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Alex programs both the Salsa and Indie Rockero stations for Slacker and has been in the music business for over 25 years. He is an expert in music ranging from Latin music, Classic Rock, Indie Pop/Rock, and electronic.

New Spanish Indie Music: La Bien Querida

441x273_thumb_00000683Spain’s own Ana Fernandez-Villaverde first made a name for herself in the Indie circuit with a demo recorded with Horacio Nistal under the band name La Bien Querida, which translates to “The Well Loved”.  After winning an annual demo competition, they signed to Spanish label Elefant Records and quickly release their first album titled “Romancero” that quickly gained them the recognition they deserved with their live performances and festivals throughout Spain.

With the first single off there debut, apply titled 9.6, the song garnered re-mixes by Guille Milkyway and Hidrogenesse that showcase the disco pop sounds of the song. Now with Spain taken care of, La Bien Querida had its sites on the rest of the world, including the U.S.A.  Released here in the states on the well known L.A. based Nacional Records, La Bien Querida’s “Romancero” was starting to make waves here as well.  The future looked bright!!!!

Released in 2011, La Bien Querida’s second album called “Fiesta” further demonstrated their creative and eclectic brand of pop combining different genres and sounds with Ana’s introspective lyrics.  On June of that year, “Queridos Tamarindos” is released as a limited-edition red-vinyl single.  This song is accompanied by two previously unreleased tracks, with one of them called “Diferente”. Ana herself describes the single as “A summer song where everything is different on vacation”.  And to top it off, she pays homage to her idol “The Cure’s” Robert Smith by designing the cover of the “Diferente” single with a collage made by Ana herself to hide a homage to “Boys Don’t Cry”.

With their latest release, titled “Ceremonia”, La Bien Querida, which are now a highly establish Spanish act, have created a masterpiece which crosses New Order, Kraftwerk, Love & Rockets and My Bloody Valentine with a post-punk sound that just elevates them to the next level.

With their “Ceremonia 2013 Tour” underway in Spain, look for a U.S. tour later in the year and in 2014.  Also check out Slacker’s “Indie Rockero” for songs like “A Veces Ni Eso”, “Golpe De Estado: and many