OSU’s Marching Band Not Only Nailed The Music, They Made Freddie And Perfected The Font Too.

Source: Rollingstone

How does one become a “Drill Designer”? “Is there a class?” “Is this CGI?”

These are a few reasonable questions that may cross your mind while watching Ohio State’s Sept. 1st, Queen-themed halftime show against Oregon State.

Watch as they seamlessly go from “We Will Rock You” to “Fat Bottomed Girls” to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” to “Bicycle Race” and cap it off with “Bohemian Rhapsody”, all while forming the shape of Freddie Mercury…MY GOD THEY PERFECTED THE FONT.

*but have you considered the fact that polyester band uniforms are never comfortable, instruments are cumbersome…and chaffing is real??*

Wow OSU. Well done.

Go grab some Gold Bond and celebrate yourselves. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Brain May thought it was pretty sweet too.


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