Kings Of Leon Become Head-Shaped Cereal For New “Walls” Album Cover. #NomNomNom

Source: NME

The Followill fam is back! Caleb and the boys are trying to behave this time around, no really they are so maybe that’s why they got a little weird with their latest album cover for Walls due to hit on October 14th.

Doesn’t it kinda look like their heads are cereal in milk?? and if KoL head-shaped cereal were real, would you eat it?

I’d probably try it once so I could say I did… so long as the hair wasn’t real and it tasted like Cookie Crisp.


This 80s Singer Is Still Dancing And She’s Got More Moves Than A U-Haul.

Source: Buzzfeed

Not sure if this will inspire you or make you feel like a complete waste of skin. You remember Toni Basil right?? 80s hit song, “Oh Mickey”?? Turns out, at 72, Toni is still crushing it.

She took a dance workshop in France and while most would be paralyzed with fear shy away from dancing in front of the class, Toni gladly accepted her teacher’s challenge to bring it on. And by the looks of the video above, it was brought. Read more here.

“I’ve always been a dancer, and I will always be a dancer,” Basil told BuzzFeed. “Dance has been my lover, my doctor. I know I have my health because of this.”

…brb gonna go listen to 80s Hits and work on my pirouettes.


Young Thug Saves The Wrong Model During A Fashion Show.

Source: MTV

Young Thug noticed a fashion emergency at the 9:26 mark that needed immediate attention. Don’t worry, he’s a mentor for VFILES Runway, he’s practically an EMT or EFT as it were.

What I can’t understand is how do you choose save one and not another??

I feel like he saved the guy with a paper-cut when this poor guy is having a heart attack.

Young Thug Saved The Wrong Model During A Fashion Show.

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Your Barbie Dolls Are So Gonna Ditch Ken When These Four Hip Hop Action Figures Move Into The Mansion.


Source: Uproxx

You may have heard about Public Enemy action figures becoming a real thing earlier this summer, but now you can pre-order the set just in time for the holidays! Only gonna cost you $59.00 which is a fair price to have Chuck D, Flava Flav, Terminator X and Professor Griff live on your shelf.

Click here to reserve one or 10.

Make sure you give this station to Barbie. You know she’ll be countin’ the days til they Bring The Noise.


Now You Can Stare At All The Beautiful People Who Went To Beyonce’s Soul Train Party Without It Getting Awkward.

Aren’t you kinda glad you didn’t go? Because you know someone would have said, “Who is the lurker in the back who keeps staring at everyone??” and this way we can stare in peace…

Highlights: Everyone over a 9.9 in the video below. Kidding, they’re all over a 9.9.

Source: Uproxx

Chance The Rapper’s t-shirt and yes you’re allowed to fantasize about this hook up. It’s just a fantasy. Amirite?

and the Queen herself…although I was kinda hoping she would have pulled out a Foxxy Cleopatra original.

She did Don Cornelius right. Check out more pics here.

Peace, Love and Soul Train bb.



Drake Found Out Things Can Even Go Sideways At The Cheesecake Factory…With TYRA BANKS.

Source: EW

Drake’s 12min video for “Child’s Play” is a cautionary tale…because when a girl/guy says “I’m not even trippin’…like my voice is really normal right now” at The Cheesecake Factory?? Things are not going to go well…and may you never work for someone like The Texas Hammer.



Caption This Photo Of Bill Clinton And Beyonce Because There Are So Many Different Ways You Could Go.

bill and bey

Source: London Ent/Splash News via

So? what do you think was going on here? and of course we could be crude but let’s be smarter than that because it’s more interesting.

Was it one of those situations where you’re uncomfortable because you don’t get the joke but laugh anyway?

or when you’re polite but the conversation has gone long and you really want to be with your friends?

She does seem to look guarded body language-wise but maybe he surprised her with some authenticity and that is a genuine laugh…

We’ll never know for sure so think of something good while listening to Beyonce: The Count UP. Celebrate your Queen and her birthday. If you heard Music News, I’m serious, who do I need to talk to to plan a Sapphire Jubilee?? The masks would be way less creepy than Queen Elizabeth II.


Source: Retox Magazine/Lynn Viali

Think about it. Love to hear any/all thoughts.



Stranger Things’ “Eleven” Can Rap As Well As She Eats Waffles.

Source: CoS

Proving she’s a well-rounded baller, actress Millie Bobby Brown rapped Nicki Minaj’s “Monster” and slayed without having to deal with a bloody nose.

Counting the days for season 2…

In the meantime, check out Parker’s Slacker 20: Stranger Things and keep your eye out for any Hawkins Power And Light vans.

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