Plot Twist: Jackson Maine and Ally Reunited In Vegas To Sing Together.

Source: CoS


Bradley Cooper made a surpise appearance at Lady Gaga’s ENIGMA residency in Vegas to sing their “Shallow” Oscar-nominated duet from A Star Is Born

and while some of us still have a hard time believing Ally would choose a soulless pop career over love, because if we know Ally the way we know Ally, she would’ve packed up Jackson after rehab, grabbed that fluffy dog and moved to Memphis. They would live next door to Dave Chappelle, they both would be career musicians and live happily ever after…

Was the sound perfect? No. Did the guy say he’s never used in ear monitors? Yes. So look past that and focus on the fact that these two have real love for each other and the real story is arguably better than the one on screen.

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