy’s latest dramz sounds like the makings of a perfect B movie…Katy wants to buy an old convent in LA but the two last remaining nuns who live there are like, “oh hell no.”

According to the LA Times, Katy arranged to meet with The Nuns. She covered up the goods and even went so far as to show them the “Jesus” tattoo on her wrist! But The Nuns weren’t born yesterday…they saw thru Katy’s feeble attempts to woo them and so The Nuns sold it on the sly to a restaurateur before Katy could get her paws on it!

NOT SO FAST NUNS… Now the archdiocese, which houses some BIG KatyCats, is suing the restaurateur!



Stay tuned….


Crush This 80s Music Quiz And (Momentarily) Feel Like A Winner.

80s Music Quiz

Source: Slate

Am I bragging? Absolutely…and please, let me have this, when you shamefully have to brag about winning an online music quiz, it’s very telling as to what the rest of that person’s life must really be like.

Click here and good luck! Let’s be (momentary) winners together!!

In the words of the great Irene Cara, What A Feeling!

How To Console The Hardcore Michael Jackson Fan In Your Life.

Six years ago today we lost The King of Pop and the struggle is still VERY real for a lot of people.

Here are some tips to help you help them get thru!

  • Watch Pentatonix’ acapella tribute above, it’s fantastic.
  • Listen to his catalog
  • Reminisce about the good times ie: The Grammys, Thriller, The Wiz, etc.
  • Practice The Moonwalk.

and just know as tough as it is for them, they might be coping better than some of his other fans.

Seriously, read some of these posts from fans in Romania, and these too.



Sorry Kanye, Lionel Richie Is Already The King Of Glastonbury 2015.


Source: NME

Lionel Richie dropped the mic and he hasn’t even performed yet!

His tshirts are by far the hottest commodity at the notoriously muddy music festival…Just goes to show it doesn’t take that much to win over Glastonbury after all.

Kanye might want to start thinkin of a mud pun quick. 

ACDC Is The Perfect Soundtrack For A (Movie) Robbery.

No this movie might not be a hit but let me give you a few reasons to see it anyway:

A. The soundtrack…assuming all the songs in the trailer are featured in the movie which they better be, because they are perfect songs for a robbery. Not that I would know because I’ve never robbed an armored truck or anyone for that matter but they seem like they would be perfect in an imaginary sense. Let me quit while I’m ahead :/

B. Zack Galifailknannakknialdks’ page boy wig.

C. Kristen Wiig wearing mom jeans…in fact she might be the only woman on the planet who looks perfect in them.

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