In Case You Ever Want To Go To SXSW, This Is How Much Fun You Can Have.

Slacker Radio and Virgin Mobile USA teamed up to conquer the chaos of SXSW 2016 and we rocked it like an Austin taco truck on rails.

Who’d we talk to? Everyone.

Over the course of three days we chatted up artists like Declan Mckenna, BJ The Chicago Kid, Pop ETC, Kevin Garrett, Barns Courtney, Yak, Hockey Dad, Grizfolk, Bronze Radio Return, The Deftones, Kat Dahlia, Bloc Party, ASTR, Killswitch Engage, Lucius, Har Mar Superstar…not to mention a pedicab driver who did a spot on Deniro impression and a Doubletree bartender named Sven.

and since there’s more music there than you can shake a drumstick at, get to know our SXSW Stations.

Seriously, we’ve got you stocked on new music for months.

SXSW R&B Hip Hop hosted by the one and only SXSW Czar, Raymond T.
SXSW Alternative/Indie hosted by Rowley and me.
SXSW 2016: The Breakouts hosted by Andrew and me.

Beyonce Asks “Where Is Your Park?” In New Athleisure Clothing Promo… Leaving Us To Wonder If A “Park-bench” Counts.

Beyonce has a new athleisure clothing line called Ivy Park. As unnecessary as another athleisure clothing line is, or the word “athleisure” for that matter, after watching that promo it’s impossible not to love the theme/want her athleisure clothes. Given they run from $30-$200 I’ll probably just wait til they start showing up in thrift stores but that’s not to say we can’t listen to Bey while we sweat it out in holey old yoga pants/beer shirts.

For the record, I do think “park bench” counts as your “park” because we are merely representing the better half of the word “athLEISURE.” So there.

One Small Bar In Ireland Shows The World How To Put The Fun In A Funeral With The Help Of The Killers.

Most people get a depressing room of stiffs and shat music…Not this guy! Although this entire bar is mourning the death of their friend Ger “Farmer” Foley, Farmer’s buddy Brian O’Sullivan jumped on the counter and got everyone to sing their hearts out in his honor. Clearly the band was pretty flattered.

and know if your friends give you a tribute like this after you die? You lived a good life and you will undoubtedly find a perfect pub in the afterlife.

Now let’s toast to Farmer, Brian and all of the locals at Falvey’s Bar in Killorglin!

You Think Your Friday Night Was Crazy? Check Out Where Big Grams Ended Up Thanks To Adult Swim.

Source: Uproxx

I don’t know where you party but odds are you don’t have to worry about land piranhas, lecherous leprechauns and/or pretty girls who turn into demons…okay so maybe you do have to deal with demonic pretty girls but you know what I’m saying.

Adult Swim put their signature trippy stamp on this 9min video combo of Big Grams’ (Big Boi, Sara/Josh of Phantogram) Born To Shine and Run For Your Life with Killer Mike/Run The Jewels.

Check out their album here…and truth be told, it’s hard not to be seduced by Sara’s voice so if you fall for a girl/demon with a voice like hers, I get it.


Snoop Narrates A Squirrel Vs. Snake Street Fight Because Dreams Really Do Come True.

Source: Uproxx

1. My only critique? Get rid of the laugh track. Listen to Snoop on 90s Hip Hop instead.

2. Don’t ever start a street fight with a squirrel. Just don’t.

Bieber Takes A Selfie With….Wait, Is That Nic Cage?

Night out in la with the boys

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Source: Uproxx

No not Nic Cage…more like the Nic Cage of Shock Rock, Marilyn Manson. He’s been hot on Biebs tail for awhile so you can imagine how stoked Marilyn was in this moment.

Will we get more of this polar duo?? I dunno but now that I think about it, I’d definitely pay $8 to see this buddy cop movie!

Would you rather music collab or buddy cop movie?


Ellen Audience Member Feels DJ Khaled’s Positivity Like A Velour Track Suit And You Will Too.

Source: Uproxx

We’ve been listening to “They” way too long…when we should be listening to this guy. What DJ Khaled lacks in pronunciation he makes up for in great vibes so watch the video and let’s bask in his endearing glow.

Ps – Impossible to watch and not become the lady on the left.


Lady Gaga Graciously Gives Up The Spotlight So An Adorable Old Guy Can Tell Speedo Jokes.

Source: Uproxx

Lady Gaga could have easily taken a day off considering how hectic her 2016 has been so far but NO, she was like “Of course I’ll freeze my ass off and jump into Lake Michigan AGAIN for charity! Why wouldn’t I??”

And that is what makes her pretty great. She joined Chicago Polar Plunge diehards (along with her delicious hubby-to-be) for the second year in a row to benefit The Special Olympics and considering the crowd/cameras, she was probably thrilled to let Al Roker (The Today Show) take the reigns. Al yukked it up about his less than skimpy swimwear and shared the punchline to the ol’ potato joke!

I’m not sure they knew the joke but now you do and personally Al, I love ya but I don’t want to imagine you with a potato in your pants…front or back :/


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