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It’s A Beastie Boys’ Field Trip To “The House That Yauch Built”

Did your eyes light up? ME TOO.

Thanks to a new interactive tribute to beloved Beastie, Adam Yauch/MCA, you can tour his recording studio/film production company, Oscilloscope Studios.

You get to explore each room! The emails, the swag, the screening room, the edit room, you name it. You can also check out unreleased interviews/archival footage and commentary from different “tour guides” including Spike Jonze and Seth Rogen. Click here to start from the beginning

This is Adam’s office <3

Ps – if you need a refresher on The Beasties’ brilliance, Click here to get wise and check out this vid I found on Pitchfork .

Healing The Divide in America, One Rap Battle At A Time.

Source: Vulture

Sacha Baron Cohen’s new Showtime series, “Who Is America?” is hard to watch. Even for some of us who love him and aren’t remotely surprised by the political stunts he’s managed to pull off. When you’re inundated with depressing news, not many of us want to go out of our way to watch a show that leaves us feeling more depressed.

(it’s also hard to watch when you don’t have Showtime so maybe I’ve convinced myself not to watch it because I can’t afford to pay for another network)

This segment however, looks like it might be worth a Showtime trial offer and the call to cancel said trial offer.

Sacha, disguised as Dr. Nira Cain-N’Degeocello, shows up for an Atlanta rap battle with local legend, Ness Lee. Vulture had the most interesting conversation with Ness about the episode. Click here to read the interview.

So what was the takeaway from the lens of Ness?

I think it does help bridge the gap with ethnicity and race and culture and religion in the world. If I had to explain battle rap in a few sentences, I’d call it the biggest frat in the world. It’s a huge melting pot. It’s people of every culture and upbringing you can imagine. I’ve battled in London, Sweden, Australia, Africa, Canada. We all know each other, we all talk, and we’re all cool with each other. No matter what we’re going through or what biases we may have or what prejudices we may have, we come together at the end of the day and love each other. We’re an actual family. My homeboy that was behind me in the segment, the short white guy, Sonny Bamboo, he’s one of Atlanta’s greatest battle rappers and lyricists of all time. We met through battle rap and he’s now one of my best friends. I wouldn’t understand certain things about white people if it wasn’t for him. We’re a culture of people who say things about each other and tear each other down on camera, but the biggest part of what people don’t see is the camaraderie and sense of community behind the scenes. My segment showed a part of that.

So what if we make a rule…if you want to argue about politics, maybe you should have to comply with the laws of battle rap?

Maybe…We Could Get The 1990 USA World Cup Soccer Team To Perform Their Shirtless Beach Rap In 2022.

Sure Fresh Prince in 2018 was good but it’s time to focus on 2022. What if….we could get these guys to reunite on stage to perform “Victory” in Qatar??



Source: Stereogum

Stereogum would have you believe that Mike Judge deserves the credit for bringing back 90s cartoon icons, Beavis and Butthead, for a perfect live show intro.

OR MAYBE… just maybe, it was a transcendental glory hole of sorts….Generated by the raw siphoning power of Portugal The Man’s “Feel It Still” video. Watch it and decide.


Paul McCartney, #CarpoolKaraoke And A Lot Of Feels.

Late Late Show Host James Corden picks up the beloved Beatle to cruise around Paul’s old haunts in Liverpool. You’ll get the backstories on some of your favorite songs while they hit up Penny Lane, the hair salon where Paul and John Lennon used to hang out and Paul’s childhood home. Click here to find out more about Paul’s upcoming studio album, Egypt Station.

Ps – Owning Paul McCartney’s childhood home must be a blessing and a curse…bc you never know when he’s gonna knock at the door….and that house better be tight.



Degrassi Class of ’07 11yr Reunion Recap: Jimmy Brooks Trades In His Wheelchair For A Ferrari And He Finally Gets Even With Rick.

What a difference 11 years makes….

Rick finally gets his.

Jay and Silent Bob get theirs (In the form of $ from the principal)

And the Degrassi cast gets the best reunion ever…in slo-mo! All thanks to Drake’s latest video for “I’m Upset.”

Check out behind the scenes pics and commentary here.

And look out for his new album Scorpion on June 29th.

The Gorillaz Tap Jack Black To Play A Good Times Beach Busker In #Humility Video…Will Jack Return The Favor with A Gorillaz Cameo In “Pick Of Destiny 2”??

Source: The AV Club

Don’t you remember in The Pick Of Destiny when Jables leaves the oppressive clutches of a religious home (Meatloaf is his movie dad FTW), heads to Venice Beach and serendipitously meets beach busker, Kyle Gass?

Now Jack gets to play the Venice Beach music maestro, albeit slightly more agile/chill than the scene where he first meets KG.

Meanwhile beloved Gorillaz virtual band members, 2-D, Murdoch and Russell soak up VB vibes….complete with rollerskates, muscles and hijinks <3 Sooo with The Gorillaz new album The Now Now on June 29th and The Pick Of Destiny sequel release later this year, wouldn’t a Gorillaz cameo make purrrfect sense? *If it does happen, let’s remember this moment 🙂


Atlas Genius Went “Undercover” On The AV Club To Give You A Brooding Blowfish.

Source: AV Club

Remember in 1997 when you said you’d rather pour broken glass in your ears than hear “Only Want To Be With You” by Hootie and The Blowfish again?

Well 21yrs later, Atlas Genius comes around with a cover that makes it tolerable! I think. Maybe. Cautiously optimistic.


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