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I have an overactive imagination, a knack for awkwardness and I really think Kristen Wiig might be using me as the inspiration for some of her movie characters. Ps - I love music so much I would marry it.

Rihanna’s Lingerie Fashion Show Brought Every Shade Of Savage.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Sure you could have skinny models who parade around with fake wings or maaaaybe you should have skinny, thicc, pregnant and every size in between, bending, crawling, dancing together on the runway.

Needless to say, Rihanna brought it for New York Fashion Week. Maintaining her brand of inclusivity with every shade of Savage. So let’s go shopping.

Your move Victoria Secret.

Grab The Popcorn! Turn Off The Lights! Chance The Rapper Is In A New Indie Horror (And He Better Not Die).

Source: Consequence of Sound

You’ll have to pardon the lack of in-depth info on this film. I love horror movies. It’s my romcom, so I am not digging/risking any spoilers for a blog post. What I can tell you is that “Slice” stars a cast that will make you wish you were an extra.
You get Chance, Zazie Beetz “Domino” from Deadpool 2 <3 , Steve Harrington from Stranger Things!!, Hannibal Buress and a long list of familiar faces. According to CoS, The movie is “set in a world where ghosts, werewolves, and witches are just a part of reality, the film centers on the mysterious deaths of food delivery workers in the small town of Kingfisher. As a local reporter (Gray) looks into the killing spree, two food drivers (Chance and Beetz) team up to stop the madness themselves. Making matters more terrifying for the duo, however, is that one of them happens to suffer from lycanthropy and the other works at a pizza shop built on a gateway to hell.”

So grab the popcorn, turn out the lights and watch it on Itunes or Google Play and then check out the ‘Slice’ Q & A.

OSU’s Marching Band Not Only Nailed The Music, They Made Freddie And Perfected The Font Too.

Source: Rollingstone

How does one become a “Drill Designer”? “Is there a class?” “Is this CGI?”

These are a few reasonable questions that may cross your mind while watching Ohio State’s Sept. 1st, Queen-themed halftime show against Oregon State.

Watch as they seamlessly go from “We Will Rock You” to “Fat Bottomed Girls” to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” to “Bicycle Race” and cap it off with “Bohemian Rhapsody”, all while forming the shape of Freddie Mercury…MY GOD THEY PERFECTED THE FONT.

*but have you considered the fact that polyester band uniforms are never comfortable, instruments are cumbersome…and chaffing is real??*

Wow OSU. Well done.

Go grab some Gold Bond and celebrate yourselves. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Brain May thought it was pretty sweet too.

See how many familiar faces you can spot in Childish Gambino’s animated musical neighborhood! Then let’s get into the message behind his latest music video masterpiece.

Donald Glover has created another Childish Gambino video masterpiece.

When he released, “Feels Like Summer” in July, I cringed when people mistook it for a good time summer song. Think of it like Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy Mercy Me”…a perfectly chill poolside melody, but there’s a lyrical heaviness. The video mirrors that intention.

At first watch, the animation is hand-drawn, reminiscent of Fat Albert <3...ooh and its a game of recognizing all of your favs! "there's Lil Pump and 21 Savage! MIGOS! Drake and Pusha T....Solange! Sza and Janelle Monae! Beyonce! Travis Scott and Nicki Minaj!" Here’s a complete list of all the cameos.

Then you realize…Travis is knocking down Nicki’s castle aka #1 album. Bey is wearing a Fredo Santana shirt. Azalea Banks is alone in a tree…and Michelle Obama consoles Kanye while he cries in his MAGA hat.

So be aware of the depth, have fun with the game and take a moment to “slow down.”

It’s A Beastie Boys’ Field Trip To “The House That Yauch Built”

Did your eyes light up? ME TOO.

Thanks to a new interactive tribute to beloved Beastie, Adam Yauch/MCA, you can tour his recording studio/film production company, Oscilloscope Studios.

You get to explore each room! The emails, the swag, the screening room, the edit room, you name it. You can also check out unreleased interviews/archival footage and commentary from different “tour guides” including Spike Jonze and Seth Rogen. Click here to start from the beginning

This is Adam’s office <3

Ps – if you need a refresher on The Beasties’ brilliance, Click here to get wise and check out this vid I found on Pitchfork .

Healing The Divide in America, One Rap Battle At A Time.

Source: Vulture

Sacha Baron Cohen’s new Showtime series, “Who Is America?” is hard to watch. Even for some of us who love him and aren’t remotely surprised by the political stunts he’s managed to pull off. When you’re inundated with depressing news, not many of us want to go out of our way to watch a show that leaves us feeling more depressed.

(it’s also hard to watch when you don’t have Showtime so maybe I’ve convinced myself not to watch it because I can’t afford to pay for another network)

This segment however, looks like it might be worth a Showtime trial offer and the call to cancel said trial offer.

Sacha, disguised as Dr. Nira Cain-N’Degeocello, shows up for an Atlanta rap battle with local legend, Ness Lee. Vulture had the most interesting conversation with Ness about the episode. Click here to read the interview.

So what was the takeaway from the lens of Ness?

I think it does help bridge the gap with ethnicity and race and culture and religion in the world. If I had to explain battle rap in a few sentences, I’d call it the biggest frat in the world. It’s a huge melting pot. It’s people of every culture and upbringing you can imagine. I’ve battled in London, Sweden, Australia, Africa, Canada. We all know each other, we all talk, and we’re all cool with each other. No matter what we’re going through or what biases we may have or what prejudices we may have, we come together at the end of the day and love each other. We’re an actual family. My homeboy that was behind me in the segment, the short white guy, Sonny Bamboo, he’s one of Atlanta’s greatest battle rappers and lyricists of all time. We met through battle rap and he’s now one of my best friends. I wouldn’t understand certain things about white people if it wasn’t for him. We’re a culture of people who say things about each other and tear each other down on camera, but the biggest part of what people don’t see is the camaraderie and sense of community behind the scenes. My segment showed a part of that.

So what if we make a rule…if you want to argue about politics, maybe you should have to comply with the laws of battle rap?

Maybe…We Could Get The 1990 USA World Cup Soccer Team To Perform Their Shirtless Beach Rap In 2022.

Sure Fresh Prince in 2018 was good but it’s time to focus on 2022. What if….we could get these guys to reunite on stage to perform “Victory” in Qatar??



Source: Stereogum

Stereogum would have you believe that Mike Judge deserves the credit for bringing back 90s cartoon icons, Beavis and Butthead, for a perfect live show intro.

OR MAYBE… just maybe, it was a transcendental glory hole of sorts….Generated by the raw siphoning power of Portugal The Man’s “Feel It Still” video. Watch it and decide.


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