May We All Find A Love Like The One Between Chrissy Teigen And Her Dogs.

chrissy legend


Source: Buzzfeed

We all strive to find a love in life…a partner who will adore you unconditionally… and sure we’ve all heard about Chrissy Teigen’s husband and his semi-successful ode to her, “All Of Me”…but not until today did I really envy Chrissy…BECAUSE, THIS.

Puddy, Pippa and Penny don’t love her for the Sports Illustrated spreads or the double date Waffle House dinners…they love her for HER… and maybe a dog treat.

I know this is a couple months old but I can’t stop watching it.

“Wiggle” and Workout With Jason Derulo.

Source: Billboard

Bottle of water? Check. Phone to distract you? Check. Ready to activate your obliques? I know I am.

Let’s get FIT.

Ps – How he didn’t fart doing those one-legged lunges I’ll never know…maybe they edited them out :/

Dancing Will Get You A Lot Of Ladies. A Lot. A Lot. Your Whole Life Long.

Source: The Daily Mirror

On the chance you haven’t seen/heard the story about Sean O’Brien…

Sean is the guy who was skewered online for dancing in public by trolls who never dance or feel joy and only live by the light of their computer screens…Sean decimated their petty attempts to destroy his happiness with the help of the good witches of social media.  He got to appear on The Today Show and he got to shake it on stage with Meghan Trainor…then he was whisked off to a huge dance party in LA, where Pharrell, Moby and Andrew WK were waiting to party with him.

Lesson learned? Give zero f*cks and dance.

Did Kevin Bacon do the angry dance in Footloose for nothing??

Normally I Wouldn’t Care About Festival Fashion But That Was Until This.

tiger beat tshirt


Source: Jezebel

Seriously the longer you look at it, the better it gets.

Add a soundtrack of any of the Electric Daisy Carnival compilations for next level effect. 

“Please Baby Jesus Let Taylor Call And I’ll Behave Forever, Amen.” – Everyone In This Class.

teacher tay swift

Source: Imgur

I have questions…

1. How is this teacher going to know it’s really Taylor?

2. He should have been more specific because hypothetically speaking if she does call, don’t you kind of want a little chit chat? Not just a “hi, bye”?

3. Is Taylor the best option? How about a hour long conference call with Dave Grohl and Bill Murray??*

*I’m pretty sure I’ll obsess on this for a majority of the day.

It’s World Goth Day….Hot Topic Here We Come!!

We are going to channel Circe Nightshade and Azrael Abyss for World Goth Day 2015… a depraved day of despair!!

Cue up Bauhaus….and The Cure!

Play Love Song first, it’s my fav.

Later we can read Edgar Allen Poe aloud…and relish the ravenous ramblings of a madman!

I just have to be home by 5 because my parents are having a bbq




Three Things Mortal Men Cannot Do.


Source: Imgur

You’ve probably stared at the glory of this photo before.

To see a God like Robert Plant comfortably hold a dove that flew to him during a concert?? because doves only fly to Gods.

He even looks comfortable in very uncomfortable jeans?? Something only a God could do.

But today I noticed something new…His ability to make puffy short sleeves actually look hot.

Makes you wonder if Robert Plant starred in Ghostbusters…Totally different ending.


Speaking of Mr. Plant, listen for the Led Zeppelin Top 33 starting Monday, June 1st!



Jesus May Have More In Common With Rappers Than Bill O’Reilly.

Source: RollingStone

Killer Mike of Run The Jewels, sat in with Bill Maher to talk about Bill O’Reilly’s latest claim, Christianity is running out of believers because of Hip Hop music.

Mike should take O’Reilly under his wing and give him a taste of the lifestyle. Get him some ice to wear, a custom grill, maybe take him on a motorcycle ride with a hot honey?? Seriously O’Reilly would love it. It’s the typical “fear what you don’t know” mentality ….He just needs to experience it.*

Next thing you know O’Reilly will be begging to star in a Run The Jewels’ music video!

*Pardon the stereotypical lifestyle suggestions…like anything else, I’m sure the reality is probably much more mundane, but I think you should play it up a little bit. 


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