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Chicago Has A New Investigative Reporter And Unlike Ron Burgundy, “Champ Bennet” Is More Than Just A Pretty Face.

Source: Uproxx

Chance The Rapper has resurrected the city news site, Chicagoist with plans to return the site to it’s former journalistic glory, “covering the news and culture of the Windy City” according to Uproxx.

In this exclusive, “Champ Bennet” explains the role of “Aldermen” with the help of  Hannibal Buress, who plays shady AF Aldermen, “Al Dermen”…who miiiiiight be inspired by Chicago’s own Ed Burke.

“WHO HERE KNOWS WHO TOOK MY CLOTHES?” Tom Delonge Wrote A Children’s Book (Using The Working Title Of Your Autobiography)

Source: Alt Press

Boy if you had a nickel right?

You don’t have to be a kid to appreciate the new children’s book by former Blink 182er, Tom Delonge. In fact it might make a great holiday gift for your mom, your dad and your old neighbor!

Per Tom’s To The Stars website, Who Here Knows Who Took My Clothes? Is “a hilarious and irreverent story that will have all ages giggling. Tom DeLonge teams up with artist Ryan Jones in a hilarious adventure to find out who is quite rude and left our dude in the nude!”

While $55.00 maybe a little steep, you do get a lot with the package:

• Autographed First Edition Hardcover of Who Here Knows Who Took My Clothes? Includes signed bookplate by author Tom DeLonge
• Limited Edition 7″ flexi vinyl record of audiobook narrated by Tom DeLonge
• 4″ Nude Dude flexible Christmas ornament
• First Edition Certificate of Authenticity
• Packaged in a custom Who Here Knows full-color printed bag

If you get your order in early the first 200 orders come with a free pair of Instant Underpants! **and you know those won’t go to waste.

The release date is Nov. 30th, 2018. Click here and get your copy before it’s too late.

Can You Remember A TV Episode You Wanted To Be In This Badly? *Besides The “Viva Laughlin” Pilot Starring Hugh Jackman

Black-ish celebrated their 100th episode by channeling Prince and the plot was incredibly inspired by a real human who wasn’t privy to His Purple Excellency. Executive Producer/showrunner, Kenny Smith, explained to Vulture:

Over the summer, when we got together the first week [of the new season], Kenya [Barris] came in and told us this story about how he was at dinner with some friends and there was a guy in his twenties and they started playing Prince on the restaurant system. He was like, “Who is this?” Kenya was flabbergasted. “What do you mean, who is this? This is Prince.”

…crazy to think the cast got paid for what most of us do alone in front of our mirror. Granted their costumes are better but still.

Oh…and in case you’re not privy, Viva Jackman.


Source: Consequence Of Sound

Sure the reptile guy was always a solid school assembly but imagine what it was like to head to the gymnasium at 930am and see RHCP?!


Not only did their Great Pumpkin headlining show rock the Viewpoint student body, their performance may have squashed a nasty beef with multi-talented 80s heart throb, Mr. Scott Baio. You read that right.

Let me break it down for you. RHCP drummer, Chad Smith and Baio, both send their kids to Viewpoint…and when Donald Trump was bragging about grabbing “p*ssy” , as noted in “When You’re A Star, You Can Do Anything” celebrity handbook, Chad’s wife, Nancy, confronted Baio for being a Trump supporter. Sadly, the situation escalated, Baio filed assault charges which were ultimately dismissed but that probably didn’t make school any less awkward for the parents or the kids.

Fast Forward to The Great Pumpkin Show and the curiosity was killing me. Could they, would they hug it out?

So no, maybe they’re wasn’t an onstage collab of Higher Ground but Baio did give a standing (Bai)O. Probably started as a slow clap in true 80s form. As for whether Baio’s tweet was genuine or hyperbole, I don’t know. Maybe for once, it was a well-intended start of accountability/honesty? Owning mistakes on both sides, apologizing and moving forward.

More importantly, these kids had the sweetest assembly in the history of school assemblies. Even the reptile guy would agree to that.

