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Has T-Pain Been Hiding A Secret This Whole Time?

Has T-Pain been hiding a secret the entire time we’ve known him? The secret… that he can totally sing without autotune? The answer is apparently YES. He came out as an actual singer at Monday night’s LA Dodgers game where he sang the National Anthem.


Imagine being in your seat, ready to watch the game, and being informed that The Star Spangled Banner would be sung by T-Pain. Wouldn’t you have been like “oh no!” just a little?

And then you get hit with this.

OK, so this isn’t actually the first time we’ve heard T-Pain show off his natural voice. He also did an impressive tiny desk concert for NPR last fall. But this is certainly the first time he’s really grabbed our attention. Looks like all that autotune was just a stylistic choice?

While we’re on the subject of the Star Spangled Banner, just think about this:

T-Pain is hard at work on a new album, Stoicville, which should drop soon. Until then, hear all of Today’s Hits on Slacker!

Taylor’s Wildest Dreams

Taylor Swift was like the calm in the eye of the storm that was last night’s MTV VMAs. Sure, she wore an outfit that, had the top been slightly longer, my jewish grandma would go nuts over…


But she also won Video of The Year for Blank Space, she presented Kanye with his Video Vanguard Award with poise and a little bit of self effacing humor, AND she premiered a brand new video.

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Well, We Have This To Look Forward To

Kanye West made a big announcement last night. Some news outlets say he was “joking” about running for president, but knowing Kanye, I feel like he was 100% serious. So I’m going to start printing up the shirts today.

west swift 2020

OR maybe ‘Ye was just trying to see if he could cause Taylor to make her “surprised face” one more time.

You know, this time I believe that face was genuine.

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Your Wait Is Over

After 30 straight days of promoting the hell out of a single that hadn’t dropped yet, Justin Bieber‘s  juggernaut of a song, What Do You Mean, has finally arrived.


Listen to it and tell me if you think it was worth all that hype.

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Liar Liar, Pants on Fire

One way or another, Ed Sheeran is psyching out his fans.

He posted a a picture of a giant lion tattoo in progress across his chest a couple of weeks ago, prompting shock and criticism from some fans, and today posted a picture of his chest WITHOUT the tattoo, claiming it had just been a joke.

But some followers realized the picture WITHOUT the tattoo might be the joke, indicating he had covered it up with makeup. So we decided to get to the bottom of things.

2015-08-26 (1)


So… is Ed’s tattoo still there? He’s definitely a big fat liar, but is he lying about having the tattoo or NOT having it? Let me know what you think and hear Ed on Today’s Hits!

Emojis Omitted From This Convo :(

You know how sometimes, when you’re at work during the day, you hit up your friends on IM to talk about the weekend? I do that too, and my conversations are with my fellow Slacker host, Red.

Parker: You know, Miley is hosting the VMA’s this weekend. And suddenly there is this “beef” with Taylor Swift, the biggest artist IN THE WORLD.
Parker: But I’m sure that’s legit, right?
Red: Gotta have a beef to make sure people tune in.
Red: So what’s gonna happen?
Parker: Taylor isn’t exactly participating so far, but I’d like to see her just really slam Miley somehow
Parker: Remember how Miley sang Wrecking Ball in front of that giant cat picture one time?
Parker: What if Taylor sang Bad Blood in front of a giant, weeping Miley .gif?
Red: I also remember Miley’s expression while T performed at last year’s VMAs
Parker: Oh yeah. This one?

Red: or just a big sign that says “EVERYONE LOVES ME MORE”
Parker: I mean, the whole purpose of this (I assume) is to get people talking about Miley. So what is she going to do? What’s going to be the “twerking with robin thicke” moment this year?
Red: Grinding is so 2014. I’d like to see a battle btwn Miley’s tongue and Taylor’s belly button. they both wield powers unknown. something with lazers. PEW PEW PEW
Parker: Wow. Yeah. I’ll be trying to wipe that mental image out of my mind for the rest of the day, thanks.
Red: You’re welcome

Red and I will have lots of thoughts about the VMAs when they happen Sunday night – we’re livetweeting from two coasts and want you to join us! Follow @ParkerOnSlacker and talk to me during the East Coast feed, or @RedOnSlacker if you’re watching from the West Coast.

Selena Gomez: Is It OK If I Don’t Get Up?

Selena Gomez has finally released her highly anticipated video for Good For You, and while it’s pretty to look at, I’m worried about Selena. Does she seem overly tired to you? I mean, she can’t even bring herself to sit up for the first full minute of the video. She spends most of the video kind of lolling around on a couch or just kind of looking sleepy on a stool. She tries taking a shower, but it doesn’t seem to help. I’m wondering if she might have an iron deficiency? Try some supplements, girl. Check back with us in 6 months.

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Justin Bieber’s 30-Day Marketing Scheme

Back on July 29th, Canadian leprechaun Justin Bieber launched a 30-day countdown to his upcoming single, What Do You Mean (or, as I like to call it, hashtag WDYM.) Turns out his manager, Scooter Braun, must have a lot of dirt on a lot of celebrities, because the only way I can imagine them pulling in this many stars is via blackmail. It started off simply enough, with a video from Ryan Seacrest (who we all know will do ANYTHING), then a picture of Ruby Rose holding a sign that said “29 Days”. And then, James Corden got pulled into it.

In the following week, there was participation from Mariah Carey, Kylie Jenner, and Shaq, who made kind of an important mistake on his sign:

At this point there are also a handful of B and C list celebs participating, but by T-22 days to the single, JB had gotten his yet to be released song trending on twitter. Sly.

Let’s continue.

Ariana Grande, Big Sean, and Little Mix got in on the action. And just in the last week, there’s been a video from Ed Sheeran:

A video from Fifth Harmony:

This kind of hilarious for how bad it is photo from Meghan Trainor:

And an attempt at comedy from Luke Bryan:

There are still 2 full weeks to go. I’ll be sharing all the best stuff on my twitter feed, so follow @parkeronslacker if you want to see the best of what The Biebs has to offer without all of his weird inspirational tweets.

But I leave you with one parting thought – can a song with THIS MUCH promotion possibly stand up to the hype? And why, exactly, are they pushing it on us so hard if it’s NOT terrible?

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