If Ellie Goulding Sings The Bond Theme Song, Can We Call It “Gould Bond”? HeyO.

According to Mashable, people with obviously way more money than you or I have been betting on who will do the new theme song for Spectre, due to hit theaters in November. I don’t know much about bookies, (I tend to gamble on life more than money) but these guys say these are the odds.

Sam Smith 6/4
Adele 2/1
Ed Sheeran 8/1
Ellie Goulding 9/1
Kanye West 20/1

…or were anyway. UK “Bookmakers” William Hill stopped the betting because someone tried to place $23k on Radiohead…yes, 23 thousand dollars.

Ellie Goulding seems to be the most likely given all the hints she’s been droppin’ lately. If they are in fact hints. She tweeted “live and let die” a while back and posted this shot. You can read the significance here.

That’s a wrap!

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I’m fine with Ellie, but I think I’d like Radiohead more…now that I’m thinking about it I’d like to hear what FKA Twigs or Janelle Monae could bring to a Bond theme song. I’ll like a Soul Bond over Pop Bond…blame View To A Kill  :/

Who would you like to hear??



Is Ed Sheeran Doomed To A Life Of “Nice”?

You probably knew that Ed’s fans are called “Sheerios” but I did not until today and all I could do was shake my head. He seems so sweet, so kind (reminds of Samwise Gamghee for my fellow LOTR fans) and I’m sure you’re thinking, “What’s wrong with always being nice??” because no human is always nice and when that becomes the expectation, it gets old. Real old. Do I really need to remind you of all the other celebrities that have cracked under that kind of pressure?

The one day he’s a little grumpy, some fan and her mom are gonna say, “WE THOUGHT ED SHEERAN WAS A NICE GUY BUT APPARENTLY WE WERE WRONG!” or worse, Ed might completely go off the rails!

Tired of a life of nice, Ed’ll start being a jerk for sport.. Ie: mocking Sheerio tears, parking in handicapped spots, making babies cry, maybe even urinating on your flowers.

Next thing you know, Ed is playing the evil wizard in Grublets On Ice….freaking out, announcing to the audience he’s a “human onion” and puking in his mask….

and if/when it does happen, you’ll remember this post and his puke will be on our hands, you AND me.

RiRi And Miss. P Call The Shots In This BBHMM Mashup.

Source: USAToday

Two ladies you never want to owe…seriously just buy you’re own damn drinks if you cant afford to buy theirs but do not owe them. I hate that feeling anyway. Rhi! Miss P! Next round is on me.


Ps – Remind me to do my Miss Piggy impersonation for you. It’s pretty good.

I’d Like MTV To Lower Me Into The Grave So They Can Let Me Down One Last Time.

mtv vma
Source: Twitter

The following is a completely normal cycle of feels after the announcement that Miley Cyrus is hosting the VMAs.

1. At first you may feel like this…because it makes everything feel so contrived. Last year’s scandal is this year’s host?! Of course it is.

are you fing kidding

2. and then you may feel like this…because this isn’t the first time MTV has let you down…and you keep holding out hope, that one day it will comeback to you and be that awesome network you remember, like a long lost love.


3. and then you may feel like you have to settle because you’re used to handling disappointment.




5. and either The VMAs will reach a new low OR maybe, just maybe, she will keep her tongue in her mouth long enough to say something that will actually make you kind of like her…


We will find out Aug 30th, 9PM. In the meantime, check out the nominees.








Harry Potter’s Eminem Karaoke Is Nothing Short Of Magical.

Source: Buzzfeed

Does our little wizard have some rap skillz or what?!

By the looks of this video, two of two things has to happen.

1. We’ve got to find a way to cast Eminem opposite Harry! Maybe as a Defense of Dark Arts teacher?? or maybe Magical Rap is a whole new class at Hogwarts?! JK Rowling is still bangin’ out stories! you know she could just write Em in.

2. Eminem/Harry “Hogwarts” Mixtape.

Awww yissssss.


Quick! Let’s Get Married So 2 Chainz Will Play Our Wedding!

Warning: Watching this video could result in marriage, getting Swedish House Mafia stuck in your head and/or purchasing a dream catcher.


Ps – Don’t you worrrryy Don’t you worrrryy chiiiiiiiiiild

Probably The Best Disco Lesson In The History Of Disco Lessons.

I don’t want this video to end…in fact if we could tattoo Youtube videos on ourselves, I think I’d go with this.

Foo Fighters Protest: Photos or ‘FOO-TOONS’??

foo toon 1

Source: Fact Magazine Illustration: Francis Desharnais

First of all I never thought I’d see the day when the Foo Fighters had to deal with bad press, yet here we are.

Quebec newspaper, Le Soleil decided not to send a photographer to cover the recent Foo Fighters show at The Bell Centre because the Foo photog policy is crap…or as they put it, “exploitative.” Taylor Swift was recently accused of the same thing.

Basically (if I’m understanding it right and bear with me because I’m really bad at contract-ese) the band will give you credit for the photos once. Only once that is IF they approve them. Then the band owns them and if you see one of your photos used later down the line you’ll have to convince your friends you actually took that shot and they’ll just look at you like, “riiiiiiiiight.”

So Le Soleil  said F that noise and sent a cartoonist instead! Avoiding the photo terms/conditions all together.

GENIUS.  I actually love the Foo Toons… not at the expense of photographer’s rights. I’m just saying I love the drawings…EDIT: is that better Matt/Adam?? Is it more clear that just because I think the cartoon idea was super clever and fun to see doesn’t mean I condone The Foo Photo Policy?? 

Now some would say if you don’t like the terms don’t do the show (EDIT: purely playing devil’s advocate Matt/Adam) and I get it but these days everyone is a “pro photog” thanks to Instagram. That’s a hard pill to swallow for the true professionals who actually know what the heck they are doing with a camera….I wonder if that plays into these lame terms or perhaps the Foo Fighters and other artists are really just hypocritical BASTARD PEOPLE in disguise!


To be continued…


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