This Lando Rap Spoof Begs For A Childish Gambino Concert At Mos Eisley Cantina.

Source: The Verge

WARNING: NSFW language!

Watch it before Disney pulls it…

I thought it was real too. or maybe I just wanted it to be but alas…it came from the brilliant mind of Comedian/Writer Demi Adejuyigbe. Demi does a spot on impression of Donald Glover’s rap persona, Childish Gambino circa his 2011, Camp album.

Glover will play the galaxy’s sexiest gambler, Lando Calrissian, in the upcoming installment, Solo: A Star Wars Story .

Here’s the equally impressive legit trailer.

ANNNND here are my Star Wars Stories, on the chance you haven’t heard these behind the scenes gems.


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