“Our Friends Went There To See Rock N’ Roll And Died, I Want To Go Back There And Live.”

Source: Vice

For the first time, the members of Eagles Of Death Metal share their stories of the terrorist attack at The Bataclan in Paris on November 13th…the unfathomable accounts of those that survived, those that perished and the future of the band.

Snoop Shows Off A Huge Heart And A New Turkey Trot With A Hometown Holiday Hook Up.

Source: Hufffington Post

Watch out James Butts, Snoop Dogg may have “Mayor” on lock.

For the second year in a row, Snoop spread the love and the turkeys to Inglewood families in need of a little help this holiday…1500 turkeys to be exact. He reportedly took pictures with 800 people and I’m sure there is more than one of the local “beautiful senior ladies” with a big crush.

What a guy. Love it.

Meanwhile, he gifted the rest of us with the Gobble Gobble Get Down.

Awww yisssss.


AMA Highlights: The Good, The Awkward And The Naughty.

The Good:

Celine Dion’s emotional tribute to Paris…I always wonder how singers manage to get thru a performance like this without crying….I didn’t even make it to :30sec mark.

Runner Up? Leon Bridges performing with Macklemore. If you don’t know Leon check him out. I could not love him more. Def a stand out of 2015.

The Awkward:

Coldplay’s performance…I don’t know what is worse, choosing to have people dress up like gorillas and dance around or having to dress up like a gorilla and dance around :/

Runner Up? Gwen Stefani might need to calm down with the selfie expression wallpaper


The Naughty:

Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth gettin’ it on after their duet of Marvin Gaye!! Wow-wee-wow-wow. Can you imagine that? What a rush. Some news outlets have labeled this a “worst moment”?? Geez. Sounds like whoever dubbed this a worst might be bitter they aren’t getting kissed.

Click here for a full list of winners.

Adele Impersonates Adele, Consequently Freaks Out Other Adele Impersonators.

Source: Buzzfeed

You’d think that Adele only enjoys torturing feels in her spare time but you’d be wrong.

She showed off her mischievous side in a prank orchestrated by BBC host, Graham Norton, by throwing on a fake nose/chin and punking a group of Adele impersonators.

“Jenny” snarks on Adele, gets sick, and misses her cue but once she starts singing…the girls are twigged! my weak attempt at UK slang

Here’s the thing, if Adele isn’t making you cry from sadness, she’s making you cry from happiness.



This Might Be The Best ‘Lonely/Desperate’ Plea For A +1.

Source: Noisey

You know when you move somewhere new and you think it’s gonna be so easy to make friends and find a new love and then you get there and nary a friend or love in sight?

That’s how this guy feels…but unlike you, he has two tickets to see Taylor Swift hence his video plea for a +1.

Good luck Marius!! We hope a Swiftie takes the bait…an adult Swiftie that is.

Although someone should have told him to edit out the scene of him putting lotion on his back :/


Why Reenact The Civil War When You Can Reenact The Rolling Stones Tour Plane In 1972.

Source: Event Magazine

Thanks to the masterminds at Jose Cuervo, we can now experience what it was like to party on The Stones’ tour plane…in 1972. They have made a replica as a pop-up in JFK’s Terminal 4. Check out the video for a taste of what to expect. We just need to get there before Dec. 30th.


Think it might be a good idea to have retro barf bags too?? …you know, just in case.


Source: MTV

A Tribe Called Quest reunited on Fallon to celebrate the 25th anniversary reissue of their 1990 debut album People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm.

It’s like getting a text from that old flame who was super hot and smart and fun and they wanna kick it and you’re like, “YES YOU CAN!!!!”

Remember, if/when they do ask, don’t answer in all caps/exclamation points because then they will think you are too excited and it will be awkward.


Madonna Makes A Moving Speech About Paris, Freedom And Love At Stockholm Show.

Source: Billboard

You can always count on Madonna to stand up to fear and fight it with fun.

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