“One of the most compelling updates, though, is the ability to wirelessly cache your stations. You wake up to fresh coffee and a some steaming goodness of new music.” — BlackBerry Cool

CES: Slacker announces caching for the iPhone CNET “Oh, I’m sorry… I can’t hear you over the deafening chorus of angels singing “Hallelujah!” Yes, it’s true: the iPhone and the iPod Touch are one step closer to subscription music and I’m pleased as punch about it.” — CNET

CES: Hands-on Slacker Radio for BlackBerry 3.0 beta CNET “Over-the-air caching is an addition we’ve been waiting to see.” — CNET

“With a music library that is four to five times larger than Pandora’s mind-numbing “music genome” playlist, I think this is a killer iterative upgrade. Simple, but useful, functionality like non-connected listening is a game changer.” — Orbitcast

“Slacker offers a much larger music library, and a pro account you can pay for that will let give you even greater control over your music. I don’t want to say that Pandora has been getting a little stale in the music that it has been offering me lately … but I just said it.” — PreCentral

“This isn’t your typical bug fix and minor update. For the first time ever, Android users in the US will be able to cache their Slacker stations right to their phones and listen anywhere, regardless of a connection to WiFi or data.” — Androider

“Everyone’s favorite Slacker is at it again. Slacker Radio announced last night that it is partnering up with ABC News to provide listeners with updated news from one of the nation’s most trusted sources.” — AndroidGuys

“ABC News is heading to your Slacker Radio app.” — USA Today

“A major new feature launched at CES was the ability to station cache music content so you can listen to music without a network connection.” — ZDNet

” We appreciate the ability to easily skip and ban tracks that we didn’t like, and its keyboard shortcuts were an innovative way to avoid digging through menus… We love the software because it eliminates the need for constantly refreshing and buying new music” — LAPTOP Magazine (Best of CES)

“Happily, the new Slacker for BlackBerry Internet Radio application goes a long way toward closing the gap. Slacker for BlackBerry lets you stream radio stations wirelessly or cache them on a memory card so you can listen to music when you don’t have a signal this is an application well worth downloading” — PC Magazine (Editors’ Choice – Mobile Application)

“Slacker remains the best way to listen to Internet radio” — PC Magazine (Editors’ Choice – Online Radio)

“The free Slacker application is our top choice for streaming radio on the iPhone” — LAPTOP Magazine

“Have you been drooling over the Slacker for BlackBerry app that made its demo-debut all the way back in September of ‘08? At long last, it’s available to satisfy your streamin’ –radio needs, packed with preprogrammed genre stations, custom stations, album art and reviews, song skipping, and the fancypants caching that makes it oh-so-special” — MobileCrunch

“BlackBerry users can stave off iPhone envy with a new application from Slacker.” — New York Times

FIVE Stars “Honors go to its ability on BlackBerry to cache stations as they play and store cached stations on a Micro SD card.” —CNET Download

“Best. Streaming music app. Ever.” — CNET News

“The Slacker catalog currently contains over two million tracks, and does a fine job of connecting you with not only the music you already know you love, but new stuff as well – a great balance between customization and programming. Slacker’s name is apt in one way, in that it requires very little effort. But in terms of what it gets done, Slacker has always been a bit of an overachiever.” —WIRED

“I found that the sound quality of the music on the Slacker G2 was much better than any other player I have owned in the past” —

“A sleeker design, limitless free music, and improved controls make this sequel one of the most compelling digital audio players around.” — LATPOP Magazine

“The [Slacker G2] flawlessly integrates Slacker’s excellent free music service in an improved package with a super simple user interface” — CNET

“Isn’t it about time your portable player had Heart and Ban buttons on it for personalizing customized radio stations that update with a single click via Wi-Fi? We thought so” — WIRED

“We’re happy to say the Slacker G2 kicks just as much ass as the original product we reviewed last April. As for the Slacker G2?we dig it!” — MaximumPC

“Slacker’s claim that it has developed the best portable Internet radio experience on the market rings true.” — Out of the Box

“It’s awesome–even pre-programmed stations have a wide ranging and thoughtful collection of artists” — Gizmodo

“Slacker’s free-DJ-in-your-pocket service is back, this time with a new–and much smaller–portable player. The G2 syncs up beautifully with your personalized Slacker music stations over Wi-Fi, and it sounds great to boot” — Yahoo! Tech

“The G2 offers a more compact size and feel…and better Wi-Fi connectivity, which makes it faster to sync the player with your self-tweaked “stations,”…Slacker makes sense for adventurous music lovers” — GQ

“Overall, I’d recommend the G2 if you’re heavily invested in Slacker’s online service and even if you’re not, then you should get one anyway. It’s free music that’s constantly changing and, for someone like me, that’s a good thing.” — CrunchGear

“If you like exploring new music, its hand-selected genre channels are completely entertaining.” — Boing Boing

“This product pulls down over the WiFi airwaves music you love and personalize on line to create your own custom radio stations. What’s nice is you can also take this music with you when you are offline in places such as airplanes” —

“As a veteran mix-tape geek, it is the first time in years that I have heard any radio station, streamed, beamed, or terrestrial, with the finesse required to play well a truly eclectic mix.” — Crawdaddy

“For the time-crunched (and cash-strapped), it’s the best thing to happen to mobile music since iTunes” — Laptop Magazine: 12/17/2007

“Slacker Steals the Show at SXSW” — WIRED

“Radio’s got a problem…that could change if the pioneers behind personalized radio continue to win over music lovers” — Time Magazine

“Internet radio races to break free of the PC” — Wall Street Journal