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Which Slacker Artist Is The Most Popular Choice For MLB Walk-Up Music?

Was there ever any question?


Billboard investigated which artists and songs are the most popular with Major League players, and found that Drake’s songs were used 17 times this year – and that’s only his solo work! If you include songs he’s featured on, the number jumps to 30.

Also popular with the MLB crew – AC/DC, Jason Aldean, Jay Z, and Big Sean. I’m actually kind of surprised more players aren’t taking the field to Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback“… but maybe that’s why I don’t play sports.

But Drake does – he even hosted a celebrity game in Houston back in May.

It’s #CoverWednesday!

Every week I like to bring you some amazing covers of or by your favourite Slacker artists! There are SO MANY great covers this week, so let’s get started.

First, Kelly Clarkson (who always finds a way to work cool covers into her live shows) took on Tori Kelly’s “Nobody Love” in Hershey, PA this week.

Taylor Swift flew her bestie (or one of them, anyway) all the way out from New Zealand so that they could sing “Royals” together – find out more about that here.

And finally, nu metal act Korn remixed Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” – and it’s surprisingly relaxing to listen to.

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Actually, why do we even put that thing away? Just leave it up, since there isn’t a week that goes by before we need it again.


So this time around, Taylor’s 1989 album has set a record as the fastest selling album in over a decade, with more than 5 million copies sold in just 36 weeks. But Taylor haters can rest easy – she didn’t manage to beat out Usher, whose Confessions disc hit 5 million in it’s 19th week. And he looks pretty smug about that, doesn’t he?

usher smug

Summer Smackdown

I live in Atlanta, where it’s a million degrees every day and around here it’s felt like summer for at least 2 full months. Which is why I was a little surprised to learn that the first day of summer was yesterday, June 21st. So it seems like the best possible time to line up our contenders for the Song of The Summer.

First up, The Weeknd has a strong entry with his MJ inspired dance track Can’t Feel My Face

Summer’s always a great time for reggae tracks, and this one from OMI will get stuck in your head for the next 3 months, minimum.

What’s that? You want more dance music? How about this party track from DJ Snake featuring Alunageorge? You Know You Like It.

Now that Kendrick Lamar has remixed one of my current favs, Jidenna’s Classic Man has GOT to be a contender.

Of course there’s always that track that was leaked – and then quickly unleaked – by Miley Cyrus. And Rihanna could drop a banger any second that could blow the rest of these out of the water. So tell me – which of these is going to go down in history as the Song of The Summer 2015? Let me know on Twitter! Follow ParkerOnSlacker.

Heartless Miley Cyrus Crushes Her Biggest Fan’s Dreams

Miley Cyrus might have offended her number one fan!

45 year old Carl McCoid from the UK has maybe taken his Miley obsession to unhealthy lengths. To date, he has 29 tattoos of either her face, her lyrics, or some other miley reference scattered over his entire body. And you think she would be flattered, right? I mean, look at this quality work:


But instead of being appropriately grateful that she had such a loyal supporter, Miley supposedly called the tatts “creepy”, and now Carl wants to have them removed. I assume in one long laser session, sobbing the entire time. Way to be a dream killer, Miley.


See more of these amazing works of art here.

Speaking of Miley, she’s definitely got new music on the way! You’ll hear it first on Today’s Hits!

Is Iggy Azalea Pregnant? (And Is It Any Of Our Business If She Is?)

Gossip sites and tabloids are going crazy with the rumour that Iggy Azalea might be pregnant. The evidence?

EXHIBIT A: She cancelled her (already struggling) tour.

EXHIBIT B: She got engaged.

So is it possible that these two clues together mean that Ig is expecting? Sure. Is it any of our business? Proooooooobably not. Many expectant mothers are advised to wait until the second trimester to announce their news – even if she DOES have a bun in the oven, it might be too early to make it public knowledge. So let’s at least give her time to plan her wedding before we throw a giant internet baby shower.

One thing’s for sure, though – if she IS preggers, the perfect video for this occasion already exists.

Ariana Stands Up For Herself – And All Women!

Guys, Ariana Grande is my new hero today by saying what many women have been thinking all along – it’s idiotic to define them by the men they’re dating. I don’t think anyone can deny that Ariana is a force in her own right, with her own career and aspirations and voice. So who CARES who she’s dating… or has dated… or is about to date? That should be a non-story. Ariana then went on to address a few more problems in her extended tweet:


Ariana notes that she comes from a “long line of female activists” – and it looks like she’s continuing in that tradition. How do you feel about Ari speaking her mind?

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