Nine Inch Nails Doesn’t Need The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, They Have Dance Party USA.

Source: Stereogum

What could be less rock and roll than the fuckin’ Hall Of Fame> – Trent Reznor

Didn’t Trent always seem incredibly intimidating? I’m not sure if he is or maybe he was but he sounds like a GOD DAMN DELIGHT, in this new q&a with Stereogum.

Covering a myriad of topics from scoring shows like Mid90s and Watchmen and Woman In The Window to their latest album, Bad Witch, the decision to do an intimate tour, the f*cks given regarding the RnR Hall Of Fame or lack there of and so much more.

As for the brilliance that is their Dance Party USA appearance?

“[Laughs] Yeah, very well. You have to remember, we were at zero. We were from Cleveland and we were on big powerful TVT Records right? I think “Down In It” had come out, we’re in New York, and we’re friends with our publicist and she’s like, “Hey, are there any TV shows that you guys wanna do?” And I remember we had watched that show ’cause it was so fuckin’ stupid, right? And I said “Yeah, fuckin’ Dance Party USA, get us on that one.” As a joke, kind of. And then she says the next day, or shortly thereafter, “Hey, I got you on Dance Party USA, it films over in New Jersey, you wanna do it?” “Fuck yeah, let’s do it!” Not thinking that 30 years later … But when we got there, we didn’t take it seriously, it was so absurd and people looked ridiculous. Even at the time, they looked ridiculous. We looked ridiculous. But I remember trying not to laugh while we were doing it. We were just trying to make it another month in our career.”

Watch People Lose It When They Find Out Their Lyft Driver “John” Is Actually Chance The Rapper.

Source: CoS

One Chance In A Million
Jump At The Chance
Take A Chance

*Insert better Chance pun*

Chance The Rapper went undercover as a Lyft Driver with an adorable cast of random passengers to introduce his New Chance Fund. According to Consequence of Sound,

Chi-town passengers using the Lyft app have the option to round up their fare to the nearest dollar, donating to his New Chance Fund, which provides assistance to area public schools. In a statement about the video, Chance noted, “Together, Lyft and I have been giving back with Round Up & Donate for SocialWorks’ New Chance Fund. Now, we’re having some fun in my hometown, Chicago, as I go undercover as a Lyft driver. I hope this video encourages even more folks to give back just by taking a Lyft.”

and all he had to do for the big reveal was put on his 3 hat <3


Forget Khabib Vs. Conor, Chris Martin Vs. Will Ferrell Was The Real Fight.

Source: Consequence Of Sound

Will Ferrell played host for “The Best Night Of Your Life”, a 25th anniversary Cancer For College benefit show at The Greek Theatre with a music and comedy lineup that included Jerry Seinfeld, Samantha Bee, members of Pearl Jam, The Chili Peppers, Guns and Roses, Dave Matthews band and more.

Ferrell also played the cowbell, an ode to the classic SNL sketch, for an unsuspecting cowbell hater, Chris Martin…kidding cowbell lovers, I’m sure Chris has nothing against the cowbell.

Click here for more highlights…as for the most impressive performance?

Will Ferrell twerking. Clearly he hasn’t stopped practicing since Get Hard.

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#willferrell #twerking as #trump disguised as #georgrbush is one of the funniest things I’ve seen ever!!!

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If/When You Survive A Nuclear Holocaust, First Thing You Want To Do Is Find Jack Black And Kyle Gass.

Source: Rollingstone

Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the Tenacious D duo that happens to excel at rocking and hilarity, released the first episode of their new youtube series, ‘Post-Apocalypto’, and just like any fan would expect, a little nuclear holocaust isn’t gonna kill their vibe. Besides, it did get them out of paying rent. Jack and Kyle do all the voices and contrary to popular belief, Pixar didn’t do the animation. Nope, it is hand-drawn by Jack himself.

You’ll get an episode each week for 6 weeks and the last episode will coincide with the release of their 4th album on November 2nd.



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