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Album OTW: The Big Revival from Kenny Chesney

AOTW_Kenny Chesney_The Big Revival 

Kenny Chesney got his start in the Nashville club circuit, and had his first country Number One single back in 1997. Now, seventeen years later, he’s releasing his 17th studio album. “The Big Revival” finds Chesney going deeper for inspiration, he says that on the album he wanted to “capture something real in a fresh way.” Listen as much as you want to “The Big Revival” from Kenny Chesney, our Album of the Week.

Album OTW: Tim McGraw’s Sundown Heaven Town

 AOTW_McGraw_Sundown Heaven Town

Tim McGraw’s thirteenth studio album is called “Sundown Heaven Town.” This week’s Album of the Week feature is extra special, as we’ve got Tim McGraw himself telling you about songs on the album, from opener “Overrated” to his duet with wife Faith Hill “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s.” Listen as much as you want to “Sundown Heaven Town” with your host Tim McGraw, it’s our Album of the Week.

Album OTW: Lee Brice – I Don’t Dance


Lee Brice got his start as a songwriter for artists like Jason Aldean and Garth Brooks and he’s just released his third solo album, “I Don’t Dance.” Lee produced the entire album himself and even played every instrument on the song “Girls in Bikinis.” Check out all of “I Don’t Dance” now—it’s our Album of the Week.

Album OTW: V from Maroon 5

AOTW_Maroon 5_V

The members of Maroon 5 met in school in LA, and since then the band has sold over 25 million albums worldwide. Their fifth studio album is titled, appropriately, “V,” and it features the return of their original keyboardist Jesse Carmichael, as well as a guest appearance from Adam Levine’s fellow “Voice” coach Gwen Stefani. Listen as much as you want to “V” from Maroon 5, our Album of the Week.

Album OTW: Ariana Grande’s My Everything

AOTW_Ariana Grande_My Everything

Ariana Grande may be only 21 years old, but with the release of her most recent singles “Problem” and “Break Free,” she’s suddenly become one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Her second album is called “My Everything” and it features both those singles as well as guests like A$AP Ferg, The Weeknd and Childish Gambino. Listen as much as you want to “My Everything” from Ariana Grande, our Album of the Week.


Album OTW: The Gaslight Anthem- Get Hurt

AOTW_The Gaslight Anthem_ Get Hurt

New Jersey’s The Gaslight Anthem came up from the New Jersey punk rock scene in the mid 2000s, but their songwriting encompassed influences as diverse as Bruce Springsteen and Wilson Pickett. Lead singer Brian Fallon has said their new album “Get Hurt” is “completely different from anything they’ve ever done before.” Judge for yourselves, listen as much as you want to “Get Hurt,” from The Gaslight Anthem, our Album of the Week.

Album OTW: They Want My Soul From Spoon


Spoon is one of the most successful and acclaimed bands to come out of the ‘90s Austin indie rock scene. Inspired by artists like the Pixies and Wire (and named after a song by Krautrockers Can), the band are experimentalists at heart, but their music found a wider audience in the 2000s with unlikely placements on TV shows like “The O.C.” It’s been four years since their last release, but Spoon have returned with an album they call their “loudest and gnarliest” ever. Listen as much as you want to “They Want My Soul” from Spoon, our Album of the Week.

Album OTW: Bob Marley’s Legend

AOTW_Bob Marley Legend

There are few artists as influential and as beloved as Bob Marley. Born into poverty 69 years ago in Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica, Marley eventually became an ambassador of reggae and Rastafarianism, as well as an international icon of peace and social justice. While his album “Legend” is a compilation that came out three years after his death, it helped introduce his music to a new generation of fans around the world, and eventually became the best-selling reggae album of all time. Here on the 30th anniversary of its release we present “Legend” from Bob Marley for unlimited on-demand listening as our Album of the Week.

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