Grab The Popcorn! Turn Off The Lights! Chance The Rapper Is In A New Indie Horror (And He Better Not Die).

Source: Consequence of Sound

You’ll have to pardon the lack of in-depth info on this film. I love horror movies. It’s my romcom, so I am not digging/risking any spoilers for a blog post. What I can tell you is that “Slice” stars a cast that will make you wish you were an extra.
You get Chance, Zazie Beetz “Domino” from Deadpool 2 <3 , Steve Harrington from Stranger Things!!, Hannibal Buress and a long list of familiar faces. According to CoS, The movie is “set in a world where ghosts, werewolves, and witches are just a part of reality, the film centers on the mysterious deaths of food delivery workers in the small town of Kingfisher. As a local reporter (Gray) looks into the killing spree, two food drivers (Chance and Beetz) team up to stop the madness themselves. Making matters more terrifying for the duo, however, is that one of them happens to suffer from lycanthropy and the other works at a pizza shop built on a gateway to hell.”

So grab the popcorn, turn out the lights and watch it on Itunes or Google Play and then check out the ‘Slice’ Q & A.

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