We did a thing… a Nashville thing.

We made a little change on the Slacker country side. Nothing huge, nothing that will really affect you at all, but just a little tidying up.

We changed the name of our New Country Now station to Nashville Now. And here’s why:

Until today, we had one station called New Country, and one station called New Country Now. They’re very different stations, but how could you know that? It’s so confusing.

New Country plays the latest songs from your favorite Country artists like Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Eric Church, etc. That’s not going to change, and the name of that station makes perfect sense as it is.

Nashville Now plays the brand new releases from your favorite Country stars, but also new artists you’re maybe not so familiar with. Maybe they just got their first record deal. Maybe they don’t have a record deal at all yet, but an alert Slacker fan pointed us in their direction, and they’re awesome enough we think you should hear them, too. Maybe I wandered into a bar in Nashville and heard them playing and thought, “Man, Slacker listeners would dig this!” Chances are, it’s stuff you won’t hear anywhere else. This is what this station has always been, and now it has a new name to differentiate it from our New Country station. Get it?

So. Take your pick — listen to New Country here or Nashville Now here, or check out your My Favorites Mashup station for songs you’ve hit that heart button on and other stuff like it. It’s your radio world. We just live in it. 🙂

Jess Wright

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