“WHO HERE KNOWS WHO TOOK MY CLOTHES?” Tom Delonge Wrote A Children’s Book (Using The Working Title Of Your Autobiography)

Source: Alt Press

Boy if you had a nickel right?

You don’t have to be a kid to appreciate the new children’s book by former Blink 182er, Tom Delonge. In fact it might make a great holiday gift for your mom, your dad and your old neighbor!

Per Tom’s To The Stars website, Who Here Knows Who Took My Clothes? Is “a hilarious and irreverent story that will have all ages giggling. Tom DeLonge teams up with artist Ryan Jones in a hilarious adventure to find out who is quite rude and left our dude in the nude!”

While $55.00 maybe a little steep, you do get a lot with the package:

• Autographed First Edition Hardcover of Who Here Knows Who Took My Clothes? Includes signed bookplate by author Tom DeLonge
• Limited Edition 7″ flexi vinyl record of audiobook narrated by Tom DeLonge
• 4″ Nude Dude flexible Christmas ornament
• First Edition Certificate of Authenticity
• Packaged in a custom Who Here Knows full-color printed bag

If you get your order in early the first 200 orders come with a free pair of Instant Underpants! **and you know those won’t go to waste.

The release date is Nov. 30th, 2018. Click here and get your copy before it’s too late.

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