Aziz Ansari Films Video For Kanye West, Proves Money/Fame Can’t Buy Coordination.

Source: Time

This might be the one music video that you can watch and whole-heartedly say, “I dance better than that” and while Aziz’s’s’s Master of None co-host Eric Wareheim is great with his endearing first grade tap dance choreography, doesn’t this kinda make you miss Tom and Jean-Ralphio?

MTV Movie Awards Cheat Sheet.

In an attempt to be hip/relatable, your boss asks, “So what’d you think of The MTV Movie Awards?”

Here’s what you go with.

Halsey…you don’t have to have a big dance routine if you’re willing to squat in an outfit like that. “Castle” is featured in the new The Huntsman: Winter’s War movie.

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Ps – Do you get a Gozer The Gozerian vibe too?

halsey gozer

Ariana Grande borrowed a dress from Madonna who borrowed it from Marilyn Monroe and sang Dangerous Woman.

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Lonely Island did a Will Smith medley that will make you consider a Fresh Prince binge.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart did a rap duet to raise awareness about Ursasexuality because not all bears want to kill you.

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First ‘The Most Interesting Man’ Campaign Ends And Now THIS.

Katie Toupin is leaving Houndmouth?!

I think I speak for all Houndmouth fans, when I say


What happened?! Where is she going? What will they do? Who could possibly replace that perfectly syrupy-sweet sound?

They are definitely being polite about the matter but you can feel the hurt behind the words which makes me think there might be more to the story.

Read the band’s statement here:


What a drag. At least we’ll always have Little Neon Limelight

Share your thoughts/theories because I’m right there with you.


Nic Cage And Vince Neil Remake Fight Club With Sloppy Hugs And Face Whispers.

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Vince Neil has never been big on chivalry as you probably learned listening to the Biggest Jerks In Music History so to the sad surprise of no one, he pulled a fan to the ground by her hair after she asked for a photo…or shall we say “former” fan given the circumstance?

Who is going to talk Vince down from his wee stoop of rage? Why none other than Nic Cage!

Read all of the messy details here although if you too were hoping for a homoerotic sloppy hug fight dance club, the details might ruin it.


Fan Sets New Bar For Amateur Onstage Showmanship With Stunt That Could Have Gone Terribly Wrong.

Source: MTV

Nicki brought this guy up and not only did he crush “Bottom’s Up” AND engage the crowd, he had an ace in the hole…A SPLITS FINALE. That makes me wince and hold my crotch just thinking about it, yet he was all pro.

Only problem? Now we’re gonna have to come up with some kind of stunt on the chance we get our shot. Speaking of, if you ever hear a story about Nicki bringing up some redhead fan onstage who passes out like the guy in this gif…You’ll know who it is :/

Stunt indeed.



Source: Uproxx

How much did you watch before you decided you have to see this J-Pop/Death Metal girl band LIVE?!

I made it to 1:30 and no I didn’t understand a word either! All I know is Little Mix can’t touch this vibe…BABYMETAL is art for the eyes!

Seriously I don’t think I have been this spellbound since this Nissin noodle commercial.

So get to know their new album Metal Resistance and check their tour dates for a show near you.

Thor Reads “Work”, Ruins Any Chance Of A Rihanna Collab.

Source: AV Club

Here’s proof that even superheroes have strengths and weaknesses.

Chris Hemsworth did a dramatic reading of Rihanna’s “Work” and you know what is work? listening to the whole thing :/

In his defense, the lyrics don’t give you much to work with…so just stick with the ones you made up.

work lyrics

Maybe he should stick with MC Hammer? HeyO :/

Now let’s cleanse your audio palate of Hemsworth and my terrible puns with Party Hits.

Impossible To Watch Gwen Stefani/Peter Dinklage Duet On SNL And Not Covet SPACE PANTS.

Source: Rollingstone

Gwen returned to SNL after 10 years to perform two songs from her new album, This Is What The Truth Looks Like but it was her duet with Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister that reclaimed her STAR status. Get it “star”? Space? “Space Pants”?? Forget it :/

More importantly, on the universal scale of 1 to Ghost Pepper, how badly do you want a pair of SPACE PANTS?

“Do you see my pants? No wait you missed them! My pants are a tour of the solar system!”


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